The Chronicles of KL 0615 (Part 1)

As you may have known, I took 4 days leave (Monday was replacement holiday in Penang) and spent the whole of last week at home in KL. Now you might think that since I was in KL on weekdays, I would have done a lot of exploring and would have tonnes to write about.

If you are thinking that, then I am sorry to disappoint you. I spent this vacation exactly like how I spent my usual vacation back home on weekends. In other words, I squandered it by spending most of it at home, with the company of mom and the TV. Of course, squander is relative here, it depends on how you see things

So, I’ll just write a post on the boring stuff that I did over the past week or so.

Activities at home:

Mom had daily acupuncture sessions at a TCM place near home, so needless to say, I automatically became resident chauffeur for the week, except for that one day where I got tricked by dad to become an acupuncture/cupping patient myself.

Other than that, most of my time was spent in front of the TV. You know I don’t have a TV where I am staying in Penang, so every time I go home, I could spend all day watching TV, every day. I used to alternate between Discovery Channel and those football channels, but lately Discovery Channel seems to only show nature/wildlife related and no engineering/technological documentaries, and the football season is over. So now I alternate between Asia Food Channel, Discovery TLC and Food Network.

IMG_20150609_135833 (934x1024)
Anis Nabilah on Discovery TLC

I discovered two new TV cooking personalities that I quite like. The one in the picture above is Anis Nabilah. She is a Malaysian and she is lovely. I saw her in a show where she visited Hong Kong with another Indonesian chef. I also got hooked up with a cooking show called Heartland Table, featuring Amy Thielen, a former NYC chef shows off how to cook Midwest comfort food using rustic American ways. I’m going to follow them both on social media…

Oh, yeah, I also watched some of the SEA Games 2015 (South East Asia Games) broadcasts, but it was very frustrating. Every time I switch over to this channel, I am mostly watching Malaysian athletes being pummeled by other countries’ athletes. I was not able to catch some badminton action. I think the only time I watched Malaysians won was the women’s diving where Pandelela Rinong and Loh Zhia Yi won gold and silver respectively. By the way, I noticed the 4th placed Singaporean diver, Kimberly Chan. She is quite a looker.

IMG-20150613-WA0001 (1024x576)
SEA Games 2015

I also made another sad observation. I don’t know how to say this in a politically correct way, so I guess I’ll just say it the blunt, asshole way. I watched female hockey, basketball and volleyball games involving Malaysia and our SEA counterparts. It was like watching tomboys and aunties of Malaysia playing against fresh young girls of Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. I wonder if there are more Malaysian female athletes that are more attentive to their appearances, like Goh Liu Ying and Farah Ann Hadi. Why don’t more Malaysian female athletes look more attractive?

Okay I better stop talking about this further less I offend millions of Malaysian girls

Food at home:

Spending some quality time at home with mom also means no cooking and healthy eating. You wanna see what I eat at home? Come, I show you some photos…

IMG_20150609_190448 (1024x1024)
Vegetable stir fry, Fish (fresh from brother’s fishing excursion), Steamed aubergine with salted radish, Raw onion vinaigrette, and Nourishing soup

Remember I said I hate raw onion taste? My mom who fails to remember this fact after more than 20 years living with me, remembers by reading my blog. And because she remembers, it becomes her mission to ensure I eat things that I hate but good for me. Hence that vinaigrette…

IMG_20150613_092052 (1024x931)
Organic noodles with egg and kelp and LOADS of vegetables

My mom’s perfect noodles to vegetables ratio: 1 portion noodles to 3 portions vegetables. Yeah…

IMG_20150611_202059 (851x1024)
Wasabi potato chips

Oops! No, this one’s me, not my mom. I got this from AEON Taman Maluri because I have never seen it before in AEON Penang. This thing is wicked. Seriously wicked. Much more wicked than those wasabi peas that was so popular a couple years ago…

And then of course you know we had one dinner outside

Meeting up with friends:

Because it was weekdays, it was basically pointless to try to meet many friends. Everyone has to go to work. I did however meet up with a friend who runs his own business and hence can leave work whenever he wants. We went to watch Jurassic World on Friday, in GSC Pavilion. He wanted to try the so-called new D-Box experience, and he got me to be fellow guinea pig with him, together with his wife.

This D-Box thing… the ticket price is RM 19 per ticket. But that’s not all. There is a RM 16 surcharge for the chair. Don’t ask me why they don’t just charge RM 37 for the ticket price instead.

What happens is that you get special seats with a control knob for the severity of vibration. There are 4 settings: OFF, LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH.

IMG_20150612_133423 (768x1024)

When the movie starts, the chair is activated. It acts as some sort of a 4D experience, where the chair will vibrate accordingly to simulate the condition in the movie, like having slight bumpiness when the movie scene is inside a car, and tilting slightly to the left when there is an aircraft banking left inside the movie.

If you ask me, this would be a one off experience. While the first 5 minutes of the movie was interesting, the chair’s vibration soon became annoying instead. Because the degree of movement is not big, you can’t actually feel more absorbed into the movie. What you get is basically like sitting on a massage chair for two hours while enjoying a movie. I don’t know if RM 16 for two hours of massage chair is good value for money or not.

We also went to 旺角茶餐厅 Wong Kok Char Chan Teng for drinks after the movie. It was my first time entering this place in Pavilion. Unlike their other outlets, this one is set up to feel like a fine dining place, with a nice view outside if you sit by the windows like we did.

IMG_20150612_161326 (919x1024)
冰镇奶茶 Milk Tea in Ice Bath

And their 冰镇奶茶 Milk Tea in Ice Bath is super awesome! This is basically beverage being cooled using an ice bath instead of ice cubes to preserve maximum flavors for the drinks. I’ve had this in a number of Hong Kong styled cafes, they usually use shaved ice instead of a solid ice block like this one here. A solid ice block is definitely better because it lasts much longer.

And I just remembered there is something urgent and important that I need to complete by tonight, so I shall stop here and continue my grandmother story tomorrow…



  1. I just saw Jurassic World too! I saw that some movie options had that D-box thing next to it but had no idea what it was. Thanks for clarifying it. It sounds pretty awesome but I can imagine it getting annoying real quick. And I had the milk tea in the ice bowl here in HK too. Now I understand that too, lol.

    • I’m glad I am able to enlighten you with some HK thing, as a non HK person myself. LOL! But we’re pretty close anyway, most Malaysians are Cantonese so we do import some of those HK stuff and culture here. 😛

  2. I don’t seem to see any salad, so how did you all consume the raw onion vinaigrette? I happen to love raw onions, though it is not so good for the breath hah..hah… So the wasabi potato chips is good. huh? I must try that. I’ve tried the wasabi peas but initially did not really like it but it sort of tasted nicer as I ate more 😀

    That Milk Tea in Ice Bath is rather curious. They actually have these blocks of ice ready in their freezer to keep the drinks cold. Very interesting and first time I see something like this.

    • Haha, use it as condiment and dipping for the other dishes only 😀 .. That wasabi chips, I just felt it was more wasabi than those wasabi peas, so if you are into this wasabi kick then very good 😉 ..

      Yeah, that ice bath version usually cost much more than normal version because of this special treatment, but surprisingly the one I had was not too expensive.

  3. Wah! You ticked off my bravery for openly bragging my speed at 120kph in the internet. Now who is talking more sensitive? Hope no one slaps you here.

    Your mum is a health freak to add so much vegetables into the noodles. When my mum was alive and cooking, she would fatten me up with whatever I loved to eat. Hope you will come home more often while you can. For goodness sake, buy a TV in Penang lah!

    • It is a well known fact that I sometimes think and talk like a douchebag who would not care less about offending people. I wonder if one day one of my douchebag posts would go viral on the internet. Not that I am angling for that, but it would be a nice bonus source of traffic.

      My mom would serve me healthy meals, AND tapao the less healthy meals for me from the pasar whenever she can. I sometimes have to eat double meals and would have to refrain her whenever I can. And of course she would nag on about how fat I am. I know she loves me though, so it’s all good. 😉

      It is easy to buy a TV, but a TV without Astro is as good as useless. And I don’t fancy paying the monthly Astro bill, so no thanks…

      • You should be nice to your neighbours and share the costs of the TV to take advantage of the 50% discount for 2nd set.

        I think you live quite near the seaside and should go jogging often!! Penang folks eat a lot and they hike all the hills a lot too.

        • Like I said, no Astro, no need TV lah. And I don’t wanna pay exorbitant sum to Astro every month. Watch Youtube enough lah! 😉

            • Maybe I am becoming more and more Penangite LOL! I would only pay for Astro if they are charging 10% of what they are right now. To be honest I think they are ridiculous, they are charging us so much per month, and yet they still do advertisement slots for their channels. Bloody rip off if you ask me, usually paid TV means less or even no advertisements.

  4. Bit of a relaxing holiday for you in KL then. Some will call spending holiday at home lazy, but I always, always think of it as relaxing 😀

    I thought most home-cooked food cooked by the parents is always relatively healthy…becomes unhealthy when you are forced to eat big portions which is what seems to have happened to you…

    AEON Taman Maluri. How I miss that place. The food court there was always very small, pity. And t he McD and KFC always crowded and long queue.

    • That place is renovated and looks different now. No more cuckoo clock tower! The food court is nicer. Still small, but nicer. And there’s a few nice restaurants too..

  5. Ooo…is this going to be in 3 parts like Chronicles of Narnia? XD Or even 4 parts since the latest instalment has been announced…kekeke!

    Anis Abilah, I know…I watched her a few times but not a fan. The other, I don’t know. And you should know that women do get offended when they’re judged on their looks first and their achievement second. (Btw, I loved Marina Mahathir’s comment on the Farah Ann issue…that we’d be a stupid nation first…how true!) The D-Box thing, think about as helping you to shed some weight (with all that vibration) without any effort on your part! Wakakaka! 😀

    • I am not saying we should prioritize looks over achievements. And I sometimes get offended when women sports fans ogle over Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham, but they feel offended when guys wanna ogle over hot female athletes. I’ll elaborate on my douchebaggery views in a later post, after I complete my chronicles. And hahaha no! Only 2 parts! I have like, 3 more photos to go…

  6. Nothing beats home cooking, especially mum’s cooking – with that special ingredient, love!

    My girl’s back in her school too – went back last Saturday…the school holidays have ended so things are back to the usual routine this week.

    • I find people generally tend to love their mom’s cooking only when they left home. When I said generally, I probably mean only myself LOL! 😀

  7. You don’t have a TV in Penang? I cannot do without a TV or maybe because you have computer and internet connection so it doesn’t matter because nowadays people also seldom watch TV

  8. Aiyo, you asking that question is like asking “why don’t more local men look more attractive like Italian men?”

    How do you know that the Malaysian female athletes are not more attentive to their appearances? Maybe they did their best but still look that way because that’s how God or their parents made them so you need to ask God or their parents – “Why don’t more Malaysian female athletes look more attractive?”

    And then I cringed to think of you as the Sports Minister saying we should choose our female athletes by their attractiveness and not by their athletic abilities. You want both attractive and good athletic abilities, aint that asking for too much?

    And then I guess they would rather be spending their spare time practising sports to try to get a medal rather than preening themselves.

    Did you read the news about Nobel Prize-winning British scientist Tim Hunt was forced to resign after sexist comments drew widespread condemnation?

    Well, I know that this is your blog and you are free to say whatever you want to say bluntly. But think of how female M’sian athletes (especially those who plays female hockey, basketball and volleyball games) will feel if they happen to read your post – they are doing their best and it is bad enough that they did not get medals, somemore they kena taruh for not being attractive enough. Oh dear, I think I have said enough already. I think you get my point.

    • Ya, sports is no beauty contest. If selection had been based on looks, I am sure LCW would not be what he is today. I certainly would not expect the very fair, with smooth snow-white skin, the over-protected, over-pampered “pretty” ones to be good at sports (or at anything for that matter). Whatever it is, good looks are only skin deep – it is what is within that matters.

      • I am not saying it has to be based on looks. I’ll elaborate why I said what I said in a future post.

    • The moment I hit Publish, I realized I did not elaborate on that paragraph, but I was falling asleep and was too tired to edit it to explain more on why I said what I said. So I was kind of expecting the kind of feedback like what you just said here. The thing is, I am not saying that we should ONLY focus on appearances when choosing female athletes, because that would be not just talking like an asshole but really being an asshole of the highest order, and very stupid indeed.

      Anyway, I’ll see if I can edit my post to sound nicer later today after work, or maybe I will write another blog post to talk about it [more like to further justify my douchebaggery] in due time…

  9. wah.. i think you really utilised your time to the max when you were back in KL.. watch TV, eat, meet up with friends and movie (with 2-hour massage).. and i am rather impressed by the 冰镇奶茶, it’s indeed very 豪!!! hahaha.. i thought those chilled ones i had (without ice cubes inside) are already 冰镇 enough, until i see this!! 😀

    • Haha, actually the price was not really very much more expensive compared to the normal 奶茶, less than RM 1 difference, so it was a good deal I would say, considering you get no ice cubes to dilute your drink..

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