Next Level Instant Noodles

The other day, when I was doing my grocery run, I did not walk through the instant noodles aisle. I was however, stopped on my tracks by a wonderful curry fragrance as I tried to walk past it. They had a counter set up at the entrance of that aisle and a promoter was cooking away. Damn it! And then instead of the usual aunties, the promoter was a young lady and she was kind of cute. Double damn it! And then she spotted me and beckoned me over to try her noodles by calling me 靓仔 Leng chai.

Hook, line and sinker!

So, these bad boys followed me home… Mamee Chef Gold Recipe: Mi Kari Seribu Rasa.

By the way, Mi Kari Seribu Rasa means Thousand Flavors Curry Noodles, in Malay

DSC_0001 (1007x1024)
Mamee Chef Gold Recipe: Mi Kari Seribu Rasa

Now, if my mom sees this picture, she would convince herself that I bought 2 boxes of these home and I am going to eat this every single day for the coming two months. No, no such thing happened. I bought just one of those five-in-one packs.

Anyway, so I finally got around to trying it today. I was just going to boil the noodles with some bok choy and an egg, much like how I usually cook my instant noodles. But then my new wok was sitting on the electric cooker, and I was too lazy to swap it over with the saucepan (which doubles up as a pot for me). So I thought maybe I should just cook the noodles with the wok instead.

While washing the vegetables, I suddenly thought of how when the angmohs (westerners) cook their soup, they would usually not just chuck everything into a pot of boiling water like how us Chinese do it. They would first sear the meat and saute the vegetables and whatnot, then only add the water and kind of braise the whole thing over low heat. I thought it was kind of cool and decided to try it with my instant noodles, rather spontaneously.

So I took some of my pork belly slices (pre-marinated with a bit of light soy sauce the night before) out of the fridge once I was done with the vegetables. And then I opened one packet of the noodles. There is a piece of dried noodles in it, and three small sachets of different things: sambal (dried shrimp chili paste), seasoning powder and non-dairy creamer. Interesting…

And then this was what happened over the wok:

1. Heat a tiny bit (really tiny bit, 2 tablespoons maybe) of olive oil, then throw the pork belly slices in. Sear them for 2 minutes on each side.
2. Throw the vegetables in and cook for another 2 minutes.

DSC_0012 (1024x725)
Pork belly slices and bok choy

3. Add one and a half glass of water in, then pour all of the sambal paste, half of the seasoning powder and half of the non-dairy creamer in. Stir well, then wait for the water to boil. I am NOT adding any salt and pepper on top of all these MSG.
4. Add the noodle piece in and let the noodles cook until soft, takes about 3 minutes as per the packaging’s instructions.

DSC_0013 (1024x693)
Soup and noodles in

5. Crack an egg into the wok and take the wok off the heat. The residual heat will be enough to cook the egg.
6. Serve on a bowl. Sprinkle a bit of those dried thyme over the bowl of noodles.

DSC_0015 (1024x623)

It was when I was pouring the noodles into the bowl that I suddenly realized, I was too lazy to swap the wok with the saucepan, but I ended up spending more effort to cook this bowl of noodles. I guess maybe we can call this, [saucepan wise wok foolish]Being spontaneous is sometimes really NOT such a good idea!

I thought my bowl of noodles was perfect though. I have read about how this special range of Mamee noodles are more springy than other local brands, and it was true. In terms of the soup’s flavors, it did not taste like instant noodles soup at all. It tasted like a proper bowl of curry noodles. I’m not sure if it was because of the special recipe sambal paste and seasoning powder really doing the trick. Or maybe it was really because of the searing of the pork, releasing some flavors into the oil, and subsequently mixed into the soup that gave it an extra dimension.

Or maybe it was the thyme… Nooo, cannot be… 

Anyway, this is my Next Level Instant Noodles. Excellent! 😉


    • I try NOT to store these bad boys in my house at all! If they are visible, then I have to eat them up quicky! 😐

  1. You should quit your job and become a stand up comedian in the kitchen.
    Even cooking a packet of instant noodles could be hilarious for us to laugh. You should name it Fried Pork Belly Bok Choy with noodles.

  2. The thought of you sitting at the table and eating out of a big wok is hilarious 😀 Of course you won’t do that but if you cooked the noodles in a saucepan, you don’t have to transfer the noodles into a bowl. Alamak, you sprinkled thyme into the curry noodles! Won’t that spoil the taste?

    • I don’t know, I just hantam the thyme into everything now. It was okay lah, it didn’t make my noodles horrible..

  3. ur bowl of curry noodles looks good! i would probably cook the noodle separately to rinse off the wax & cook the soup with ingredients in another pot.

  4. Though it looks quite watery, it looks very good. I’ve never tried this Mammee brand of instant noodles. It’s pricier than the others (at least in the Asian shops in Melbourne) and isn’t too much bigger than the others…than again, I suppose if it tastes good and you can tahan the taste of the seasoning, it tastes good.

    • This one is kind of like their premium range. See those Gold Recipe words. More expensive than the normal Mamee noodles. I wonder if these are available in Australia.

        • Oh yes, Mamee Chef, that’s their premium range. The Gold Recipe is like the special edition of their premium range. I think you will see it in Australia shelves soon.. that is IF you are interested. 😉

  5. So, it’s that easy to sell something to you…all they need is a cute young lady….and call you “leng chai”…wakakaka! 😀

    You should have gotten the bihun…once you taste that, you won’t want the mee (P/S: STP – I could have been the one to ask you to stick with bihun).

    • They keywords are “cute young lady” hahahaha! XD

      I don’t know, I don’t think I will get the bihun now. Trying to avoid instant whatever noodles as much as I can. I hope the suppliers won’t read this and then station cute young ladies at every instant noodles aisle in every supermarkets in Penang! That would make me be guilty of making many of those auntie promoters jobless! 😐

  6. You know how I feel about instant noodles [poor student’s food] but these actually look pretty good. I think it is the fact that you added some veggies which gives the dish some color [and not to mention makes it a little healthier.] The broth looks colorful and full of flavor as well.

    • I feel exactly the same about instant noodles. The only reason I bought these was because of the person promoting them to me! 😀

  7. Your bowl of instant noodle reminded of my late mom. She always cooked for us this type of instant noodles. Of course she did not use this flavour and this brand on those days. She cooked the plain instant noodles with lots of veggies, fish balls and meat.

    • Biasa lah, we always “kar liew” to fool ourselves into believing that would make a more balanced instant noodles meal! 😛

  8. I tried the bihun – loved it! Told everyone and everyone who tried gave the thumbs up too. Never tried the mee…but somebody said to me to stick to the bihun, it is nicer.

    • I didn’t notice that there’s bihun range. But I probably won’t be going after it. As a general rule, I still try to avoid instant noodles as much as I can..

    • I tried the kari because the lenglui promoter gave me the kari to try. If she gave me tomyam then I probably would by the tomyam one instead! 😀

  9. Oh, for me cooking instant noodles, i need two pots…one to boil water to take away the wax from the noodles and the second pot is to boil soup for the noodles…now.. Does that remind you of your mom? Hahahaa..

    • I forgot to write this. When I was adding the noodles, only I realized I have to boil the noodles first to remove the wax. By then too late (and too lazy) to put the wok aside first, so just chuck the noodles in. One time half time, should be okay lah…

  10. What I get from your post:
    – this curry mee is tasty, worth trying
    – The promoter instead of being the face that launched a thousand ships, is the face that sold one big pack of instant noodle to RG
    – you are not a Lazy man as you took the trouble to pour the noodles into a bowl, I would have eaten it directly out of the wok so that I do not need to wash an additional bowl.

    I don’t understand why using the wok caused you more effort than using the saucepan? You just threw everything into the wok, more effort meh?

    • Is not about lazy or not lazy with the wok. The wok is non stick one leh, my chopsticks and spoon are made of metal. Cannot eat out of the wok, if I accidentally scrape the wok then I’ll be in trouble!

      No lah, I did not just throw everything in and let it boil ma, I have to sear the pork and fry the vegetables first before adding water and cooking the noodles. More steps leh…

  11. wow, GOURMET class of instant noodles!! hahaha.. i have not had instant noodles with so much “liu” before leh.. slurps slurps!!! 🙂

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