Lazy Man’s Mini Pork Burger

When I was doing my grocery run on Saturday, I suddenly felt an intense craving for pork burger. I only prefer Ric’s Burger when it comes to pork burger in Penang, but if I want to get there from Queensbay Mall on my way home, I need to make a U-turn to reach the shop, and then another U-turn to go home. I was too lazy to do that. So I decided to make my own pork burger instead and grabbed the supplies that I thought I would need in the supermarket.

[Don’t say this is not lazy at all. I make my own burger because I was too lazy to take a detour on my drive home. This is totally the correct modus operandi of a Lazy Man who cooks. Get it? Understood?]

I assume we have an understanding now, here’s what I bought…

DSC_0009 (1024x672)
Wholemeal mini buns, Golden Churn butter and Camembert cheese

I wanted to buy burger buns, but I could not find them anywhere in the supermarket. This pack of 9 wholemeal mini buns was sort of the best alternative I could find.

And then I wanted to get a new pack of butter and saw that there’s a new brand on the shelves called Golden Churn. The name looked somewhat familiar, so I grabbed it. It is slightly more expensive than the normal brands that I usually buy. Now I recall seeing this brand name in Sibu Food Mayor’s blog quite frequently

I also wanted to get some cheese and again saw some new cheese packs on the shelves, Brie and Camembert cheese. I don’t know what these cheese are, but they are mentioned a lot in Australian Harlequin authors’ novels where the female protagonists always have internal debate on whether to make pasta with Brie or Camembert cheese when they invite the male protagonists over for dinner and seduction. I have to try it for myself to see what’s so special about these cheese…

I actually wanted to make the burgers on that day itself, but when I got home, I remembered that I was going to go to McDonald’s to watch the FA Cup Final, it made no sense to have burgers for late lunch and then burgers again for late dinner. So I waited a day and made my pork burgers on Sunday (yesterday) instead.


  • 200g minced pork
  • 4 wholemeal mini buns – you can use 2 burger buns or 5 mini buns. Why I use 4? You’ll see later
  • 1 tomato
  • some iceberg lettuce
  • some Golden Churn butter – you can use any butter you want
  • a bit of Camembert cheese – you can use any cheese you want
  • Moroccan seasoning powder, pepper, olive oil, lemon juice – seasoning for the minced pork


  1. Season minced pork accordingly to suit your palate. I used a tablespoon of Moroccan seasoning (I’m struggling to use them all up), generous amount of pepper, a glug of olive oil and juice of half a lemon. Mix the seasoning and pork evenly.

  2. Shape the pork into small balls and flatten them out into patties about the size of the buns. 200g of minced pork should give you 5 small patties or 2 big patties.

DSC_0010 (1024x617)

  1. Heat the pan with a bit of olive oil and place the patties on the pan to grill on medium heat. Three and a half minutes each side should be enough to ensure the patties are thoroughly cooked, five if you want stronger char on the surface of the patties. I went with four minutes each side.

  2. Add a small slice of cheese on one side of the patties, cover with lid and let them cook for another minute and a half, or until the cheese slightly melts.

  3. Set the pork patties aside on baking paper to absorb some of the oil. I was rubbish when placing the patties on the pan and broke one of the patties to pieces, so I ended up with 4 pork patties and some minced pork crumbs. That’s why 5 mini buns become 4 mini buns. The broken pork bits went straight into my tummy immediately.

DSC_0011 (1024x714)

  1. While the patties are set to rest for a bit, slice the mini buns open, slather with generous amount of butter and place them onto the same pan on medium heat for 30 seconds to crisp up a bit and soak in a bit of the pork oil.

DSC_0012 (1024x576)

  1. Still on the same pan, slice tomato into 4 slices and cook for 30 seconds. I know most people would eat tomatoes raw, but recently mom discovered from a certain health related book that tomatoes that are slightly cooked would release the nutrients much better than raw tomatoes. Since I hate raw vegetables (and tomatoes), I trust my mom.

  2. Then it is time to construct the burger. One side of the bun, then lettuce (remember to wash these clean), then tomato, then pork patty with melted cheese, and top it off with the other side of the bun.

DSC_0017 (889x1024)
Woohoo! Glorious!
  1. Repeat step #8 for four times…

DSC_0018 (1024x783)

  1. Eat.
DSC_0020 (1024x712)
Om nom nom nom~

I made these burgers in the morning. I had two at 10AM, another one at 11.30AM, and another one at 1.30PM. This burger meal spanned three and a half hours. I’m eating my weekend meal like a laid back European!

I felt bad for having four burgers in a day, even though they are mini burgers and homemade. So I had oats and raisins for dinner…

Now that I think about it, I should not feel bad actually. Jamie Oliver is a strong advocate of healthy eating. I remember watching one of his videos where he was making burgers and mentioned his daughter: “If she wants a burger, she can have a delicious burger, but it’s got to be homemade with fresh ingredients: fresh meat, fresh vegetables.”

My burgers are alright then…


  1. You made yummy burgers and you ate them all. Goodness! Where is mine?
    I think these days there are so many types of suitable breads, butter and patty to make burgers. In the area I live, so many power burgers and trucks are hawking nightly with all sorts of patties and fillings. They really don;t come cheap at all.

  2. I make mini pork burgers as well [we add bbq sauce]. I would make normal size ones but the buns at Costco taste like Taiwanese bread which is not what I am used to but the dinner rolls they sell there taste the same as hamburger buns. I guess it is a case of beggars can’t be choosers [you improvise and use what is available].

    I never buttered the buns though. I will have to try it next time!

    • That’s what home cooking is all about, you make do with what you have instead of being stubborn about specific recipe…

      I butter my buns because I don’t like mayonnaise and I don’t want my buns to be bland.

  3. If I were to make my own burgers, I would want to make them mini like this…so much easier and nicer to eat! I see your tomato slice is as thick as the burger (did your mom ask you to eat more tomatoes?…kekeke!) Stick a lidi thru your tall burger and it would look like one made by professionals….wakakaka! 😀

    • She did ask me to eat more tomatoes, but that’s not the reason why my tomato slices were so thick. I basically just cut 1 tomato into 4 slices, they ended up this thick.. 😀

  4. Wah, you used canggih cheese.. I only have Cowhead/Cheesedale/Kraft in my fridge.. Oh, I also make similar pork patties like you, but mine more simple – just soy sauce and pepper..

    • When I finally finish up that Moroccan seasoning, then my seasoning will be same as yours. 😉

    • I haven’t seen blue cheese on Malaysian shelves before. If I see it, I’ll definitely grab some! 😀

  5. Homemade patties/burgers are best, RG! I will certainly eat homemade ones rather than those sold at fast food chains.. I cannot finish one whole burger for sure, most is half.. or less! 🙂

      • I don’t read them but I know that they are the historical version of Mills and Boon which I also don’t read but almost all my friends read them when they are in their teens.

        • As far as I know, Mills and Boon is the UK partner of Harlequin, Harlequin is a US publisher. Well, go download one of their books and read it, then you will understand Marta’s “concern” 😀

          • I have glanced through them when my friends were reading them. They are written more for ladies to fulfill their fantasies of strong handsome hunks sweeping them off their feet. You are obviously not a female so why does this genre of stories interest you – is that Marta’s “concern”?

            • Actually I’m a closet romantic 😳 wahahaha! The stories usually involve attractive hot hunks AND sexy ladies. Believe it or not, NOT ALL Harlequin novels are about sex. Only their Super Romance and Desire series are like that. My favorite is actually the More Than Words series, which has NO sex stories in them. 😉

  6. wah, that is nice!!! anything PORK is nice to me, hahaha.. and what’s more, your pork patty is even thicker than the bun, OMG, luckily you are not selling this, else rugi lah.. eih, where’s the bacon??? :p

    • If one day I decide to go into the F&B business, then of course won’t serve this kind of crazily proportioned food lah! XD

      Eh, I did not add bacon here. Already so much pork, omit the bacon for once lah.. 😀

  7. Let me see if I get this right – you were doing your grocery run on Saturday when you felt an intense craving for pork burger so you went and bought the ingredients but when you got home you remembered that you would be eating McD burger for dinner so you only made your burgers on Sunday. Where did the earlier intense craving go? If you remembered earlier that you would be eating McD burger later that night would you have bought the ingredients for your burger?

    Anyway I think your pork patties are very delicious! And can give the pork burger from The Grind a run for its money! Your pork burger is tall and small too. Nice!

    • Your dissecting is correct. If I remembered that I would be having McD, then you probably wouldn’t be reading this post at all. That’s how I roll, always making spontaneous decisions that I would more often than not regret at a later time and left to salvage the situation. Of course, well, this time it is not so serious, after all McD don’t do pork burgers here, so my pork burger craving was still there on Sunday. 😀 😀

      I actually did not intend for my mini burgers to be tall, it was kind of something that went out of hand, but the end result was good, hahaha! 😀

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