Malaysia Rocks!

I have been sitting here all day today, on this lovely weekend, lamenting the fact that how the past year or so has not been that great for Malaysians. First we have that few flight incidents, then there was the terrible flood that hit most of the states in the country towards the end of 2014, and have you seen the news recently about that 6.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Sabah?

You know it was especially terrible when that first flight incident happened, in terms of life in the cyberspace. Malaysia and Malaysians were basically condemned up down left and right by almost everyone else in the world, even when most of us have nothing to do with causing the plane to go missing.

The more I entertained these thoughts, the sadder I became. So to counter this sadness, I decided to search for videos where the foreigners have nice things to say about Malaysia. I’m going to share a few of them with you, hopefully you might want to watch them over the weekend, and help boost your pride as a Malaysian.

1.Β TheΒ Fung Brothers

I’m sure those of you who follow the American Youtube community would know who these guys are. If you know Wong Fu then you probably know The Fung Brothers too. They are an American Youtube comedian duo basically.

They were having Malaysian food not in Malaysia, but in a placed called Little Malaysia Restaurant in El Monte, somewhere on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Well, those dishes looked pretty authentic and delicious to me, if only the looks. But they seem to love all those dishes though. That did wonderful things to my Malaysian ego.

They cracked me up with their pronunciation though. Left me in too much tears due to too much laughing! Roti Kanai… Curry Laska… Narnia Pie Tee…Β  LOL! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

2. Emmy Made in Japan

Emy is a Japanese lady who currently lives in the United States, and she speaks perfect English. This is the first time I have seen her video. In this video, she got a box of Malaysian snacks from her Malaysian friend and decided to taste and review them.

It is probably a boring video, but I kept watching, because Emy kept saying “Oh wow! This is actually pretty nice!” and “I love it!” and stuff like that. Yay, Malaysian snacks rocks! Malaysia rocks!

Since she loves Malaysian snacks so much, I love her much much too! I have subscribed to her channel to follow more of her adventures.

3. Amanda Muses

I think I’ve seen some of Amanda’s vlogs before, but never really followed her. She is a Canadian who used to be an expat living in Penang but has since returned home. Today I am going to start following her, just because… you see how she was in tears as she talked about leaving Malaysia? Those are genuine tears, so she must love Malaysia. Malaysia is awesome! I love Malaysia too!

And she’s probably a good source of reference if any of you mommies want to see how white people raise their kids while remaining fabulous looking, I think…

4. The Food Ranger

I seriously don’t know who the heck this is. But he is white, and he eats Malaysian street food, and he keeps saying wonderful things about the food. So we’re cool…

Absolutely amazing! I can have this every day! So delicious! … Yes! Malaysian food rocks!

I just realized, it has mostly been about food, hasn’t it? Oh well, we all love food, don’t we? And anyway, it was greatΒ seeing so many 老倖 lao wai (foreigners) spewing compliments about Malaysia. I am feeling much better already!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi there, just had to make a comment abt how “white” people can raise kids and still look fabulous. Offensive, don’t u think? And frankly insulting too, especially to your own mum! I sure hope she doesn’t read this! I do take offence as I think of motherhood as being a privilege, a blessing and also under-rated by some ignoramus. Mothers always put themselves last, and so we don’t have time or the energy to go around making ourselves gorgeous. Our first priority is the family. Agree? That said, I have always insisted on date nights or evenings out with my women friends even and especially when the kids were young. And that means the hubby gets to stay home with the kids! And as well, none of us women would ever dream of coming back before the kids were tucked in bed! And no, we do not have maids or helpers. We look after the family and the home, and also hold a full time job! Yes, Canadian women are tough! And yes, I am one!

    • I’m sorry for the anguish this sweeping statement seems to cause you, but you are reading it out of context. I don’t mean how white people raise their kids while remaining fabulous looking while Asians sucks, I mean how white people raise their kids while remaining fabulous looking in comparison with how Malaysian moms achieve similar feats. My main target audience is mostly Malaysians who don’t seem to have any problem getting the right context. I guess this is probably a case of different ways of expressing ourselves due to cultural differences.

      In fact if you spend some time clicking through my blogroll, you might be able to find quite a few Malaysian moms who have kids and yet look like 18 years old, and they share their tips in their blogs, just like Amanda does. Of course, if we talk purely about physical appearances, there ARE fabulous looking moms, and there ARE not so fabulous looking ones, all over the world. I’m stating a fact here, it doesn’t mean I respect not so fabulous looking moms less, in my opinion, every mothers deserve the biggest respect of every human being in the world for the sacrifices they make to their kids and families.

      And you seem offended with my usage of the term white people. I’m sorry about that, but still, what term can I use? Maybe you can enlighten me once and for all and prevent me from offending even more people in the future. I have offended people before for using the word Caucasian. Heck, I have even offended people by using the word American because it is disrespectful to Canadians. I don’t know, for me, we use Caucasian/white people the same way like you guys would with Asian. It’s nothing derogatory.. You don’t see us foaming in the mouth saying “I’m Malaysian! I’m Japanese! Not all Asians are the same!”, do you?

      • I was not anguished, more offended and insulted, as mentioned. I am glad to see how you have justified your statement. I would also like to add some fathers too let themselves fall by the wayside, just to be fair. And the quotation marks for white was referring from your comments. I do think, IMHO, that women in Msia have access to hired help for child minding and housekeeping, so those are the lucky ones. And I am glad you notice there are local mums who do take care of themselves, we all should, males and females.
        White/ black/ Asian is perfectly acceptable. Using “tambi” to refer to East Indians is unacceptable. As long as the term used is NOT derogatory, it is fine. I don’t get offended if some people think I am a Yankee, they are fine when I correct them. It is very easy to pick out the Canadian in a crowd, we are the quieter ones!
        Abt targetting a Malaysian audience, well, when it is in cyberspace, it is a free for all!
        As an aside, since I imagine many Malaysians will be reading this, I am terribly embarrassed by the behaviour of those idiots who stripped up on Mt Kinabalu. They in no way reflect what the rest of the country thinks! People who travel should always be mindful and respectful of where you are. Most of the comments in the local papers here have been negative. The only thing I find odd is the deputy minister making claims that the nakedness caused the earthquake. If I were a geologist or seismologist, I’d be terribly insulted! All that work and research, for nothing! Wonder how many naked folks were in Nepal when that earthquake happened.

        • LOL! I’m not convinced that Canadians are the quieter ones. You can search Epic Meal Time on Youtube, blame them for convincing me otherwise! LOL! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

          Yeah, I don’t mean non-Malaysians should not read my blog, I mean, I am a Malaysian and I use Malaysian context when I write, sometimes if you feel offended by what I write (and probably what many other Asians write for that matter), it might be worth considering that we might not really mean what you perceive. Just like how sometimes I find reading some stuff from American blogs to be confusing, it doesn’t necessary mean that they are nasty or offensive in nature. I think it is a better world if people stop feeling insulted that easily, especially when dealing with people of different cultures.

          The Mt Kinabalu issue, I am more embarrassed with those Malaysian politicians than I am with those strippers to be honest. I mean, idiots exist everywhere we go in the world, a fine would suffice to teach these people a lesson I reckon, but we’ve got no business broadcasting this in the newspapers and subsequently causing the thing to go viral. I’m frustrated that our politicians could not leave their religious superstitions out when making public statements with regards to natural disaster. It not only embarrasses the strippers, the embarrassment to our country is worse, and now tourists who might want to visit might reconsider.

          • Compared to other N American groups, I do say that Canucks ( that’s how we call ourselves!) are generally quieter and we are the ones who say thanks and sorry to the ATM machines! And it is quite ok to be defensive for our own background but also be cognizant of our deficiencies. And trust me, we all have some. For example, Google Walmart people if you dare!
            Anyways, all this political brouhaha is not going to deter me from making the trip to your fair island later this year. Have booked into Rasa Sayang Beach Resort and also Malihom, both were highly recommended. Penang is not prone to earthquakes, is it??

            • I wanted to say no, but then, Sabah was not known as an earthquake zone either. I can only say Penang has never had an earthquake before. We did get hit a little bit by that big tsunami of 11 years back, but there seems to be a good advanced warning system in place nowadays that would give you a couple hours time to evacuate if need be. We have had a couple rounds of false alarms over the past couple of years (better safe than sorry anyway). Hope you will enjoy the island life here. πŸ™‚

  2. I thought being a lonely bachelor, you would be watching many series of hamsap videos! You have been a veli-veli good boy and how I wished I had a younger sister to match with you.

    Proud of being a Malaysian. Just not so proud of the corruptions.

    • Do you think I will tell you all if I am watching those videos? Wakakaka!!

      No lah, I’m really a good boy. πŸ˜‰

  3. oh, so u hav been watching fung bros too? I hav been following their Youtube video for quite some time now….
    The foreigners compliment M’sian on the FOOD…nothing else…except the food…guess that our country is a food paradise for some dirt cheap hawker fares!

    • I don’t really follow them, just occasionally some of their videos show up on my feed. I follow Wong Fu though..

  4. Thanks for sharing the videos though I watched only the first and the last ones. The first one cracked me up though I didn’t know roasted eggplant was a finger food here! πŸ˜€ The last one, the “kwai loh” put me to shame for speaking Mandarin! I don’t know who he is either but I think he must have lived in Malaysia for some time as he seems quite at home with our delicacies! πŸ˜€

    • From the descriptions in his channel, it seems he is based in China, hence the Mandarin speaking ability. But he certainly knows his way. I have never seen any angmoh feature Connaught pasar malam or lemang!

  5. Sure is miserable but like you, I just turn the other way. No use making noise and everything – nothing will ever change. It was like that, is like that and will always be like that – right from the very very top. πŸ™

    • I search this videos to make myself feel good lah. Sharing with others is just a side bonus. πŸ˜›

  6. Cool!

    Actually, we don’t need to look for others to bash us Malaysians. Malaysians do seem to have no problem in bashing our own country and countrymen.

    • That’s so true! One of the things that I am so frustrated about nowadays is seeing Malaysians bashing each other. I miss the good old days where everyone live in peace and harmony. πŸ™

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