Lazy Man’s Corn Soup

After having instant noodles yesterday, I felt guilty all day today. To make matters worse, I know it was not the last of my instant noodles travesty because I have 4 more packets of them. To make myself feel less guilty, I decided to have soup for dinner today. Real soup…


(This makes two portions of soup)

  • 2 tomatoes
  • a bunch of eryngii mushrooms (you can use any mushrooms)
  • a bunch of baby carrots (you can use normal carrots, diced)
  • 1 Chinese cabbage
  • 100g pork belly chunks
DSC_0003 (1024x581)
Tomatoes, eryngii mushrooms, baby carrots, chinese cabbage

I also have another secret weapon that does not rhyme with bacon. I got this idea from chit chatting with mom as she was making soup at home last week. She said this to me: 这个很好的!煮斋汤的时候 不能放猪骨 人家都是放这个来提味的 很甜的!This one very good one! When making vegetarian soup, you cannot add pork bones, so people would add this to boost the soup’s flavor, very sweet one!

DSC_0004 (1024x676)
这个 This one (Corn)

So I got myself one of this one to add into my soup as well. I’m not making vegetarian soup, but I don’t have pork bones, so this would work with my soup anyway…


  1. Cut this one into two, and cut everything else into bite size pieces, and chuck everything into a pot of boiling water. I am using my wok again for this, but people usually uses a pot for this, so please use a pot instead.

DSC_0006 (1024x753)

  1. Add a pinch of salt and lots of pepper into the soup and stir well, mixing them into the soup. Boil on low-medium heat for 30 minutes.

DSC_0007 (1024x645)

And that’s it. The soup is done. Simple, right? You can serve this with a piece of toast, but I am too lazy to make the toast and I wanted to cut back on the carbs anyway, so…

DSC_0008 (1024x734)

真的很甜一下,好喝!It is really very sweet, nice!




  1. I like corn soup. However, I don’t really like my soups sweet…is that weird of me? Like your mum, my mum likes making sweet soups with pork or chicken bone.

  2. I cooked corn soup last weekend! But with pork ribs and I cut the corn into smaller segments. I used to have soup for dinner and I lost weight without even trying. Am thinking of doing the same because I put on a lot of weight after my KT trip. And thank goodness you did not sprinkle any thyme! 😀

    • Hahaha, I was tempted to throw in some thyme, but backed off at the last moment. I suppose it was a good call…

  3. You may not have used your secret weapon…bacon, but you used another weapon…pork belly! 😀 You were very good at hiding it until the last photo. Yes, I love to put corn into my soups too, it makes the soup sweeter and tastier. But I like to cut the kernels off the corn before throwing them into the soup….with the ‘batang’ as well…don’t throw that away coz there’s flavor you can derive from the stem!

    • Haha I wasn’t hiding it! XD

      Now that you mentioned, my mom did exactly that, cut out the kernels first… Arghh I learn half never learn half! >.<

  4. Gip me 5! I boiled the same thing last night! I boil soup once a week, so that we can have soup for next day’s dinner, and leftover would be poured into jars, then into the fridge, for the boys’ weekend lunch (noodles and leftover soup with assorted balls), guess you know the routine by now.. I boiled the same thing, except I didn’t put corn.. Chinese cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, pork, then it’s good to go..

    • I do know your routine. Maybe you can add corn next time, it does give extra sweetness to the soup, my mom was right! 😉

    • The same way one would eat a chicken drumstick. You hold on to the corn with your hand and nibble off the corn from the cob. It’s fun! 😀

    • I imagine it is nutritious, but the pork belly probably ruined it’s health properties. Makes the soup more delicious though!

  5. I always love to have soups, my mom cooks the best soups, I love her pig stomach soup and ABC soup.

    Your soup looks delish too, that bowl is too much for one person, can I join you, hee hee

    • Come! Hehehe~

      This one, I guess is sort of an ABC soup, except there’s no potatoes and onions.

    • It is probably a good recipe for slimming down…. IF you replace pork with chicken or go meatless LOL!

  6. So racist must use CHINESE cabbage. If I don’t like CHINESE cabbage can I use other race’s cabbage? 😛

    But it does look good in the end. You boil so much soup for yourself alone?

    • Tsk… You got fever until “shot” anot?? (To Americans/Europeans/Australians who might read this comment: Chinese cabbage is the name of that vegetable, it is not cabbage made by Chinese race or what)

      I made 2 portions lah, got female guest stored half for tonight…

  7. wah, this is nice!! i don’t think this is just corn soup, you have got so many other veggie in there, very 清甜 for sure.. i like i like.. 🙂

    • Corn is the main character here ma, so ma corn soup loh.. Just like peanuts soup, takkan you said that is not peanut soup because got wolfberries and dates and pork in it? 😀

  8. I love to eat corn cob in soup! Yummy! This is tonight’s dinner? How come you can reach home so fast to cook this yummy soup, eat it and blog about it so fast? All in super time.

    • Hahaha, I cabut early today. No wait, I mean I cabut on time today, which is 5 PM. Only takes 12 minutes to get home from the office if traffic is smooth. Now do you know why I am not interested to go back to KL? 😀

      Then the soup took about 45 minutes to prepare + cook + cleaning up. Plus shower and eating sambil cropping photos and upload photos and type this post, about that lah…

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