Garden Wedding @ Lone Pine, Penang

No, not my wedding. Don’t jump to conclusions.

The Sunday before I drove back to KL, I had the privilege to attend the wedding ceremony of one of my good friends in Penang. It was a garden wedding held in the Lone Pine Hotel at Batu Ferringhi.

It was my first time attending a garden wedding, so I was pretty excited about it. Some of my friends commented that I could take a ton of photos and blog about the wedding. Of course, I didn’t heed those comments. They have professional photographers to do the job there, I thought it would be quite rude (and embarrassing) for me to whip out my amateur mirrorless in front of those DSLRs. Also, I don’t think my friend would be too thrilled for me to post her pictures in my blog.

Still, it was a very interesting experience, so I did take some photos discreetly, using my smartphone. Maybe some of you have also never attended a garden wedding before and this might be interesting for you too. I think it should be fine as long as I don’t show a clear shot of their faces, right?

There’s three parts to the wedding ceremony. First up was the exchanging of vows under the witness of family and friends.


It was a pretty emotional scene. Especially when both the bride and the groom gave their speeches. I kept going “Awwww, sooo sweetttt!!!” and I noticed most of the girls were in tears.

And then there was a cocktail party for the guests to refresh themselves.



I love the drinks provided. It seems that all the drinks were from Macallum Connoisseurs, a coffee house from Georgetown. There’s a few different types of specialty African coffee and beer. It was wonderful!

There was also a balloon releasing ceremony during the cocktail party. Lots of the family members and friends stood together to release balloons to the sky. It was a pretty spectacular sight!


Except, perhaps they stood at a not-so-ideal spot to do this. They did this under a tree.


Oh dear…

And then it was time for dinner. The hotel people has specially set up a tent, complete with round tables and chairs and a stage in front. The setup was like a wedding dinner in a ballroom, except this one was outdoors.


It was very classy and lovely, the whole setup. I think Lone Pine did a good job…


And then it was time for the dinner. The dinner was like a typical Malaysian Chinese wedding dinner, with similar dishes and similar agenda. And I stopped taking pictures to enjoy the food and company of people instead.

One good thing about garden weddings, I realize, is that you won’t get the typical Malaysian Chinese wedding dinners where the stated start time was 7.00 PM but dinner only starts at 8.30 PM and guests arrive as late as 9.00 PM. With a garden wedding, people seems to be more respectful and will come early, so dinner can begin on time.

And… congratulations again to the bride and groom. Thank you again for inviting me to your lovely wedding ceremony. I’m so so glad that you found each other, and I wish you a happily ever after. 😉


  1. I agree with Constance. This wedding looks so fun, and so relaxed. Nothing like the typical noisy, packed and boisterous Chinese reception dinners…which can be fun in their own way after a few drinks. It looks like there are trees everywhere, don’t know if changing spot would have helped.

    Congrats to the couple. How was the weather? It looked cool and cloudy.

    • Well, the one I attended, we do have a Chinese style dinner after the oath and cocktails, but there were less people, so it was less chaotic. It was really a great experience. And the place is indeed surrounded with trees, I don’t think there is a spot that we can change to to pull this off nicely.

      The weather was okay. It was evening so it was not too hot..

  2. That kind of wedding looks like so much fun. However, releasing balloons under a tree probably wasn’t one of their smartest moments.

    Most weddings in Taiwan are an eat and run sort of thing. However, I went to a wedding of some good friends [the girl is Taiwanese and the guy is South African] a few years ago in Taipei and they had their wedding on a hotel rooftop around a swimming pool with a western buffet and band. It was such a great time.

    • I guess they never thought of the trees when they did the balloon thing, it was kind of awkward, but they got the perfect shot anyway, so it is all good I guess! 😀

      I suppose more and more Asians are into these western style of wedding nowadays. It is fast becoming a symbol of showing off the “perfect” wedding…

    • Yeah, one of these days, I probably will go to that Macallum Connoisseurs to see what else they have..

  3. Garden weddings is the trend now I think. Never been invited to one. The last two weddings I attended, I was only invited for the dinner. During the makan, they play the video of the happenings earlier in the day including the garden wedding. The videos are well edited and stylish. Well, for me (not that it’s going to happen anytime soon) I would prefer a quiet dinner with immediate family members. After all, no matter how grand or fairy tale like the wedding is, once all the pomp and pageantry is over, you are just two ordinary people facing the realities of life together. Might as well save the money for things that really matter.

    • I hope my future girlfriend will align with me, in that she will be ok if no lavish show off ceremony..

  4. I’ve never attended one, but I definitely saw a garden wedding happening. I remember the bride was hiding behind the bushes with her father and the bridesmaid. When the musicians were playing Canon in D (oh, its popularity), the bride walked down the grassy aisle with her father… it’s almost the same as a Church or indoor wedding. Just that the scenery changes. =P

    • Yeah, garden wedding definitely takes a page out of church wedding’s book. It is quite interesting compared to the usual ones I have attended before.

  5. Hey RG, the Lone Pine Hotel.. I think the Outbound Love was filmed there? Looks very familiar.. and one more thing, nowadays.. most couples like to have garden weddings.. more romantic? My friend also recently married in Awana Gentings.. garden wedding in a cooling weather…

    • Outbound Love? What’s that? TVB? I don’t know leh, didn’t watch it. But probably yes lah. If the garden looks familiar, either Lone Pine, or E&O. Both these hotels have similar outsides facing the sea.

  6. I find garden weddings so much more intimate (with a smaller group of invitees) than those loud noise type of Chinese weddings where the parents of the groom and bride invite a whole lot of relatives (including distant ones)…but, sadly, not many choose this route as most will go for the traditional version. Especially dislike those dinners where you have this ‘loud mouth lady’ (they call them “tai kam chey” I think) saying loads of crap during the loud “yam seng” ceremony….everything is just loud to me! 😀

    Your friend’s wedding, since they have a specially set up tent, no need to fear the rain, only thing of concern for some…would it be hot and humid in our climate?

    • Yeah, it was quite humid that night to be honest, most of us were drenched in sweat. But then, okay lah, once in a while. And, consider the sweat as balancing out the feast! 😀

    • I guess once a few of them “spoil market”, everyone kiasu and wants to follow suit. Haih… But ah, my friend’s one, okay lah, they’re both kind of rich, so… 😉

  7. Congrats to the newly-weds! You’re going to have one like that too? Very nice…but I can’t say I am all that fond of outdoor weddings, not in our tropical heat. When is yours?

  8. If I am not mistaken this hotel is today the oldest one along the stretch of beach. This hotel and Palm Beach Hotel used to be the playgrounds for wealthy kids who hung out there on weekends to race boats, surfs or ogle the bikinis. Those hey days many Australian Air Force families dotted the whole seaside until it looked like Bondi Beach.
    By the time I appeared at the scene, Lone Pine was fading off until my friend’s family sold it off to the present owners who refurbished and rebuilt its to its glory.
    You must get married there, by the beach under the swaying coconut trees! Invite all the blogger friends to witness the marriage of the lazy man chef and just imagine 50 bloggers would give you free coverage and write ups! You must invite famous blogger FoongPC who could write your wedding into 10 series that last for 6 months.

    • I did notice there were quite a number of angmohs lounging by the pool still. The hotel did seem kind of old, but it was immediately apparent that this is a high end hotel.

      Like I said to Mun, if it is up to me, there would be no wedding ceremony at all, LOL! 😀

        • I used to say I will never work in an American company, and I will never work in Penang. So I guess your warning makes sense. Maybe I should instead say I will never NOT have a wedding ceremony!

  9. lovely wedding! brave of the couple to do this without fearing hot or rainy day which they must have a contingency plan all planned. so a garden wedding for you if or when the time comes?

    • Me? If it is up to me, there would be no wedding ceremony. We would go on an extended honeymoon trip! 😀

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