Comments Galore

I am actually going to write about something else today, but that can wait. After all, extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures…

I was preparing to shut down my laptop and call it a day at work when I saw these…


Five continuous comments from Twilight Man a.k.a Anay. This doesn’t surprise me, I know he usually visits my blog like maybe once every week or two, and then leave a whole bunch of comments in a single shot. Since my laptop was still on, I promptly replied to them all before leaving the office…


And then I reached home and took some stuff out of the fridge. I was going to do a pasta stir fry…

And then I logged into my admin page while waiting for my bacon strips to thaw for a bit, and saw these…



Fifteen more comments from Anay! I was dumbstrucked for 20 seconds, and then my first reaction was: WTF??! I’ve never seen this before! Asshole leaving me 20 comments in one go, how am I supposed to reply to them??

And then I began to get past the shock and felt tears in my eyes instead. This fella visit once in a blue moon and yet he took the effort to leave a comment in almost every blog post of mine. This is superb! This is extraordinary! And extraordinary gestures require extraordinary reciprocal!

Anyway, so I forgot about doing the stir fry and instead, chucked everything into a pot of boiling water and had pasta soup instead. Saved me 20 minutes to be able to sit down here writing an extraordinary blog post to reply to all the comments in one go.

So, Anay, here’s me replying your comment. See I numbered your comments in the picture, I am going to reply following that sequence. I hope you are glad that I am dedicating an entire blog post to answer your comments and questions. XD

1. Whoooaaa!!! you have got so much points to reach Istanbul. Good! You will love that place which is ranked the best in that desert region. – Terbang

The points are accumulated from all my business travels to the US, Japan and Singapore. I never realized these frequent flyer miles are worth so much! I believe Turkey is a beautiful country, but I probably would refrain from calling it best this or best that, else later other desert countries get jealous and send someone to bomb my house. 😐

2. Yup I have heard of all their names. I only watch Korean channels everyday. They have so many pretty faces and good acting.
Better heed your mum’s advice if you wanna marry a lass like Goo Hara.Random Happy Weekend

– I was heeding her advice! I did not bake the cake! 😀

3. Where is my comments? I remembered seeing this post. How come your blog posts gone haywire and jumped to 2014?I Got Christmas Gift

I don’t know how you ended up at this old post, but I think you probably saw similar posts in other blogs and left your comment there…

4. I wonder why it was really named as Shepherd’s Pie? He had no oven to bake except lambs running all over.
Your ingredients have changed from last time. Was it you?Healthier Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherds have homes too, else they sleep with the lambs? Their homes would have ovens lah.. Shepherd’s Pie means pie for the shepherds (or poor people)..
Have I ever blogged about shepherd’s pie before this one?

5. I love these meat balls to go with the IKEA’s gravy. So yum!Lazy Man’s Sweet Potato Meatballs

Probably not, these meat balls have some sweetness due to the sweet potato. I don’t think they will go well with gravy…

6. Don’t post this again for Bananas to read. The ladies are pretty anyway.徐慧

What ladies? There’s only ONE lady in this post. And this is MY blog, I can post whatever I want. Bananas can use Google Translate or skip this! XD

7. OMG!!! So daring pix to shock us. The way you suck it with sunken cheeks really looked like a good BJ done. You enjoyed eating that long meat?1P100W #17 – Hot Dog

I was hungry, so yeah, it was pretty good. What has sausage got to do with BlackJack?

8. Hello Lengchai. You went to Dubai to eat confusing Filipino food? I find their food tasty and unique with mixture of Asian & Portugese Spanish.1P100W #18 – Menu

Don’t call me lengchai lah, I shy one 😳 . It was Ramadan month, the only restaurants that were open for tourists were the non-local food restaurants.

9. Marseilles is so pretty by the sea. I could sit there for hours with good coffee and a pad to read blogs.
You will visit there for sure. Just put thoughts to it.1P100W #19 – Marseilles

My current plan for the Europe trip next year is revolving around the south of France. So unless something extraordinary happens, yeah I think I will visit this lovely city.

10. Muahahahaha~!! What a cry baby. I like that movie I No Stupid too.Weekend Youtube Playlist

Almost, but didn’t. I don’t qualify as a cry baby yet. 😉

11. I am surprised that Calais is just some 200 km to Belgium. I wonder why the Begians make very delicious chocolates and not Malaysia? Is it our milk or cocoa powder issues?
You got good meals at €3! That is cheapest indeed.Brussels, Belgium

I believe it is partly the raw ingredients used and the chocolate making process. Here our chocolates are made with cheap cocoa with lots of preservatives, and all machine made. Cannot compare with those European chocolates at all.

12. When I was studying in US, I told my classmates that Mercedes are very high class cars in Malaysia. He just burst out laughing like a nerd. Was I the nerd instead?
I like those ‘statues’ as they were so fully dressed unlike the ones here.Cologne, Germany

Yes, YOU are the nerd. I was a nerd too, when I told my American friends that an E-Class would cost more than US$100k in Malaysia and got similar response from them.

What statues do we have here that are not fully dressed?? I’m curious now! XD

13. Thanks for sharing this. If I ever visit London again, I will definitely visit Luxembourg as I was told I could cycle the whole country in one day! So nice and lovely with greens, hills and historical buildings. I love that.Luxembourg

You can try cycling Singapore first to see if it is doable before making that big trip, I think the size of both countries are almost the same.

14. I stared at the purple thing for so long and had no idea it was purple cabbage until I read your 100 worded post. I believe that it tasted good to my liking. I would only suggest that you cut them into thinner slices for better presentation.1P100W #20 – Fusion Stir Fry

Better presentation? Nah… too lazy for that

15. Oh well, you will need many trips to see more and I am sure you have learnt a lot from traveling with this group. You guys had so much fun.
My friend who had to visit Germany often thinks Munich is the best city too.Heidelberg and Munich, Germany

Your friend is probably a biased asshole. Another biased asshole from somewhere else in Europe was disappointed that I visited Munich instead of Berlin

This is more tiring than I expected it to be… If anyone else is planning to bomb me with comments with the hope of scoring a dedicated blog post from me, this is probably the first and last time I attempt to write such a post, so you can forget about it…


  1. Anay being Anay, he is very special kind of human whom I know. None of my friends are like him, so you just need to get used to his way of leaving comments. lol!
    By the way, he likes your posts then only he will leave comments like this. I tell ya!

  2. I often read your posts from my phone wherever I could be. Honestly, your posts appears in moving slides and it was so tough to capture them from my phone, so I had to delay my replies unfortunately. As I mentioned before, I do like reading your transparent and honest blog which gave me many hysterical laughs. I find that getting free laughter to brighten up my mood swings should be appreciated and reciprocated too.

    Maybe this mammoth comments happened to you for the first time beyond beliefs but several bloggers like Libby, Lina, Mun and esp Claire have seen my crazy side many times. I think the longest traits of comments always happen in Claire’s blog only for no apparent reason. She had heart attacks and had to send me an email to thank me instead. Now she is used to it.

    I do enjoy reading everyone’s blogs more than reading newspapers which often made me sad instead. So please keep it up all bloggers, I am your fan.

    You might think I am SK’s hardcore fan only and that’s because he got me addicted since many years ago and I enjoy teasing him long before we met up. SK is a funny guy at heart!

    You can use my photos as you wish just like how other bloggers had done so. I am fine.

    • I like this sentence of yours! It will apply to my office matters from now.

      “After all, extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures…”

      • Muahahahahaha!!! I wanna die laffing here….

        This is more tiring than I expected it to be… If anyone else is planning to bomb me with comments with the hope of scoring a dedicated blog post from me, this is probably the first and last time I attempt to write such a post, so you can forget about it…

      • This is really a very good philosophy even when practiced in the office. It encourages creativity in problem solving. 😉

    • I know Anay and Thambee go way back from the secondary school days in Chennai, no surprises here. And if we judge hardcore fans by the amount of comments in the blog, then SK has A LOT of hardcore fans, I am the lousy one hahaha! XD

  3. You really have a committed ‘fan’ in TM. I applaud at how fast he reads. I usually don’t know when old comments come in as I don’t usually check…but if I do come across them (accidentally sometimes), then I will reply lah!

    • You have an admin page one ma, on… It is not on the Dashboard, but there should be a page that shows you the latest comments. If you go there like daily or even weekly then you will be able to see old comments or new comments on old blog posts. 🙂

  4. WOW, actually I’m very impress on how can he leave so many comment in once, and every single of them wasn’t that short…must give a very big claps to him ya!!

  5. I want to laugh when I see your post.. TM is a sweet nice guy huh.. When he has the time, he drops by and comment on every post that he has missed.. But sometimes, we overlooked and don’t know who has left any comments, coz our mail didn’t notify us, or maybe they did, but we were too lazy to go check it..

    • I encounter that problem too when I was on the old blog, that platform doesn’t have a very good comment notification system. This new platform much better, it pops up in the Dashboard so it is hard to miss it.

    • It might be easier and not worth me writing a blog post if they’re all in one single post. I could just edit and combine them into one single comment. 😉

    • I’m thinking to steal one of his photos from his blog to share here, just to show those of you who doesn’t know him what he looks like. But I think that might piss him off instead. 😀

    • Ya, but not 20 in one shot. I have never experienced people leaving 20 comments at once in my blog…. until now…

  6. You can no longer call yourself Lazy Man because Lazy Man will not make the effort to copy and paste TW man 15 comments into one post and reply them one by one. Lazy Man will pretend not to see TW man 15 comments. Hahahahaha!

    • Hahaha, I don’t know when he will see this. Maybe in another 2 weeks’ time. Maybe I should go to his blog and search for his photo and paste here as well to give him a bigger shock. 🙄

  7. wow, my Anay left you with so many comments!!! why he did not leave any comments to me?? sobs sobs.. he must have like you more than his Thambee~~ LOL!!! 😀

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