1P100W #27 – Black Forest Pizza

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Some friends from KL came up to Penang and stayed in the Rasa Sayang Resort in Batu Ferringhi last week, so I went to meet them for dinner one evening. We ordered this Black Forest Pizza for dessert.

It is basically a brownie base baked till slightly crispy like a pizza crust, with whipped cream and black cherries spread over it, topped with vanilla ice cream. It was really weird but also very delicious!

We had this in the Lounge at the Garden Wing. There’s also (8-ball) pool, darts, gorilla statue and various wigs in the lounge. Saw some Russian ladies taking selfies with the gorilla.

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    • How can you finish it in two bites? Even that scoop of ice cream would require more than 2 bites, no? 😀

      You can try Googling for this dish and see if any Melbourne hotels or restaurants do it. Or you can fly to Penang and I’ll treat you to it! 😉

      • Okay, take away the ice-cream and it looks like I can devour it in 2 bites. The scoop of ice-cream doesn’t look bigger than my fist, so probably a few bites, easily finished 😀

        Pretty sure Melbourne doesn’t do this dish. Probably one of a kind in Penang, and I will keep in mind that you owe me a treat when I visit 😀

  1. Well, that doesn’t look like a pizza at all… and talking about pizza, on Friday night when I arrived to Suzhou I suddenly felt like eating pizza so we went to an Italian restaurant. Well, I paid for my glutony, there was a mosquito around our table and my legs got like 9 bites… all for my craving! :_

    • Well, it is a sweet pizza. The hotel’s chef calls it a pizza, so who are we to dispute him, right? 😛

      9 bites! That sucks (no pun intended)! I hope you’re fine!

  2. I have eaten this somewhere before but never knew it’s Black Forest Pizza! I thought they were donuts beneath. It looks Italian to me.
    It has been so many decades I have not stepped inside this orang atas hotel. I used to be the weekly party animal clubbing at their Cinta Discotheque till wee hours.

    • Nowadays I think it is not that atas anymore. Or maybe everyone is becoming orang atas. They are fully booked over the two weeks on Raya.

  3. errr, I doesn’t seem weird to me but I would really like to try this because I find it nice leh.. probably the name is weird, like they 格硬 die die wanna name and shape it like a pizza..

  4. This one, first time hear.. Very interested to try, coz I love black forest cake.. Oh, that’s vanilla ice cream? Looks like corn ice cream, very yellow the colour..

    • It is basically very much like the cake, except now the cake is the base and baked till crisp, very nice leh!

      The lighting problem, it is white one, vanilla ice cream..

  5. The name on the menu is Black Forest Pizza? How big is it and how much does it cost? I would like to taste some of it but not eat one on my own.

    • Yes, that is exactly the name on the menu! I can’t remember the exact price, it was in the region of RM 20 plus.. which is not expensive, considering we were having this in Rasa Sayang, one of the most expensive hotels in Penang.

    • It is the lighting, it was quite dark in the lounge. My first time too, sweet pizza LOL! 😀

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