1P100W #26 – Secret Hideout

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I discovered this place by accident a few months after I started work in Penang. I was driving around aimlessly and found myself in sort of a dead end, surrounded by big trucks. There was a small alley on the left, so I drove in, hoping to find a spot toΒ U-turn.

I found myself in a car park, staring at this view. This is the other side of Penang airport’s runway, and is the best spot to watch planes taking off and landing.

Not many people know or dare to venture into this place, so this is kind of like my secret hideout for now.

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  1. You still go there? After this post, it is not so secret anymore but I doubt if others would be interested to check it out, so it will still remain your secret hideout πŸ™‚

    • I used to go there like twice a week, but I hardly go there anymore. This is a place that I go to when I feel almost suicidal… 😐

    • Not that easy. As you can see, there’s a wire fence running the length of the runway. Unless if you climb on top of your car, then maybe that would be a good idea.. πŸ™‚

    • At that time when I just discovered this secret hideout, it seemed to be not a bad idea to just disappear from the face of the Earth altogether. Yeah, I was THAT down..

  2. Secret hideout to do what? Raba-raba girls ahh? When I was still young ahh, I mean before married la, we always find these kinda hideouts so that noone will see us, kekekekekeke..

    • Technically yes, but I mostly just go there, switch off my phone and stare at planes for a few hours…

    • I don’t know. I just do. I was miserable back then, and I always felt like I needed some place where I can go and hide and nobody would know where to find me. Or maybe it just felt cool to have one.

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