1P100W #25 – Morning Walk

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I used to jog for quite a bit, but I have stopped since the gout episode last year when the doctor advised me against exercises that would involve using my legs to support my whole body. Since then my only workouts have been doing sit ups in my room and doing morning walks outside.

I haven’t been able to walk much lately, thanks to the stupid hazy weather. See the condo at the far end of the trail? That’s like 200m away, and it was blurry because of the haze. And the air smells horrible. Spending more time outdoors in such environments would only reduce your lifespan.

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    • I can’t cycle, and I feel too embarrassed to start learning at my tender age…

      [I don’t know why your comments frequently fly to the Spam folder, Maybe it is the IP address you’re on.]

  1. Too bad the haze is preventing you from taking morning walks. I think walking is still the best exercise. I used to do it at my old place and that was how I stayed slim. Not anymore 🙁

  2. I clicked on the link you gave STP about the gout issue coz my sis-in-law thinks she has it. I thought you have to stay off seafood and beans if you have gout? But I see you had to stay off red meat and fish too?

    • Fish is alright, basically other seafood, and red meat, and beans, these are all no no when you have gout attack.

  3. I am so bloody shocked to read the links of your doctor visits that confirmed your gout which is in high levels. That was last year and I hope you are almost recovering now.
    I had them when I was in my early 20s!!! It was due to my frequent clubbing and drinking spree which I never knew that it could trigger all sorts of nonsense to my health. In no time, I managed to overcome and no turning back since.
    I need not have to advise you as you are matured and wise enough to heal your sickness. Get a wife quick!

  4. Ohhh, now got haze there ahh? Ya la, exercise at home, with the treadmill or do sit-ups, even yoga, also good already.. Better than me la, never exercise at all pun.. Mopping, sweeping floor, washing toilet also considered exercise leh..

  5. Go find some indoor swimming pool and swim. Swimming is a good exercise unless you don’t know how to swim and only acts like a tea bag soaking in clorinated water 😛

  6. Is it hazy in Penang all the time? In KL I think it is still ok.

    Where is your photo above taken? Looks like a very nice path to walk with a seaview in good weather. Too bad that it is hazy now.

    • Not all the time, but most of the time, especially in the mornings. The stench is sometimes very bad when you go outdoors. I think for the past 2 years or so, the haze has been a constant, either slightly or terribly…

      This is Karpal Singh Drive. There’s a McCafe and a Starbucks here, so it is definitely a nice place to hangout… if no haze..

  7. yay!!! luckily cooking in the kitchen is not considered an exercises that would involve using my legs to support my whole body!!

    errr, the condo still looks clear to me in the photo woh.. that’s still not as bad right?? 🙂

    • You are right, cooking is most definitely not an exercise!

      Got a bit blurry already lah, and it was just 200m away… It was really bad from where I was..

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