1P100W #23 – Learn Til You Die

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I was driving back to Penang and stopped at Taiping R&R earlier today. I spotted a truckie standing in front of the coffee vending machine with a RM1 note that the machine refused to accept. So I offered my RM1 note to him.

We then got talking for a bit, and he said: “Because our lorries are bigger, our 90km/h are faster than your car’s 90km/h. You think we are speeding, but actually we are not!

8 years after leaving college, I finally learnt a new type of physics that differs from textbook physics. I guess we really never stop learning until we die. 活到老学到老.

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    • Not really. I wanted coffee too, he was in the way and I just wanted to clear the path quickly LOL!

  1. They can go so fast there? Here, the limit for buses, lorries is 70 kmph…but of course, they would go a whole lot faster, those hell raisers. Can overtake my car, those huge things, and disappear out of sight in an instant…and I would be doing around 90 kmph, the limit for cars here.

    • Here, 80/90 for trucks and buses. 80 for small roads, 90 for highways. But they hardly follow anyway. I can hardly overtake buses driving at 110, in fact sometimes I am overtaken by buses when driving at this speed. It is quite scary..

  2. Now who is the Pot Calling Kettle Black? RG, SK or Mun.
    I often drove at 120kph along highways yet many buses and trucks overtook me. They are road killers.

    • You know this comment might land you in trouble as some sort of evidence of self confession for speeding? 🙄

  3. I learn this when I was young – 1 kg of iron is heavier than 1 kg of cotton wool. You don’t know meh?

    • You didn’t get it this time. I think 1P100W is a bad idea this time. Need to put some sarcasm hints in. He was fibbing on me lah! If every type of vehicles has different quickness of the same speed, those speed traps can close shop already as everyone will challenge the summons lah LOL! 😀 😐

      • Eh? You believe 1kg of iron is heavier than 1kg of cotton wool ah as in you believe lorry 90km/h is faster than car 90km/h ah?

        I guess you didn’t get me.

        • I thought you were seriously discussing some physics topic like how my cikgu used to debate with us about jisim and jirim and all those sh*t: kenapa 1kg besi jatuh ke tanah lebih cepat daripada 1 kg kapas?


          • Hehehehe, that one your cikgu is a bit different cos it got to do with resistance and etc. This 1 kg is 1 kg mah like 90km/h is 90hm/h unless the measuring machine is faulty.

            There used to be a standard 1 or 2 or 3 chinese text book for learning mandarin with a lesson mentioning this and the conclusion is they are the same weight because 1kg is 1kg already stated. I guess SK and I both read this same chinese text gua, that’s why he said generation gap.

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