1P100W #22 – 拔罐 Cupping Therapy


I know some of you wants to see what nice food I eat in KL this time around, but first let me show you my scary, sexy fat back.

I was tricked by dad to come to this TCM place that specializes in acupuncture and… yes, 拔罐, cupping therapy.

The doctor will poke needles on your back and place cups over those holes, and dirty blood will be sucked out from your body to encourage new blood generation.

What it did to me: no blood but lots of marks. The doctor said I was too fat, lots of air in my body preventing blood to be sucked out smoothly. 🙁

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  1. I remember my mom used to do cupping and I thought the purple marks were really scary looking. Yep, I still think they’re scary. 😛 How did you managed to get tricked into this?

    • Well, my dad told me he was going for treatment, and it was only when we arrived and the doctor asked me questions instead of my dad that I knew something was up.. 😐

  2. I have done cupping before! But there were no needles, only cups all over my back. They were there for like 30 minutes and I ended up with beautiful purple marks (yes!! I really liked them!!). It didn’t hurt at all.

    • I think not all cupping practitioners uses needles (aka acupuncture), apparently there are a million ways to stimulate the release of bad blood through the skin. Well I guess you did the fire cupping with not much suction going on. Mine, it was cups with hoses to suck air out to sort of attach the cups to my back, so it hurt like hell. 🙁

      • The one I did in China was not supposed to extract your blood (is that what you did??), only to extract the “cold” of your body through your skin pores. It is good to do it when you have a cold, I was told.

        [Oh yes, I just re read your text. No, no blood extracting involved in what I did!]

        • I guess there are many things that can be extracted, and the methods used to achieve them are different. 🙄

  3. I don’t understand why people would want to subject themselves to this kind of torture! 🙁 Tricked?…doesn’t quite sound like you. I would enjoy a cuppa…but not a cupping! LOL! 😀

    • It is not torture if it does the job to heal something, right? Having surgery would be torture too in that respect! 😀

      You might be surprised by how easily I get to be tricked by my dad. My dad has a innate talent to do that to me. Maybe that comes with being my dad. 🙄

  4. Adoi! That looks painful! Was it? Those bruises are going to take a while to go off. I have seen this treatment on TV and it looks scary to me, the flesh being sucked into those cuppy things. It looks like you were bitten by aliens.

    • It was painful during the process, not so much after that. According to my dad, it would be gone within 3 to 7 days. I guess we’ll see soon…

  5. I wouldn’t dare to do this unless tht specialist is a well known & certified in such area. I have a doubt on the proficiency of Chinese medical specialist since they don’t hav an organization that governs them (or do they have one?). Not that I dun trust Chinese medicine practice, but I wouldn’t choose to patron them in Malaysia.

    • I don’t think there is any Malaysian certification. Some of the practitioners would have certification from China’s TCM body. Others would normally be those experienced and highly recommended by others for a long period of time..

  6. That doesn’t look pretty. Hope it didn’t hurt too much. You walked away generally unharmed, so maybe you have a super body or something 😀

    Never have I tried cupping or acupuncture. Don’t intend too as I really don’t think my frail body can withstand all those forces.

    • It did hurt during the process, not so much after that except for the lovely purple marks. When I said hurt, I mean… imagine you have a deep cut and accidentally touched the cut with your hand. Except that hand touched the cut for the full 30 minutes. Not nice… 🙁

    • That 30 minutes, it was like, you have 8 cuts on your skin, then someone touch that 8 cuts nonstop…

  7. I’ve seen some cupping thingy in my FB recently.. But not as “see mun” as yours.. Yours is you already cupped, then let it rest (gawd, I’m talking like it’s a piece of roast meat), then only you take picture right.. The ones I saw ahh, during the procedure leh, the blood all sucked and accumulated inside the cup leh.. Like leeches, biar betul..

    I’m laughing so loud now la, you said no blood coz doctor said you were too fat+lots of air, so no blood out.. Wei, biar betul wei.. I’ve seen more fat punyer, ada blood leh..

    • I was lying flat on my back when the procedure was taking place, how to take picture lah… And even if can, I won’t do that to you all lah >.< ... In TCM terms, air (wind) is probably the same thing as lemak, fat. But because the way they describe how the body works, then it becomes air...

  8. I had that once – bad prolonged cough, so much mucus that I could hardly speak. Instant relief, ailment completely gone…but oh, the pain!!! I never went back again! But I’ve gone for acupuncture more than once. Works wonders! Do buy your own needles and bring them along though – better than sharing.

    • It was a one time deal for me. I would not go back again, for I would not be tricked by my dad for the same thing again! No need to buy my own needles.. 😀

  9. i will never go and do this cupping therapy, i think the marks take like ages to disappear?? anyway, i am very not convinced by what the therapist said that you are “too fat, lots of air in my body preventing blood to be sucked out smoothly”.. it makes no sense to me..

    • Sometimes it is their choice of words that makes no sense especially when we are used to western terms. And TCM is more about slow healing and reconditioning of the body rather than quick fix on symptoms like how the clinics and hospital specialists do. I believe both ways work, provided you stick to one and not try to mix both up..

  10. My grandmother used to do this cupping therapy for us but she did not use needle to poke holes in our skin. What she did was put a copper coin wrapped up with some chinese medicinal herbs in a cloth until it became like a small bundle and put it on us and then lit up the top of the bundle and then quickly put a cup over it. The cup will then extinguish the fire and cupped tightly to our skin. If someone has fongsap there will be many water bubbles like chicken pox on the skin after the cup is removed.

    Are you sure they poke your skin with needles before putting on the cup? I have heard of cupping without the fire but not the poke with needle part. Seems like quite dangerous cos can get infections from the needles if not careful and did not sterilise the needles properly. So did your mother say anything about the comment by the chinese sinseh?

    • Yes, I am sure the needles were involved. I don’t think those needles are to poke a hole for the blood to flow out, it is supposed to be acupuncture points, they’re probably to stimulate something..

      My dad tricked me to go with him, my mom was at home. Of course she agree about me being fat. Heck, even I myself agree to that comment! 😐

  11. So, did it work? Did you feel all better?

    I went to a Chinese doctor once in Taiwan and never, ever again. I had a pinch nerve in my back and my treatment was a massage. It was the most painful thing ever and I came home and my back was black and blue. Plus, it didn’t help. I ended up exercising through the pain every day and in two months, it was gone.

    • The only things I feel are soreness and bruises on those spots. But I believe if administered correctly, this cupping therapy could work. I have seen gout patients recovered using this method.

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