1P100W #21 – Oats and Raisins

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Sometimes, the colleagues who read my blog sporadically would ask: “哇!你很厉害煮东西的hor?你每天都自己煮东西吃啊?(Wow! You very good in cooking huh? You cook everyday?)”

No, I don’t cook everyday. I’m much too lazy for that. I cook an average of 2 dinners on weekdays every week. Weekends I try to cook one meal per day. Other times, I eat out or tapao (get a takeaway) from somewhere because I sometimes still crave outside food that are more unhealthy delicious. Or I have something like in the picture.

It’s just instant oats with almond powder and hot water, and some raisins. It’s not muesli or parfait or granola but it’s still pretty good…

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  1. I eat oats almostt every morning for breakfast with condensed milk. They taste so yummy like heavens. You surprised me with almond powder!!! I must try that too and hope I won’t faint.

    As a student bachelor is US, I used to cook 2 pots of soup dishes like Thai Green Curry and Korean Kimchi Jigae which I kept them in the fridge to eat for whole week of lunch or dinner when I was alone. Sometimes my food lasted for weeks as my Japanese & Korean drunkard buddies always ate out often with me.

    • I try to stay away from condensed milk, that one is sort of compact sugar, not exactly the best thing for a fatty. 😐

      I sometimes cook a lot and store them frozen, but I generally try to avoid it and cook fresh as much as I can..

      • Hey! Just a spoon of condensed milk will bring no harm or increased weights compared to all your bacons and carbos. The taste is the best with Condensed Milk laaaa…

        • But I only do bacons like once in a blue moon, you said you have oats with condensed milk EVERY DAY. Sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit… 😀

  2. raisin with oats is probably the worst food tht I would take…nope, dun get me wrong, jst that I dislike both raisins and oat.

    • I don’t really like them either, but I can tolerate them, and they ARE a healthier alternative to instant noodles, and convenient to prepare..

    • Why?? They’re good!! I think oats is the healthier altenative to cup noodles, both same concept, just need hot water, no need cooking. And raisins is the alternative to MSG sachets. 😛

  3. actually the way you blog really make us thought you cook everyday lor, haha!! wow, the instant oat with raisins, and with almond powder somemore!! that sounds nice.. though I may omit the almond powder that could taste like cough syrup, hehe!! :p

    • Cough syrup? What kind of almond powder have you had before? I don’t think almond powder taste like cough syrup at all. But I do agree not many people like it. In fact I used to hate almond milk taste, it is an acquired taste for me..

  4. Give me 5! I just had oats yesterday.. But mine very simple, I think I told you before.. My favourite is always the same, one and only – Quaker oats with condensed milk.. That’s all.. No raisins, no bananas, no nothing else.. Sedap..

    • Haha yes, you told me before! You different lah, you eat oats not because of health reasons, that’s why condensed milk instead of raisins 😀

    • Why not? I love raisins with oats, the sweetness makes the whole thing not so bland and more bearable.

  5. I prefer eating what you ate in the photo than eating those heavily salted outside food. You really cook so few days? From your cooking posts, I thought you cook every dinner every week day but not weekends. Doh!

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