Weekend Youtube Playlist

I’m going to be very honest by telling you that this is a filler post. I expect, maybe 1 or 2 comments at most

I was going through my old photos from my Europe Tour which happened after I finished school in the UK a long time ago, to look for inspirations when planning where to go for my big trip next year, like trying to remember if there is any places that I specifically wanted to revisit.

I ended up getting carried away seeing and reliving my awesome experience. I am going to blog (I mean, re-blog) about more of my experiences in Europe in the coming days. I spent the whole day organizing my photos, so today, I am going to blog about the videos that I played on Youtube while I made myself busy with the photos sorting.

First of all, some mainstream hit songs that has been playing on the radio…

And then, I also found a source for this song from an old Singaporean movie, 小孩不笨 I Not Stupid. I loved this song, this is one of the few songs out there that almost made me cry. The movie itself is quite touching too

I also wasted almost an hour watching one full episode of two Italian old farts who moved to London and went back to Italy for a food adventure. I don’t really know who Antonio Carluccio is to be honest, but I’m sure if you are into cooking, you probably know Gennaro Contaldo, he was Jamie Oliver’s mentor. I think this is more interesting that Kitchen Nightmares or Hell’s Kitchen to be honest

If you are bored for the weekend, feel free to watch these videos and relax. Tomorrow we be talking about Europe… 😉


    • Wei, that is Tom Hanks wor! You look for the interview with Carly about the video, she is like a super fan girl of Tom! 😀

  1. I enjoy Two Greedy Italian very much though I am not able to follow the series as faithfully as I would like. I got to know Antonio Carluccio first many years ago via his cooking show (can’t remember the name) which aired on Astro. Of the two, Gennaro Contaldo is the humorous and more emotional one. I saw two episodes where he got emotional and teary eyed.

    • Actually I didn’t know who Antonio was until I watched this Two Greedy Italian series. He seems quite laid back compared to Gennaro and he doesn’t cook much though..

    • No I haven’t. Could not find a good source online. Not that I have been looking really hard though..

  2. wah, you have filler posts just like anime has filler episodes where nothing important to the main storyline happens, just some non events to make one episode. I know the first song only. Rather left behind now.

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