Random Happy Weekend

I don’t have anything specific to write today, so I’ll do a random post and see what I can come up with spontaneously as I write…

Since the weekends is coming, maybe I should show you what I have already shared on Instagram and Facebook that I think will make people happy. I’ll show you another swiss roll that I bought…

The name of this cake is called the Belgium Double Chocolate Swiss Roll. Actually, it is this sinful name that lured me into parting with RM 8.95 yet again.


Does this picture make you happy? I hope it does. Chocolate makes people happy, cake makes people happy too. So a chocolate cake will make people doubly happy, yes?

If you remember, my mom told me: 肥仔 不要整天做 cake 来吃 很肥的! (Fatty, don’t bake and eat cakes so frequently, it is very fattening!)

If she sees this and grills me, I am going to tell her: 我没有做 cake!我没有 我真的没有!这个 cake 是买的 不是做的!(I did not bake cake! I did not, I really did not! This cake is bought, not baked!)


Anyway, I was chatting with a friend on Skype earlier today.

Friend: Do you know who the prettiest Korean artist is as of now?
Me: I thought they all look more or less the same. Who? Kim Ah Joong?

By the way, here’s Kim Ah Joong. She is famous from the movie 200 Pounds Beauty. Here’s her singing one of the theme songs of the movie, in the movie. I love this song a lot. Like, really a lot

If you have not watched the movie and are interested, you can search it on Youtube, there’s a few sources for the full movie with English subtitles. Oh well, I’ll just share one for you guys here, it’s a movie that is pretty hilarious in the first half and touching in the second half…

She’s also famous for another movie called My PS Partner. PS as in, Phone Sex. I’m not going to share the links to that movie here. Horny men will work hard by themselves to search for that movie anyway…

Oh, I’ve gone off tangent. Let’s come back…

Friend: No! Kim Ah Joong is ancient history! I’m talking about Goo Hara! Have you heard of her?
Me: No, I don’t think so. Is that even a girl’s name??

And then it was time to clock off from work and we let the topic drop. As I was driving home, I suddenly thought that this name seems rather familiar. I have probably seen her in one of them KBS shows before when I was back home in KL.

Let’s do a quick Google search for this name: Goo Hara



Oh, what a fine and lovely lady! And yes, she looks familiar to me now. I think I have really seen her on TV before. Or maybe she was my lover in our past life or something hence she looks so familiar?

And I think it is time to stop writing for today. I am barely coherent now. Maybe I should just call it a day early and go to bed… Good night and have a good weekend, my dear readers. 😉


  1. Yup I have heard of all their names. I only watch Korean channels everyday. They have so many pretty faces and good acting.
    Better heed your mum’s advice if you wanna marry a lass like Goo Hara.

  2. Of all the times I’ve eaten swiss rolls, I’ve found their textures to be much different from your regular cake. It’s usually more compact…less fluffy. Maybe I’m eating the bad swiss rolls 🙁

    What, you chatting on Skype at work? I wish my work would allow that.

  3. How could a chocolate Swiss roll not make anyone happy? 😀 Hmm…want to attempt baking a Swiss Roll but will not be happy if it didn’t turn out right.

    • Even if it don’t turn out right, I think you will have ways to present it nicely. Can lah! 😉

  4. I’m not into anything Korean, so I don’t know any of them! ;D I can see why you like her song…or her (more precisely) coz she’s pretty but I found myself watching the guy in the video more than her (it’s normal)! 😀

  5. Give me any swiss rolls, I sure sukak! Orange rolls, chocolate rolls, pandan cream rolls, semua aku sukak! Korean dramas? I only watched 1 til the end so far – The Moon Embracing The Sun..

    • I am surprised, I think Taiwan has stronger K Pop culture than Malaysia. It is probably your lack of interest in things like this. After all, pretty girls are the forte of boys! 😀

  6. I like the song too, her voice is so angelic, like voice sent from heaven, I watched the movie before, nice and touching movie

    • Actually I think the original singer for this song is not her, but she is doing a good job singing it for the movie too!

  7. Seeing your chocolate swiss roll makes me want to eat cake! Your mother will tell you 买蛋糕来吃也是同样会肥的.

    Ok, goodnight. May you dream of Goo Hara!

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