Not-So-Lazy Roasted Chicken

I finally bought those RM 1.09/100g chicken breasts for what I thought was my very first time. In fact I bought two of them and paid RM 7.80. It was so cheap compared to what I used to pay.

And then I got home and I was going to do some prep works on them. It was then that realized all this while, I haven’t been so much of a clueless bastard but just a rather forgetful prick. As I was trying to cut those breasts up, I suddenly remembered that I bought these fresh breasts once, many years ago, and decided that it was not worth the effort.

You see, those pre-packed chicken breasts that I was paying RM 2.19/100g for, they were skinless and boneless. It means I paid RM 2.19 for 100g of meat. These fresh RM 1.09/100g ones, they come with skin, but they also come with the bones. In fact (I reckon) half of the weight of each slab of breast are due to the bones. So I was really paying RM 1.09 for 50g of meat and 50g of bone. When we work out the math, there’s really not much difference in terms of the nett meat I am getting.

In light of this discovery, I think I will just switch back to the RM 2.19 ones. I don’t much fancy dealing with bones on a regular basis, they are a pain to dispose of. I also went to the other two major supermarkets here to cross check, their boneless chicken breasts were going for RM 1.79 and RM 1.89 respectively, but they come with lots of chicken fats and were not as fresh looking as the ones in AEON.

Now I’m back to being an angry man. The picture I saw in Mun’s post, those RM 0.99/100g chicken breasts looked like they were boneless too. So why the hell is AEON Penang selling chicken at twice the price compared to AEON KL??? Someone from KL please do me a favor and go check those breasts out this weekend to double confirm their bone existence, will you?

Ahhh, let’s stop being angry and tell you what I did with these breasts that I bought. I was watching a video of DJ BBQ doing something which he called, brine the chicken.

When you cook meat, you’re taking the moisture away, so we’re gonna add moisture with this brine, and we’re gonna add some nice, subtle flavors yada yada, bla bla bla… – DJ BBQ

Sounds like a great idea, so let me do the same. As you know, I don’t use herbs, so I only add a cup of salt, some pepper, some Morrocan seasoning powder and 1 lemon into a pot of water. Then I bring the water to boil, and then immediately bring the pot off the boil and add ice cubes to cool the water down to prevent further cooking.

Then I poured my brine into my big mixing bowl and dumped both the breasts into the bowl.

DSC_0010 (1024x737)

Then I let them sit overnight…

The next evening I took one of those breasts out of the brine, lightly salt and pepper the surface of the chicken, and slapped it in the oven at 180°C for 30 minutes.

DSC_0001 (1024x585)

While the chicken was cooking, time to prep some vegetables to go with the chicken, because we want a balanced meal, right? This time I have with me some baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and okras (ladies fingers).

DSC_0002 (1024x664)

At the end of the 30 minutes, throw all these plants in with the chicken, drizzle with some olive oil, turn the heat up to 210°C and cook for another 15 minutes. This will cook the vegetables and crisp up the chicken skin. Yumsssss….

When it is done, let the chicken rest for a few minutes while I did some cleaning up of the kitchen.

If it be boneless chicken breast, I would then dig in. But it’s not, and I hate dealing with bones when I am eating, so I dealt with the bones first. I carved the meat out as best as I could, which is not very good, disposed of the bones, and then dig in.

DSC_0003 (1024x660)

And, OH MY MY!!… the chicken was indeed excellent! Succulent and full of flavors! Super delicious!

But, if you ask me if I am going to do this again, I would say I’ll probably do it again, when I feel generous and not so lazy. You see, to prepare the brine, I did use a lot of salt and seasoning, way more than what I would need to use if I cook using my normal methods. And they would all be discarded soon enough. And it was a lot of effort: preparing ice cubes, boiling water, pouring ice cubes into boiling water, and then discarding the brine water when it is done. On top of the usual procedures.

A tad too tedious for Lazy Man to want to deal with on a regular basis…



  1. The way you prepared the chicken was something new to me. I am rated an Even Lazier Man compared to you as I eat out almost every meals. I find this lemon addition would definitely help to improve the taste. One thing I learnt from a Michelin chef’s sharing that we need to boil any chicken very lightly till a thin layer of froth appears. We throw away the toxic water which often made all chicken smell badly esp some KFC ayams. Bluek.
    I tried that and all my poultry smells no more.

    • Not just chicken, basically all meats need to go through this treatment to remove the toxic smell. Unless if that meat is called smoke bacon then please leave them alone! 😀

  2. hah..hah…I almost choked on my coffee this morning when I read Princess Ribbon’s comment because I also noticed the sticker on the lemon and wanted to comment about that 😀 😀

    I have read about brining chicken and how that makes the meat (especially breast meat) moist and tender. I wanted to try but somehow never got to that. I must see for myself how effective is this method and gotta do it on my least favourite chicken part – the breast. The one I tried using buttermilk worked so I must experiment with brining.

    • Please do. I’m sure yours would be much better than mine. I am more likely to not do it properly so it was just delicious. Maybe yours would be super delicious! 😀

  3. haha…this post sounds like ‘auntie’ post…comparing prices of the chickens and recommendations! well, im lazy, so this cooking method not applicable to me 😉

  4. You used 1 cup of salt for the brining…who, BP warning!! But yet you still lightly salted your chicken before cooking…isn’t it salty enough already?

    Did it occur to you that your chicken turned out so delicious because it was cooked on the bone? I can understand your dislike for bones…you do lazy man’s cooking, so I would think you eat like a lazy man too…kekeke! 😀

    The ones you bought, from the pic, I buy that (sometimes) to make soups…less fatty compared to chicken carcass.

    Since I don’t like to eat chicken breast, I don’t know the price of chicken breast but I do buy chicken fillet and they cost RM2.19 per 100g over here. Why don’t you try this (if you can get it at the same price in Pg) as I find it to be less dry than chicken breast.

    • Actually I was worried it might not be salty enough, you watch the video DJ BBQ used two cups of salt! In the end I think it turned out well.. It was not very salty, the brine give it a subtle rather than overpowering taste..

      You are totally right, I eat like a lazy man, I would compromise 20% of the deliciousness to make my food edible only with 20% of efforts! 😀 😀

      I know those chicken fillets, but I hardly buy them because every time I looked, the breasts looked nicer compared to the fillets..

    • Oh yeah, Mun clarified for me. Bones = cheap, boneless = not so cheap. Which probably makes sense…

  5. That’s a good choice to brine the chicken which gives a juicy and flavorful meat. I would love to drizzle with some teriyaki sauce.heheh

    • I’m lazy too, but I tried it once. Maybe you can too. There’s no deep frying with this one, so it is perfectly safe! 😛

    • But you do cook, and I think your efforts when cooking are much more than me usually. I think you will be fine with this.

  6. now, chicken breast is my thing.. and yes, i think i would also get the cheaper ones.. chicken breast got no bones, so why pay it for boned?? and the skin, aiyah, it’s easy to just scrap it off at home, don’t have to pay extra for that service also.. and finally, i like this dish, simple balance healthy, except that i will leave all okra untouched~~ :p

    • No leh, what I get here is either skinless and boneless, or with skins and bones. The ones with skin and bones are priced at half of the boneless ones, but half of the weight are bones weight, so in the end I pay about the same price regardless of getting de-bone service or not… 😐

      You can replace okra with broccoli. Or Cili Padi. XD

      • i see so about the same price but then it feels better to fork out less money.. chisin ah cili padi?? hahaha.. i would like potatoes or celery!!

  7. Thanks, no I am hungry! Why oh why I have to check posts about food when I am about to cut down my food intake :p

      • Oh her food is…okayish but I am looking forward when my wife is cooking again. MIL is also fairly generous when it comes to the usage of oil when cooking. My wife is using a 1l bottle usually for a month, MIL is using this in less than a week!

  8. Eh, you didn’t take out the stickers on the lemon ahh? Haha.. Wow, that’s a lot of vegetables for 1 person, healthy eh? About the breast, I don’t buy them from Aeon coz hubs buys them every week from the wet market, about RM5-6 wor..

    • OMG! I didn’t notice the sticker! Sh*t… I wonder if I will get food poisoning or not! But… I had both those breasts on Monday and yesterday. I’m still fine now… 😐

      I don’t go to the wet market, so I can only buy from AEON.. Don’t have wife or in-laws is like that one la. Malat lou like me, I willing to cook is very rare already XD

  9. The chicken keels that I posted that day are not boneless but then the bones in chicken keels are very easy to remove as compared to bones in chicken ribs. When you buy chicken breast meat, chicken keel is much better than chicken ribs.

    Your chicken meal sounds really tasty but I agree that it is too much work and uses too much salt. Your usual method is good enough for my meals.

    • I don’t know, the ones I got, the bones are in T shape, not sure what parts are those. Anyway, it seems to me I am getting almost same weight same price when I remove the bones. Very easy to remove but still need to work on it, so I think it will drive me back to boneless chicken breast…

      • No lah, the bones in the chicken breast keel are not that heavy lah. Not like weight of bones = weight of the meat without bones. If got chance, I go weigh it just to confirm this point.

        • I don’t know if those were keels or ribs or something else, but they felt quite sturdy in my hands. The rather unscientific measure of feel on my hands told me they are about half the weight. Let’s not confirm this and let it roll, shall we? 😛

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