My Breakfasts in Loveland

The other day, Twilight Man said this of my appearance a few years back: “You looked cuter & slimmer! How come??

Let me tell you what happened over these years that made me be such a big fat bastard. Well, those US trips happened! That’s why!

Today I’m going to show you my breakfasts in Loveland. This is (I think) a very incriminating post. If my mom reads this, I will never hear the end of it from her. Actually most of these photos she have seen before, but since she has such a poor memory, she would think that I have been eating these stuff just recently, in Malaysia instead.

Because my trips have been fairly short, I was not able to get an apartment lease, every time I visit Loveland I stayed in hotels. Like hotels in Malaysia, hotels here do provide complimentary breakfast.ย However, the breakfast here are not lavish affairs like those of South East Asian hotels. Almost everything that hotels here provide for breakfast can be seen in the picture below.


They have two trays of warm (reconstituted) meats, potatoes and scrambled egg substitutes. They have oatmeal porridge. They have cereals and raisins. They have muffins and toasts. They have coffee and tea and fruit syrups. They have… that’s all.

Until today I have no idea what are egg substitutes made off. They basically come in packs and you pour them to the pan to cook it like ย you would an egg. They are more rubbery than real eggs. Some say they are more nutritious because they are artificially enhanced. Yes, some Americans think processed food are better than natural food because they believe processed food are processed to artificially add nutrients to them.

As you can see, this type of breakfast is hardly ideal for weight conscious people, is it? And don’t tell me you can avoid the sausage discs and go just for the oats and cereals. It doesn’t work that way. Not when the sausages are within easy reach. It is either sausages with oats, or sausages without oats.

Anyway, when there is such a lack of variety, you get bored facing them day in, day out. You start to long for some other food. After a few days, we stopped having breakfast in the hotel and went out looking for alternatives.

Fortunately, there is an IHOP in the vicinity of the hotels we were staying at. In case you are wondering what IHOP is, it means International House Of Pancakes. It is a family restaurant chain that specializes on pancakes, omelettes and crepes.

My first encounter with my server (her name is Rose) was as such:

Me: I’d like a Colorado Omelette.
Rose: Sure. Would you like real eggs or egg substitute for the omelette.
Me: Real eggs! Definitely real eggs! What is egg substitute anyway?
Rose: Well, they are artificially produced eggs. I don’t know how they made those eggs. But most health conscious people would prefer that instead.
Me: Interesting. But I’ll stick to real eggs.
Rose: Okay. So is it three eggs, four eggs or five eggs for you?
Me: What? Three eggs? Isn’t that, too many? Can I have just two eggs?
Rose: Oh, no. Not for omelettes! You can’t make an omelette with just two eggs. It has to be three, minimum!
Me: O… kay…… Guess I’ll have three eggs then.

Before I came to the US for the first time, I always thought (or rather Mom told me) that a human body can only handle at most two eggs in a single day, and seven eggs per week max, and anything more will result in high cholesterol level. Yet for the Americans, three eggs is the minimum for them in a meal, and now for me too.

Anyway, in a short while, my Colorado Omelette was served…

Colorado Omelette
Colorado Omelette

Bacon, sausage, ham, beef, wrapped in three eggs and topped with shredded American cheese. For breakfast. Yeah…

But it was… delicious. So delicious that I came back for more the next day. This time I had the Bacon Temptation Omelette.

20120302_074129 (1024x616)
Bacon Temptation Omelette

Bacon strips wrapped in omelette and topped with tomato bits and shredded cheese.

After two days of such heavy food for breakfast, we decided that we needed to do something about it. So we stopped going to IHOP and went to another restaurant down the road. This one’s called The Egg & I. It is another restaurant chain, and this one specializes on eggs. Oh dear… I guess you can see where we are headed to…

This was my first meal at The Egg & I, the highly recommended, house specialty Egg-Ceptional Omelette

IMAG0615 (1024x768)
Egg-Ceptional Omelette

Bacon, sausage, ham, mushrooms and tomato bits wrapped in a three eggs omelette topped with melted cheese, with a side of potatoes and an English muffin. This was heavier than my IHOP meal!

Nevertheless, we came back again the next day. If we could give IHOP two days, we could give The Egg & I two days too. I told my server that I want something lighter for breakfast instead of omelettes. She recommended the Breakfast Croissant.

IMAG0636 (1024x768)
Breakfast Croissant

So called lighter breakfast consist of a giant croissant (which is delicious) filled with two eggs, ham and melted cheese. Served with potatoes.

Now we know regardless of where we go, this is how Americans do breakfast, which is with a bang! So we went back to IHOP again. When I told Rose that I’m gaining weight and that I needed to have something lighter than their omelettes, she said, “Oh, you can customize your omelettes, you know. Maybe you can just pick the vegetables and omit the meats for your toppings!

That was excellent news! Except that, just like we cannot NOT take the sausages when having breakfast in hotels, we cannot NOT take bacon when customizing our omelettes at IHOP!ย These were some of my customized omelettes.

IMAG0607 (1024x768)
Bacon, mushrooms and tomato Omelette
IMAG0625 (1024x768)
Bacon, spinach and cheese Omelette

Oh, have I mentioned that when you order an omelette in IHOP, you will get a side of either toast, hash brown or three pancakes? I’ve tried each and every single one of them. Of the three, the pancakes are the most delicious! Obviously, since this is the house of pancakes, dooh!

The following week, I was served by someone else. Since she is an old woman, I did not inquire for her name. When she noted my wish of having lighter breakfast, she suggested that instead of omelettes, I can have crepes instead. I could customize my crepes to be wrapped with fillings, just like how we do the omelettes.

So I gave it a try. I ordered a bacon, spinach and tomato crepe.

IMG_1205 (1024x768)
Bacon, spinach and tomato crepes

And what a big f**king mistake it was! Apparently, the kitchen thought that since a crepe is lighter than an omelette, I need to have two crepes instead of just one! So now I had to deal with two crepes, each with the same amount of filling as an omelette!

That was the only time I had crepes in IHOP. I went back to omelettes after that…

And I think I shall not show you more of these incriminating photos. But I suppose now you know. With breakfasts like these, it is impossible to NOT turn from a fatty into a super fatty! No way!!


  1. Ugh, looking at these pictures, no wonder Americans are so unhealthy and fat. I’ve only eaten at IHOP a couple of times, but I avoid it if I can. Like, seriously.. a huge 3 egg omellete and then PLUS a side of 3 giant pancakes?!? That’s just gross, heh. And it’s also gross that there’s even such a thing as artificial eggs!! Americans are so misguided and think that those are better than the real thing!

    • I actually hardly choose the 3 pancakes option. I tried hash browns and toast too, and after a while, I settled for the toast. One slice of bread seems less gross. Sometimes I would even ask them not to serve me the sides. But the omelette itself is already… well… ๐Ÿ™„

      I don’t know, I noticed most restaurants that offer healthier alternative menu would replace eggs with egg substitute. I don’t think they want it to be perceived as artificial egg. I suppose there must be some scientific backing to this, otherwise restaurants wouldn’t dare serve it as something healthier, but I’ll still stick to real eggs! ๐Ÿ˜

  2. LoL! So that explains why you are what you are.. hahahahaha! But now you’ve been eating healthy, surely will look like a hunk in no time ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Now I get it. That was the sort of breakfast I had at the hotel. So boring hah..hah… And now I know that there is such a thing as egg substitute! That must be what they used because I thought the scrambled eggs was awful. So I settled for the bagels and cereal (which were too sweet) everyday and after 1 week, I put on 5 lbs!

    • Even the occasional fruit bowl, those fruits were drenched in syrup! I never take those after one time…

  4. I thought you stayed at very nice hotels…why they serve such crappy breakfasts? I remembered the hotels I stayed in provided a nice buffet spread.

    You’re in America, bro….everything is super-sized…they’re what you would call normal American servings! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ Probably, that’s why some American restaurant chains don’t succeed here coz Asians just can’t stomach those portions. I’m extra careful when I order food at such places, I can’t even finish the main course. If you’ve ever watched Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, your jaw will drop when you see those serving sizes! Are you sure you want to live in US now? Kekeke! ;D

    • I thought this is standard fare in American hotels. When I was in SF, there weren’t even any breakfasts! ๐Ÿ˜

      That Guy Fieri show, he goes around to find the biggest of the biggest portions around the country. Those restaurants are crazy! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I think those featured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives are the usual (actual) portion sizes for most American diners. The show that goes round looking for the biggest portions is the one by Adam Richman – Man Vs Food?

        • No, not really. At least the few episodes of DDD that I watched, he was always going to those places that does a big pile of food and lots of spices. Heavily marinated meats + bacon + fries + rice + whatever else all rolled up in a taco, or served in a pile with a generous drizle of mayo and sauces, all these seem like the order of Guy’s day. The typical meals that I have had in Loveland rarely come as crazy as Guy’s finds.

          Man vs Food? That’s a whole different level. I think they can go head to head with that Canadian Youtube show Epic Meal Time! ๐Ÿ˜

  5. Wah all your omelette looks so so so good.. Bacon, han, sausages, wahlao, I can eat everyday.. Egg substitutes? Call me jakun, never heard of that, of coz we prefer the real thing..

    • You can eat three eggs omelette everyday huh… In 2 weeks time you will become a super fatty! ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Not true, my brother eats 4 eggs daily and does not eat any carbs and he is as thin as a stick. So just 4 eggs daily do not make anyone a fatty lah.

    • Yeah, but with all those choices, (now that you mentioned it) it seems easier to turn into a super fatty if you live in hotels in Asia! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. i am also curious what those egg substitution are, and what are they made of.. so have you actually tried those?? i mean, for maybe once in a lifetime, since Rose mentioned “most health conscious people would prefer that instead”.. probably they make the fatty remains a fatty, not upgraded to a super fatty, hahaha!!

    • I did try egg substitutes before. They just feel like overcooked, rubbery eggs, appearance wise look exactly like overcooked scrambled eggs. They could be better for health, but I don’t know, since I prefer to avoid processed food..

    • I did (dare) not do that. Never… I always wait a few months to detox a bit before I went to face the music LOL! ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. It was the cheese that did you in. If you just eat eggs and tomatoes and sausages/bacon, you won’t gain weight that easily as compared to eating them with cheese everytime and also the carb – pancakes.

    • Oh, eggs do contribute. If you notice, those bodybuilders eat eggs instead of rice or carbs, that’s why they are so bulky. But they workout, so they get muscles. Those who don’t (like me), will become fatty! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Bodybuilders eat eggs because they want the protein to bulk up. Eating 4 eggs a day 365 days won’t turn anyone into a fatty unless you are talking about eating 20 eggs a day but eating full cream cheese everyday will. Now that you have mentioned it, exercise and turn those bulk into muscle like bodybuilders lah!

        • Don’t want a bulky body like that, those are long term maintenance body.. ๐Ÿ˜

  8. I heard my name calling so I have to hop over right away. What a nice sharing about the American food and their enormous portions. I have really forgotten that they eat many eggs at one go. In fact they eat a lot for everything from appetizers, mains courses till desserts and coffee. I was skinny in US and I know the reason. I never owned a car there and often walked home for several miles daily!
    I love your food photos… American and raw.

    • I’m not sure about other cities, but I find that people in Loveland generally tend to lead a healthier lifestyle. I observed most of them hardly finish everything in restaurants and always took leftovers home with them. It is business travelers like us who are always overeating and stuffing ourselves silly. And of course, we had cars so we never walked much other than as weekend entertainment to the parks for sightseeing or to the outlets for shopping ๐Ÿ˜€

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