Mamma Mia

Ciao, amigos! How are you doing on this lovely weekend? I’m saying lovely because it is indeed lovely for me here today. I was able to sleep in and woke up late (9.30AM) which is something of a rare case for me lately. Then I managed to go grab some dim sum brunch at a new place, watched a new movie featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and did some grocery shopping.

And then I got home and blasted some Mamma Mia songs while working on my book for a bit. But it has been awhile since I last listened to these songs and they somehow felt more awesome than before, and before long, I found myself watching the whole movie on my laptop instead. I think I wrote about 50 words on my book today, after zero progress for 2 weeks….

And then I got tired and took a nap. Actually I almost fell asleep and basically stumbled my way to the bed…

And now I’m sitting here writing this post, after a three hours date with 周公 chow kung (God of Sleep). I wanted to write about my dim sum brunch, but I’m still somewhat groggy, and I’m much too distracted thinking about the FA Cup Final between Arsenal and Aston Villa later tonight. I hope Arsenal wins their second trophy in two seasons, especially since the opponent is Aston Villa (no disrespect… my foot), but this is Arsenal we’re talking about, they have an innate talent to shoot themselves at the foot at the worst possible time so I expect to have a nerve wrecking two hours tonight.

Anyway…. let’s talk about Mamma Mia….

Have you guys watched Mamma Mia before? It is a musical movie starring Merryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Amanda Seyfried. I love this musical, and I love the songs in this movie very very mucho. If you haven’t, sil vous plait, go get the DVD (or download it) and watch it.

Oh well, if you are too lazy, maybe I could help you summarize it into four videos of the songs. Of so many songs in the movie, I love these four songs the most. And I think they are perfect to form the summary of the movie’s plot…

  1. Sophie doesn’t know who her father is, and she is desperate to find out before her marriage, which will happen soon. She stole her mom’s diary and discovered there are three potential candidates, all living in different parts of the world. So she invited all three of them to attend her wedding, without her mom’s knowledge…

  1. All three “father”s show up, and Sophie took her time to get close with each of them, trying to figure out who her dad is, while trying to prevent her mom from kicking them away…

  1. But she failed miserably. She wanted her real dad to give her away on the wedding day, but it turned out that all three men thought they were the real father and wanted the honor of giving her away. Poor Sophie, confused and panicky, she eventually reconciled with her mom.

  1. In the end, the most important thing is her and her fiance, and how much they love each other. When you have true love, who cares about the dads, right?

  1. Sophie almost, but didn’t get married in the end. She left home with her fiance, wanting to see the world before settling down.


  1. End of story…

See? Simple…

And now I’m getting sleepy again. I guess I better get some more sleep in before I spend the night cheering my beloved football team on. Have a great weekend, folks. Do zobaczenia!


  1. Yes I am old enough to be an ABBA fan and could croon their numbers at Karaokes. My younger wife became a fan of Mamma Mia which led her to explore ABBA’s hits too. They are unique Scandinavian singers with nice voices.

    • I only heard of ABBA after I watched the movie. I guess it is a case of first come first serve, I heard the songs in the movie first, so I prefer them over the original ABBA versions.

    • On the contrary, I did not know Abba until after the movie. I guess it is a case of familiarity, I watched the movie first and became accustomed to the movie version of the songs first, so I liked them more than original Abba versions.

  2. I watched the movie few years ago but first of all I watched the muscial in 2006 in Hamburg during a 3 days school trip located at thr Reeperbahn…

    • I hope to be able to catch this show in musical form some time in the future. Must be awesome!

  3. I remember watching Mamma Mia once but didn’t quite follow most of it. So thank you for this explanation. But I love the Abba songs, grew up listening to them.

    Wake up at 9.30am on a weekend? Poor you…I woke up at 11.30am… 😀

    Go Arsenal!

  4. I have watched Mamma Mia. I have always loved Abba songs way back in 1978 so watching this movie musical is a must for me. You did a great job summarizing this movie. I hope Arsenal wins!

    • You started loving Abba songs in 1978, means you are old enough to appreciate songs in 1978… No, no! I not going to guess your age! XD

        • Actually I hardly go to that other blog of yours. It seems like you make 1 post a month… Hahaha I know lah, I just trying to be discreet. 😛

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