[Sept 9, 2007]

Luxembourg is a very small country in Europe, surrounded by Germany, France and Belgium. In fact, it is one of the smallest country in Europe. Ironically, it also has the highest GDP per capita in the world. In other words, Luxembourgians are the richest people in the world.

Luxembourg is also the fourth country in our 14 days Europe Tour…

It is not where tourists would love to visit given the choice, to be honest. Same goes to me. Paul (tour guide) was very excited when he told us that we were going to visit Luxembourg because it meant we now get to visit another country in our tour. The original plan was to visit Frankfurt, another city in Germany. I preferred the original plan to be honest, so I was pretty disappointed

Anyway, let’s get this over with. Since it is a country on it’s own, I think I should give Luxembourg the coverage of a full blog post…

Much like in Brussels, the main attraction in Luxembourg is the 卢森堡大广场 (Luxembourg Big Plaza), which according to Wikipedia, is called Place Guillaume II. There’s two things to see here…

卢森堡市政厅 Luxembourg Town Hall
Equestrian statue of Grand Duke William II

The Grand Duke is Luxembourg’s head honcho head of state. Now, Luxembourg used to be a territory under the Netherlands. The first three Grand Dukes of Luxembourg were also the Kings of the Netherlands. William II was the second king and grand duke. I guess he must have been the more popular one, that’s why they have a statue of him in the main square…

Adolphe Bridge (Adolphe-Bréck)

Adolphe was the first Grand Duke that ruled Luxembourg as an independent country. This bridge is named after him…

I have to admit, I was kind of confused with all these town squares and statues and whatnot. I expected the richest country in the world to be more… modern..


But my confusion was swept away once we left that town square. Just fifty yards from the town square, we entered the economic part of the city.


Now, this is more like the country with the highest GDP per capita in the world!

And then we went for dinner and headed to our hotel for the night. It was sort of an underwhelming end of the day for us in terms of sightseeing. In fact, we found more entertainment in the hotel in terms of a horse carriage…


If you are wondering why I don’t blog about dinner, it was Chinese food in a Chinese restaurant, and it was crap. I won’t torture you with it…

And if anyone of you comments “I thought you are going to blog about Lux body soap/Dulux paint”, I am going to smash something… I think…

And that’s Luxembourg for you. I sometimes wonder if things would be more interesting if I visit this country on my own, without the restrictions of a tour. I think this country should have much more to offer than just a town square, a statue and a bridge. It can’t be THAT boring, can it? This is the country with the richest people in the world, for God’s sake…


  1. Thanks for sharing this. If I ever visit London again, I will definitely visit Luxembourg as I was told I could cycle the whole country in one day! So nice and lovely with greens, hills and historical buildings. I love that.

  2. Did you also go to the park over which the Adolphe Bridge (Adolphe-Bréck) is spanning? It is really wonderful there with a lot of old fortifications all around. Ive been to Luxembourg many times to a big Swim Meet every spring and had many tours around the city. Usually we end up eating at Pizza Hut there…

    • No we didn’t. We just lingered around on that one side of the bridge for like an hour, and then left.

      I would have loved to try Luxembourg Pizza Hut though, should at least be better than crappy Chinese restaurant. 😐

  3. Oh, man! You even travelled to Luxembourg? Wow, incredible. It’s been on my bucket list for ages. How did you like the local treats?

    • It wasn’t up to me, I went with a tour group and I was brought here. Unfortunately the only meal I had here was a crappy Chinese food. 🙁

      I suppose you should go now, Luxembourg is just right next to the Netherlands! Go go go! 😀

  4. Sometimes the richest people are the most humbled and private people…so perhaps that is why this city seems so humble without much fanfare.

    So was it Paul’s idea to have a group photo or two in each city?

    • I can’t remember, to be honest. I think he suggested it sometimes. But it was definitely not his idea to appear in our group photos! 😀

  5. I’m really interested in seeing what Luxembourg is like because it’s so tiny! I don’t really know anything about it though and had no idea it’s the richest county in the world. I’m sure if you went there by yourself, you’d find more fun things to do there. And that’s one of the reasons I don’t like tours… they always take you to the crappiest restaurants. And if you join a Chinese one (Which I have done so before with my mom), they think that just because you’re Chinese, you want to eat Chinese food! No! We want to eat the local food!

    • The problem is, most people who go on tours are never the adventurous type. They would yearn for familiar food and tastes. Especially the Chinese, some of them can’t survive two days without rice! Hence tour operators always play it safe and let everyone have Chinese food whenever possible.

      Having said that, I would try my very best to NOT have any rice in my trip next year. Unless that rice dish is called risotto or paella. 😀

  6. where you?

    Ahah found you. Wah so big group go jalan jalan. sure syok la.

    LOL…what Lux soap or Dulux….not really ngum key with the word luxembourg… or maybe Laksa bowl? *runnnnnsss b4 RG hentam me *

  7. Only one day there and you won’t really get an appreciation of the country. Tours are kind of rushy and if you were on your own with more time to spare I am sure you will discover much more. Do you think you would come here again given the chance?

  8. I’m much interested on the town square, statue and bridge, guess if country like this, I prefer go alone, I don’t like to restricted to certain place and time.

  9. I want to laugh when you said “if people think I’m gonna blog about Lux soap…..”, hahahaha..Oh, Chinese crap food in a crap restaurant? Yikes.. Same like Mun, I had the same thinking when I see the horse carriage picture, eeeyer, jakun, hahahahahhaa..

  10. hmm, I think my trip did not include Luxembourg.. ooppss!!! Chinese food at a Chinese restaurant when going to a non-Chinese city, I don’t actually like that~~ 😀

    • Luxembourg is usually optional, some tour guides omit this country in favor of 1 more city in Germany or the Netherlands..

  11. Are you all even allowed to get on that horse carriage to pose like that? LOL! The hotel people must be shaking their heads and tsk tsk tsk at these Chinese people.

    I don’t think I have been to Luxembourg. The tour I joined went to Liechtenstein instead.

    • Haha, it was very late at night, and nobody stopped us, so… yeah… 😀

      Liechtenstein, another small country. I think even smaller than Luxembourg. 😐

  12. I have never been there but I am sure there must be more things to see, haha.

    Actually I applied for a job there in 2011, in my brief stint in Europe. It was a job at Amazon. I did a test and 2 interviews and after that they told me they were expecting to find someone that could translate German apart from English and Spanish… well, you knew from the beginning that I don’t speak German… what a waste of time. Your loss, Amazon. Luckily they didn’t want me so I came back to China, haha.

    • I sometimes don’t understand these employers. You give them a perfectly clear resume and they just don’t read it properly before interviewing you. This is counterproductive especially if they claim that they are too busy. Although if you ask an average Asian, coming to China instead of Europe is the opposite of lucky LOL! 😀

      • Yes, but coming to China meant meeting my current boyfriend and also finally finding a job I like, hehe. And what the heck, I am perfectly happy in China!

        • Well, you’re happy, so I guess it is pointless to even consider “what might have been”.. 😉

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