Lake Loveland

Lake Loveland is probably one of the few landmarks that Loveland has to offer. After all, it is called Lake Loveland and not Lake Sadland or Lake Happyland or Lake Something-Else. Lame, let’s move on

It is also the most easily accessible lake in the city. After all, it is smack right next to W Eisenhower Blvd, one of the two main roads cutting across Loveland.

There are two places where you can park if you want to take a closer look at this lake. If you drive along the W Eisenhower Blvd, there is a few parking strips that can accomodate a few cars each along the lake. Alternatively, you can also drive all the way to the other side, to the North Lake Park. From the W 29th Street, it is directly opposite the Benson Sculpture Garden.

The parking strips at W Eisenhower are basically open areas, and you will be able to park there whenever you want. But if you want to park at the North Lake Park, there is a gate at the entrance of the car park. When I went there, it was a weekend morning and the gate was open. I’m not sure if they have a opening/closing schedule. It could have been that it was actually the car park for Loveland High School and I had just unknowingly trespassed on school property though, now that I think about it as I am sitting here writing this.


W Eisenhower

If you park along the W Eisenhower, there is actually nothing much to see. But one main advantage is that you will be able to take this shot.


Yes, a panoramic shot of the entire lake. I reckon the circumference of this lake is about 4 miles (6.4km). While this is probably a tiny lake for American standards, it is HUGE for my Malaysian eyes.

And the shot above was taken on a nice sunny day in October. On a chilly and windy day, the waters in this lake would be turbulent with waves, just like in open sea. The first time I saw those waves, I was mesmerized. Being the jakun that I was, it was the first time I knew that water in a lake is capable of being turbulent.

Once you have taken your perfect shot, there is a trail along the lake which you can follow, either by foot or by bicycle.

DSCN0150 (1024x768)

I parked at the area right before the lake, and I followed the trail for a bit. I suspect this trail goes all the way to the North Lake Park, but I did not follow the trail all the way so I cannot be sure. I stopped when I saw these sculptures.

DSCN0164 (1024x768)

DSCN0167 (768x1024)

An old man, and a man carrying a woman with a fire torch. No, I don’t know the names of these sculptures. But I particularly like this shot that I took below…

DSCN0166 (768x1024)

I thought it looked like some Dragon Ball Z superhero charging up his power ball to attack the enemy or something like that.

North Lake Park

If you park at the North Lake Park, which as I mentioned earlier could mean you are actually trespassing on Loveland High School property, then the views are different. If you look at the map that I share above, you would notice North Lake Park is actually located on a small tip on the northern part of Lake Loveland. And since it is a park, you will be able to see some colorful trees and lovely flowers.



And you will be able to see the water together with the trees and flowers…



God, I really love the colorful trees and flowers here. So so lovely…

And that’s basically my experiences with Lake Loveland…


  1. This is so relaxing, gosh….the holiday has just gone, I want more holiday like this to sit there whole day and read the books!

  2. I could feel the joy of yours seeing the pretty sights. When I finished seeing the panoramic Grand Canyon, I told myself that I would not regret if I died the very next day. It was like having seen the most fabulous sight on earth and nothing more to live for. How silly I was.

    Your photo of the statues with the rays of sun flashing above it was so cleverly shot. A Gold Medal for you.

    • There are so many wonderful scenery this big country has to offer! I think every state we go to, we are bound to see some amazing sights!

      Hahaha thanks for the compliment! I do think that “power charging ball” shot is awesome myself! 😀

  3. Ahh today’s about lake, better than sculptures, coz I like lakes more.. Can do picnic there..The more you write about Loveland (and also previous company trip places), the more you miss and think about those places hor..

  4. The lake definitely looks huge from your panoramic photo. It also looks very serene and peaceful. The colourful autumn leaves are very pretty too. When you are writing this post, are you missing Loveland?

    • Today I will show you an even bigger lake! 😛

      I sometimes do miss Loveland, and the US in general. I can imagine myself living there, being the nerd that I am. 😛

  5. Where did you get the opportunity to explore the States, man? For a split second, you actually brought me back to Perth’s Kings Park with the pictures of the North Lake Park! =D

    • I traveled for work quite frequently over the past few years. I have been to the States for four times now. 🙂

    • No ocean here, but the lake would sometimes behave like the sea. I guess you have a weak spot for blue water. 😀

  6. It looks like a nice place to explore and enjoy for awhile. The panoramic view is stunning as well as the photo with the path. You were probably there at a great time because it was fall and the leaves were changing colors.

    • Yeah, I have actually been here four times, each on a different season. I find that I love fall season the best. Winter is definitely the most hated season for me. 😀

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