Innsbruck, Austria

[Sept 11, 2007]

We left Munich after the BMW Museum visit and headed into Austria. Now, how do you know when you are leaving Germany and entering Austria? Easy, you look at the road in front of you and you see this:

Karwendel Alps

Yes, Austria is home to part of the snowy Alps mountain range

When we mention Austria, a few famous cities come to mind: Vienna, Salzburg, even Graz. Which is why our tour guide decided to bring us to Innsbruck instead.

I would like to say the reason was because Paul thinks we should travel off the beaten path and visit cities where other travelers would not go to, but the fact was we were headed into Italy, and the only notable Austrian city we would be passing by was Innsbruck. Vienna and Salzburg was pretty out of the way from our path.

Anyway, so… yeah, Innsbruck it is. I’m sure you can guess where Paul would bring us to when we arrived. Yes, the Innsbruck Big Plaza! Which, apparently is not exactly a plaza, but the Old Town section of the city, called Altstadt.

In this Old Town, lies probably the most famous landmark of Innsbruck, the Goldenes Dachl (Golden Roof).

golden roof


You know, Austria used to be part of the Holy Roman Empire in the Middle Ages. This golden roof, it was built by one of the Holy Roman Emperors for his wife. Now, an emperor building a monument for his wife, does this not sound like the story of the Taj Mahal in India?

Except of course, the Taj Mahal is of a much bigger and grander scale

As we moved on and strolled along the Old Town, Paul stopped in front of a building and began explaining stuff again…

Why is everybody looking up?

Because we have arrived at the Stadtturm (Clock Tower)…


Contrary to my face in the picture above, I was actually NOT paying attention to what Paul was saying, but I did catch a bit of information. Apparently this tower was originally built as a defense mechanism for the city, where patrol guards would be assigned on rotation to stand atop the tower and monitor for threats, be it invading enemies or fire hazards. And then the lower part of the tower was converted into a prison. And then… I didn’t catch the rest

And then we arrived at an interesting place. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the Swarovski museum! Girls, I’m sure you have heard of this crystal brand before?



If BMW Museum was playground for real men, then Swarovski Museum is for the ladies! Which was why I got bored quickly here. Thankfully, my friends who were carrying the cameras were not, and they managed to capture some lovely crystal displays which I can now share with you…

Once we were done with the museum, we were given an hour to settle our lunch. So off we went, wandering off by ourselves…

Trams on Innsbruck street

We quickly found a sandwich/burger joint nearby. The food looked yummy and cheap enough, so we settled there.


This sandwich joint is called Nordsee. I have never seen this joint before anywhere else in the world. The name suggests that it is a German joint, so I suspect it operates out of Germany and Austria only. And they seemed to specialize on seafood, most of the food items they have at the counter was seafood.

Okay, we came here partially because of the female server

And then I was going to conclude my post for Innsbruck, but I found these two photos in my hard disk’s Innsbruck folder.



I’m kind of perplexed. I can’t remember what happened with these two photos…

No, wait, I can! I think it was quite cold in this city, what with being surrounded by all those snowy mountains, so I wanted to take a photo in an “It’s so hot here!” pose. You see, I was already an idiot in my university days. And then some of the friends wanted to do the same, so after I got my photo taken, the ladies dumped all their belongings onto me and went to get their photos taken as well…

Those were the days…. Crap, I’m teary eyed now, remembering those scenes…

And then we got back to our tour bus and headed into Italy…



  1. Hey you looked so thin! You are such a lucky lad having covered so many continents at such a young age. You visited this top ranked place with beautiful mountains. My late mother ranked Vienna and Switzerland as most beautiful places in Europe.

    • If you are into scenery, then I would agree with her. Switzerland is so beautiful with the Alps and the lakes!

  2. Swarovski museum? I never knew that existed. Then again, diamonds aren’t this girl’s best friend. Though I rarely drive, I’d rather visit a car show than go staring at crystals.

    Picking a place to eat is usually time consuming. At least for me and doesn’t help that I’m a slow eater 😀

        • Diamonds are infinitely more expensive compared to crystals. Well, anyway, good that you lack interest. Guys will love your attitude towards sparkly junk! 😀

  3. Ah, I remember Innsbruck. Our tour spent one night in Innsbruck. We were also brought to see their winter sports centres as Innsbruck hosted Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics before.

    I thought your last pose, you posed as a clothes or bags hanger so everyone hung their bags and coats on you. You are such a sporting guy to help them with their things. Looking at these photos made you think of the good old days, eh?

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