Heidelberg and Munich, Germany

[Sept 10, 2007]

After a night in Luxembourg, the next morning we departed for Germany again…


Four hours of bus ride later, we arrived at Heidelberg. I don’t remember much of what happened here. Like Luxembourg, Heidelberg is a place that did not leave a strong impression on me, most likely due to the same reasons.

There’s a lovely river view here…

River Neckar and the Old Bridge

Paul brought us to the main attraction of Heidelberg, the (you guessed it right海德堡大广场 Heidelberg Big Plaza. Now this one, I have no idea what the real German name is.

Heidelberg Castle is in the backdrop

I believe Heidelberg is actually a major tourist destination in Germany. There was actually quite a lot of tour buses and visitors. It is a pity that we did not show more enthusiasm towards this city…

HauptstraBe, Heidelberg’s High Street

Oh yes, we also had our lunch here…

These were our lunch…

Don’t tell me how strange it is to have sweet pastries for lunch, I don’t want to hear it!

And… and… I’m sorry guys, these are all I can recall of this lovely city. I’m pretty sure the fault lies entirely on me and not the city…


Anyway, soon it was time to leave again. Heidelberg was our halfway point for the day’s journey. So, another four hours later, we arrived at München, more commonly known as Munich.

Munich is the capital city of Bavaria, the third largest city in Deutschland, home of one of Europe’s best football club Bayern Munich, and most importantly, home of the Oktoberfest.

When we arrived, it was already evening, so Paul quickly brought us to the first of (according to him) three main attractions in Munich (not including its amazing pizzerias), the (yes, you guessed it correctly again) 慕尼克大广场 Munich Big Plaza.

This big plaza is actually called Marienplatz (Mary’s Square), and the main building here is the Neues Rathaus (New City Hall).

Neues Rathaus on Marienplatz

It was in Munich that Paul finally realized that we were never interested or paying attention to what he was saying. So he gave up and set us free to roam around for an hour. And so we did. For the next hour or so, we wandered around the square and discovered that this is actually a high street shopping area. But then, you know, we were poor students back then, so the only shopping that we could do were window shopping.

So, an hour later, we came back to the Marienplatz and followed Paul to the second attraction…


According to Paul, Hofbräuhaus is the most famous beer house in the world. Of course, I was skeptical at that time. But Wikipedia seems to agree with Paul, so I guess it is the truth.

This place is actually a restaurant + beer house + ballroom and is really big.


And the atmosphere is awesome! They have a permanent live band playing traditional Bavarian music during meal hours, every single day!



Since this is a restaurant and it was evening, we had our dinner here. It was great, this was the first time we got to have authentic local food as opposed to crappy Chinese food for dinner. In fact, the entire trip, there were only two dinners we had that were not Chinese

I mentioned in my Cologne post that the northern Germans prefer their pork knuckles deep fried while the southern Bavarians prefer them grilled, didn’t I? So here’s what we had…

Schweinshaxe – Grilled Pork Knuckle
Schweinsbraten – Pot Roasted Pork

Notice those yellow balls? When I first saw them, I thought they were mashed potatoes, but they weren’t. They were solid balls that were quite chewy. I didn’t know what they are called, or what they are made of, until fairly recently when I read from some travel blogs. These balls are called Knödels, they’re basically potato dumplings.

Also, this is a beer house, of course we did what we had to do. It would be sacrilegious to come into a beer house and not drink beer, wouldn’t it? There’s quite a few different types of beer to choose from here.




And I know I look like a godd*mn moron here. I’m sorry. But I don’t have other photos of me enjoying some beer here.

Some say Munich is the beer capital of the world. Some say Fort Collins is the beer capital of the world. I would say, to each his own, they both have their advantages, and having been to both beer capitals of the world, I can die a happy man. You can read more about Fort Collins beer here.

By the time we were done eating and getting drunk, it was already late at night, so it was time to check into the hotel and call it a day. The next morning, we visited third and final attraction that Paul wanted to show us. This one…

BMW Museum

Now, I know most girls and girly boys will fret and get bored because you hate cars. But real men will love this BMW Museum. And since there are real men reading my blog, girls and girly boys please bear with me.

As the name of the museum implies, this is a museum that showcases various BMW vehicles. From vintage cars,

To new cars,


To racing cars,


Including an F1 car with a Malaysian affiliation (you guys remember BMW Sauber Petronas, don’t you?),


And even motorcycles!


And when you are done ogling over cars and engines, you can buy some souvenirs home. Now a real BMW car would be too expensive, but they do have some economical options in this BMW museum…

And then the museum tour ended, and our Munich tour ended…

Now, of course I don’t believe Paul when he said Munich has only three main attractions. Never did, never will. Munich is such a big and famous city in the world, of course there would be much more than these. I mean, f*ck it, he did not even bring us to the Allianz Arena, Bayern Munich’s football stadium! That alone, to me, is enough to render my Munich visit incomplete.

I have earmarked Germany as a possible country that I will come back and spend a longer time to explore in the future, when I can afford it.






  1. Oh well, you will need many trips to see more and I am sure you have learnt a lot from traveling with this group. You guys had so much fun.
    My friend who had to visit Germany often thinks Munich is the best city too.

  2. You really should check out Germany once again. Alone the cities you visited have so much more to offer than you can possible manage during a day or two 🙂

  3. Those vintage cars are certainly looking very good and in prime condition. Judging from the barriers I suppose no one was allowed to sit in them. Once I went to a vintage car show in Melbourne, a pretty big one, and got to sit in the front seat to get a feel of the vehicle.

    Just curious – was Paul in each of the group shots?

    • No, of course not, don’t go looking for Paul in every group shot that I shared! In fact, I think he was only in the one in Brussels! 😀 😀

      Well, the cars in this museum are permanent fixtures, if they allow people to sit in the cars, I think those cars will deteriorate very quickly. In this respect, it is more fun to go to car shows like the one you went to. 🙂

      • Haha, I always crack you up here, CL 😀 So then I’m thinking Paul must be taking the group shots. I’m very wary of handing strangers my camera to take photos. You never really know if they will run away with the camera.

        Every Australia Day, there is this vintage car show a few minutes from the city. It’s free. People are usually shy to sit in the cars, and they are usually locked. But some cars have guards standing beside them and you can ask them if you can sit in it. Few years ago I sat in a vintage firetruck or something of the equivalent 🙂

        • I suppose this is what we call, fortune favors the brave! Ask and you shall be allowed to sit! 😀

  4. High street shopping area…I think Paul can leave me there for a day! 😀 I don’t fancy German pork knuckles that much coz it’s a lot of meat to eat in one sitting (and I especially despise sauerkraut for some reason) but that pot roasted pork seems nice. So, did you get yourself a BMW?

    • I can’t tolerate sauerkraut too to be honest. That’s why I left it alone! 😀

      No, I did not get a BMW. 4.50 Euros is still too expensive for me.. 😐

        • I don’t like kim chi either, but I also don’t dislike them. I am neutral with regards to kim chi. If I am served kim chi I will eat it.

            • They’re supposed to be good for your health, but the main purpose is to heat your body up after being outside in the cold. Perfect for the Korean weather, probably not so much over here…

  5. I would love to visit to Germany.. and you have got nice dinner there trying the signature German dishes, at least lunch also you have got sweet pastry.. I remember I just bought baguette and ate it plain bcos it’s the cheapest!! :~(

    • Save is good la, but I won’t deprive myself of eating delicious local food just to save some Euros. Cham leh, go to Germany eat baguette (which is French food by the way) >.<

  6. Nothing wrong with having sweet pastries for lunch.. I sometimes have a blueberry croissant and apple bun for lunch only too..The beer glass you are holding in your second last picture, wah, looks so big, bigger than your face..

  7. What a shame about Heidelberg – I’ve never been, but there’s a blog called The Overseas Escape based there and I’ve always thought it looked lovely!

    Munich is definitely on my list of places to visit, though, and I’ll be adding that live music restaurant for sure!

    • Do it! That restaurant is supposed to be very famous, everyone who visits Munich goes there, apparently..

  8. Heidelberg is a university town and it has the oldest university in Germany so I read. Wah the food especially the pork knuckle looks huge! The potato dumplings are so big. At last, local authentic food. Our tour did not go to Munich so no BMW tour for us, 🙁 so you guys got a pretty good deal.

    • What? No Munich? I thought Munich is the MUST GO in Germany for any tours. Even when we were researching the possibility of joining those established agencies’ tours, not one of them omits Munich in the itinerary. 😐

      You see I was so happy, actually it wasn’t the beer, it was the local food factor. 😀

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