Gordon Who?

The other day I was having dinner with someone and we were talking of cooking and I somehow mentioned Gordon Ramsay and he went: “Gordon who?

I was appalled. Like, seriously? You know some people’s popularity transcend their profession. For example, mention David Beckham and people knows he is (was) a footballer. Mention Michael Jordan and people knows he is (was) a basketball player. I thought Gordon falls under this category. I certainly did not expect there would be people who would go “Gordon who?”…

If Chef Ramsay hears of this, do you know what he will say to you?


Gordon Ramsay is a British celebrity chef and TV personality. He owns very many restaurants all over the world, and his restaurants has been awarded 15 Michelin stars in total. He is also the TV presenter for highly popular cooking disaster shows Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, both the UK and US versions.

In case you are wondering, the Michelin stars guide is probably the most prestigious guide to a restaurant’s food quality and excellence, IN THE WORLD. It is an extremely big deal in the restaurants industry.

Well, his TV shows are popular because he is very rude and direct and uses a lot of expletives when addressing people that pisses him off.

gordon ramsay (1024x576)

You know what? I guess I should just show you an example of what he says on TV…

If you ever want to dine in his three Michelin stars flagship restaurant in London, the Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, don’t ever think of going early to get a table. It doesn’t work that way. You will need to make reservations at least three months in advance. That’s how it is…

I love watching his Kitchen Nightmares UK. Yeah I know, it is a reality TV show and most of what happens are probably scripted. If you ever watch the US version (like the clip above), the fake-ness is much worse and more obvious. But it is highly entertaining.

His cooking shows and videos? Not so much. I suppose I am not at Michelin stars level to understand the greatness of his cooking. For example, I have watched his guide on how to make the perfect scrambled eggs, countless times..

No matter how many times I watch this video, I can’t help but think that those perfect scrambled eggs were runny, under-cooked eggs.

And his TV alter ego would probably be shouting at himself as he threw that burnt toast away: “You fucking burnt the toast! You useless piece of dumb fuck!”

So I hope you know who Gordon Ramsay is, now…



    • I believe you are not the only one LOL! Just make sure you don’t say this in his presence! 😀

    • He might also be a horny bastard. There’s at least a few allegations of him sexually harassing his female coworkers and actors.. 😐

  1. The first time I heard his name, I immediately thought of Flash Gordon who was the hero of science fiction since 1934! Anyways, this Gordon Ramsay is really good, blunt and transparent, a bit like my character. He draws my attention more than other chefs as his words were often spicy to make the shows interesting and funny.

    For God’s sake, install an Astro in your Penang home as it is so cheap with your fat income and watch Channel 727 nightly!!!

    • I don’t have TV, so it is pointless to install Astro here. Youtube as my best friend is sufficient I suppose. And no, I do NOT have a fat income!

    • I know, I was shocked too when I heard of his real age! Of course, that also depends on whether you want to trust what he claim! 😀

    • Oh dear! I don’t see anything wrong with that dish to be honest. Maybe that’s why I can’t be judge! 😛

  2. I think those who don’t know him are those who probably don’t watch cooking channels like us…ai, how come you don’t know about Food Network being on Astro?

    Anyway, his foul mouth is what endeared most of us to him…it makes good TV! ;D I guess we love watching people shout expletives at other people as long as it is not to us! 😀 😀 But if you see him on some of his other shows (like Masterchef US, especially the kids version), he is actually a very nice guy, nothing like his fouled mouth persona (now we know some of these reality shows are really scripted).

    • I only have access to Astro once every 2 months, you can’t blame me for not knowing! Although it was my favorite TV channel when I was in the States. My daily evening entertainment is Netflix and Food Network! 😀

      I don’t much like Gordon’s US version of shows, all of them are heavily scripted, and some of those disastrous owners, they’re bloody actors/actresses. For example, Kitchen Nightmares, the UK version seem more “real”, and less expletives used.

      Speaking of which, I think most of the joints that Guy Fieri visits in the DDD show would probably make Gordon sick and piss him off! 😀

        • I think the food that Guy endorses are essentially not of the same category as what people like Bourdain or Gordon does. You can’t mix fine dining with comfort food. Which is why I think some of those restaurants that went to Kitchen Nightmares are really misplaced…

          • I think it’s not so much the fine dining vs comfort food thing. Anthony eats street food too and loves it. It’s more of the unhealthy portion sizes and the abundance use of unhealthy ingredients (like so much butter in Paula Deen’s cooking) that pisses them off!

            • I don’t know, I think lately Anthony doesn’t cook much in his shows, but when he or Gordon does, even if they travel to some obscure places to learn the street food culture and real local food and whatnot, in the end when they try to cook it, you can see them adding their own twist to it and serving those food in fine dining plating up.

              Maybe fine dining vs comfort food is the wrong comparison. Pretentious gentleman food vs in-your-face, hearty and delicious food is more like it I suppose.

  3. People have different interests so not everybody would know everybody…like I wouldn’t know many/most/all of the popular Malay/Indonesian singers these days since I no longer listen as often as I used to before.

    Yup, I saw that clip where he burnt the toast. What a shame, but at least it shows that he is human after all. Not quite a fan of his scrambled eggs – I like mine soft, creamy, runny and with cheese.
    Most scrambled eggs I’ve seen are like a badly-messed up omelette – double thumbs down.

    • I thought Gordon’s scrambled eggs look pretty much like what you fancy in your blog post: runny and creamy. I don’t think many people like it that way, that’s why you can’t find it in restaurants. For me, I like my scrambled eggs soft and fluffy, but please not runny. If I want runny, I’d go for poached eggs/half-boiled eggs. Scrambled eggs need to be cooked through, undercooked scrambled eggs is a big no for me. 😐

      • To each his own, I guess…but as long as it is not solid…like broken-up bits of omelette (in which case, I would rather have one whole omelette – and I do like that too), I’m fine with it. Mine has added cheese, and served with toast and ham/bacon/sausages, that’s my idea of an ideal western breakfast.

        • For me, I only like my scrambled eggs lightly seasoned with salt and pepper. Cheese and bacon and those, they’ll have to go into omelette.

          • Ahhhh!!! I see. Indeed, everyone’s different. My girl has her favourites too – so when I cook for her, I would have to remember not to cook it the way I like it. That’s why in my blog I will never do what some bloggers do – say something is the best in town. To the most, I would just say it’s “my favourite” as not everyone will think the one and the same is “the best”!

    • Yeah. I didn’t think that before. I thought everyone knows him, just like even people who don’t play/watch football knows who David Beckham is. 😐

  4. Gordon Ramsay! Siapa tak kenal him.. Like Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Anna Olsen, Giada, Guy and Rachel, hehe.. All from AFC or Food Network.. Ask me, I know! haha.. Coz hor, when I don’t have any channels to watch, automatically I’ll turn to Food Network jor..

  5. I know who he is. But your post certainly gave those who don’t a lot of information about him. Recently I am surprised to catch a glimpse of a cooking show where he cooks with his daughter and he did not swear at all but is all sweet teaching his daughter to cook in the show. Have you seen it?

    • I’ve seen clips of his daughter commenting on how much he swears on television, when he was cooking with her at home. I suppose that is from the show you said. Her daughter is hosting her own cooking show now, I think. 😐

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