Cologne, Germany

[Sept 9, 2007]

Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany (according to Wikipedia), behind Berlin, Hamburg and Munich. Cologne is actually the English spelling, the Germans spell this city as Köln.


Cologne is also the first city that we visited in Deutschland, our third country after Belgium and the Netherlands. At that time, we didn’t know much about this city. I have only heard of this city because Lukas Podolski (Arsenal and Germany football player) used to play for Cologne FC. It did not help that our first impression on this city was the sight of this.


Chinese people and Chinese shop with Chinese words. Is this f**king Germany??

Anyway, we only had one and a half hour in this city, after 4 hours of bus ride. Our tour bus stopped somewhere near the main attraction of the city.


The Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) is a Roman Catholic cathedral and the seat of the Archbishop of Cologne. It is a world renowned Gothic architecture and a World Heritage site. It is also Germany’s most visited landmark with an average of 20000 visitors daily.


We wanted to go in, but that hour and a half also covers lunch time. And the cathedral seemed very crowded. So we didn’t. We lingered outside for a bit instead. It was pretty interesting though. We saw quite a few human statues. This was the my first encounter with human statues, I have not seen them before in the UK.


So how these statues work is that they would stand/sit there in a specific pose until someone puts some money in their money box, then they will make some robotic movements for you, and let you take pictures with them. Sometimes they will also move out of a sudden to scare unsuspecting tourists.


Anyway, to get lunch, we made our way to the Hauptbahnhof, the Central Station of Cologne. This is Cologne’s main transportation hub, Cologne’s KL Sentral if you will…


You know how some Malaysians always complain that we have those tin can Proton cars as taxi while the Europeans have Mercedes cars as taxi, and then how those bugger politicians claim there is no such thing?

Yeah… right…


There’s also these interesting electric powered tricycles that I think were available for rent. It was 2007, and already the Germans are using electric vehicles in a practical way. How cool is that?


Anyway, we spent too much time lingering outside, so we quickly made our way into the train station and grabbed lunch. It was easy to choose what we want to eat. There were only two things in our mind when it comes to authentic German cuisine: pork knuckles and sausages. Fortunately, both were readily available here, and rather cheaply.

German Pork Knuckles

According to Paul (our tour guide), northern Germans prefer deep fried pork knuckles, while southern Germans prefer roasted ones. I’m not sure if this is true, I’m just telling you what I was told

German Sausage

And… I think you’ve seen this photo before…


Yeah… And then it was time to get back to the bus and hit the road again…


  1. When I was studying in US, I told my classmates that Mercedes are very high class cars in Malaysia. He just burst out laughing like a nerd. Was I the nerd instead?

    I like those ‘statues’ as they were so fully dressed unlike the ones here.

  2. That was a bit of a short time in the city. Must have been very rushed but as you said to Marta, makes sense since it might have been your only opportunity in Europe. Suppose it was like, “Go, go, go!”.

    Those sausages look enormous. Was one enough for you? I could probably only eat half of one.

    • We actually shared. Few of us ordering few sets of different sausages, and pork knuckles. Well, when you are using RM as €, you will inevitably lose some appetite when parting with your money, so it’s fine.. 😀

  3. I will only have one thing in mind if I go to Germany – sausages! I read and heard about their sausage with curry sauce and got to try that in LA. Me and my partner shared the curry hot dog and I wasn’t too impressed but I was hungry.

  4. 1.5 hours in a city? Man, I hate organized tours. I would prefer to stay at least 3 or 4 days in a city and only see 2 or 3 cities…

    I have been to Cologne! One of my friends studied there for a semester and we went to visit her. I think we stayed 5 or 6 days and even made a day trip to Maastricht in the Netherlands.
    I have the typical picture with the cathedral but actually I don’t remember if we went inside or not! I remember there was a Lego store though, the first time I saw one hehe.

    • I know, but at that time we didn’t know if we would ever have another chance to go back to Europe or not for the rest of our lives. A tour would allow us to be disciplined and squeeze more cities and sightseeing. Next year I am going to go slow. 🙂

  5. I have not been to Cologne. Must visit that church there. Your photos of the church looks great! Last time the tour brought us to Heidelberg and Black Forest only. That was in 1999 and there were many Chinese restaurants by Chinese people and the tour brought us to eat there. Hhmmmppfff!

    • We went to Heidelberg too. I’m not sure if I want to skip this city or not this time. It was not a very interesting city to me… And I had more than my fair share of Chinese food. Our tour group was all Chinese students, dinner was ALWAYS Chinese food. 🙁

  6. You didn’t get the pork knuckle? I had pork knuckle for the first time in Czech Republic last summer! Didn’t know about those things before then. Then I found it in Singapore again. Yum!

    • Oh, we did get the pork knuckles, but somehow it didn’t make it to the photos. It was great!

  7. Oh, I see you’ve outsmart us this time by putting the name of the country in your post title in case we associate it to cologne like we did with Brussels! Wakakakaka!! 😀

    That’s what I call a real sausage…one that’s bigger than the bun!

  8. back 2007 already they are using electric vehicle…here…now still less than a handful. too pricey. Unless we menabung since young then maybe can buy la

    • Haha, I expected someone would relate to the body cologne. Thanks for fulfilling my prophecy! 😀

  9. Ahhh, I know Cologne, I know Germany, hehe.. I think of pork knuckles and sauerkraut already.. Electric powered tricycles? Looks cool leh, like smart car.. I’d be the first to buy if it’s available here..

    • Here? Wait until Proton got electric cars, then only it will be convenient to own electric vehicles. Else there won’t be any meaningful govt initiative for it. 😐

  10. Enjoyed reading this post, thanks for sharing, nice reading where you been to.

    I heard German people are very neat and organised people, is it true?

    • I wouldn’t know, the only places I visited were tourist spots. But at least what you heard is the well known stereotypes anyway.

  11. I have never been to Cologne! Though I am German I have nver tried any pork knuckles so I cant even say about the preferences of the people 😀

  12. oh I have been there too, but I remember we were only brought to the Cathedral and left, if I am not mistaken.. but one thing for sure, there was NO Chinese shop with Chinese name operated by Chinese people back then.. okay, it was summer 1998, were you born yet?? haha~~ :p

    • Usually the tour guide will only bring you to the cathedral and leave you there. We ventured to the train station on our own to get lunch.

      1998, I was in Form 1 lah, watching Commonwealth Games in Bukit Jalil! XD

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