Slightly Lazier Cola Chicken

First, you need to read how I cooked my very first Cola Chicken yesterday…

If you have done that, then you would know that I brined two pieces of chicken breast and I only cooked one. I cooked the other one today…

I was tired of dealing with popping oil today, so instead of using the pan, I used the oven…

First, I tossed the remaining purple cabbage that I had with some salt and pepper and laid them on a foil..

Then, I chopped four cloves of garlic and spread half of them over the cabbage..

By now my remaining chicken breast has already had the privilege of being soaked in the cola marinade for almost 48 hours..

Then I placed the chicken breast on top of the cabbage, spread the remaining garlic on top of the chicken, and drizzled extra virgin olive oil all over the mess.. Oh, before that, I sliced the breast in the middle to create a butterfly cut. It was too thick..

Then I wrapped the foil up and slapped the whole thing into the oven and baked at 180°C for 20 minutes..

Then I tore open the top of the foil and continue baking for 8 minutes. This is to crisp up the cabbage and garlic.. It was supposed to be 10 minutes but I got impatient and hungry due to the wonderful aroma spreading all over the house..

DSC_0001 (1024x663)

And then I eat…

It was freaking awesome. The garlic sort of semi-melted and was sticking on top of the chicken, giving it another distinct garlicky flavor on top of the cola/lemon/salty flavor. Some of those garlic bits and cabbage became slightly charred and crunchy.

In other words, super yum yumssssss~~~ I think I like this version more than yesterday’s version..

DSC_0002 (1024x576)

I don’t know if you can see from the picture above, but the chicken was very moist. When I cut my first piece, the juice squirted out like nobody’s business and I was taken by surprise. So juicy and so so delicious!

The best part? No oily kitchen to deal with, and no troublesome after meal cleaning up to contend with. Perfect! Now this is what I call a meal worthy of Lazy Man!



  1. Did i read no oily kitchen? Super ngum me…hmm..i wonder if i can use happy call pan to make this

  2. This method is better. I also don’t like dealing with spluttering oil. Now, I have got to really try this cola chicken! Will go buy a can of cola hee..hee… 😀

  3. haha, yeah!! popping the chicken into the oven right away is better than all the frying.. worse is when the oil kena not only the kitchen, but you smell so oily too!! 😀

  4. Ahhh, so you like the baked version more, eh.. No need to “hoi wok”, senang, chuck in oven only, my all time favourite.. So now you can give your chicken a canggih name – Baked Cola chicken..

    • Not so canggih lah, I think baked cola chicken is already around and cooked by many chefs. 😐

  5. I would prefer this version and I like roasting meat on a rack so the oil/fat would all drip off and the end result would not be so oily.

    • Pan frying is indeed the quicker cooking process, but it takes more time and effort to clean up after cooking..

  6. I love to eat tender chicken breast meat and I can imagine how tasty it was from last photo. Yummy! Are you going to cook this again since it is so tasty? Much better than yesterday’s way of cooking.

    • Probably not with cola. I might try coffee chicken, or Guiness Stout chicken as requested by some..

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