Benson Sculpture Garden @ Loveland

Loveland is basically a small city. According to official statistics, the total population here is probably just slightly more than 70,000 (which is quite small for a city). On top of that, a significant part of the population are old people. In fact, according to the unofficial statistics derived from a coworker’s observation over the years, Loveland is a city with one of the highest ratio of old people in the whole of the United States.

In other words, Loveland is not a terribly exciting city. This is a place that is excellent for a quiet retirement life, not so much for holidaymakers looking for fun filled activities to engage in.

The best thing to do here is to go for a walk. That’s what retired people does. Or what people with nothing else to do over the weekends (me) does. So in the coming three posts, I am going to show you three places where I went for a walk, and where you can go for a walk, if you happen to be in Loveland.

First up, the Benson Sculpture Garden. As the name implies, this garden is full of sculptures, 144 of them to be precise. You can download the map here.

I only visited this place on my fourth time to Loveland. On my earlier visits, when I came, it was only for two or three weeks, so on the weekends it made more sense for me to go to the Rocky Mountains and to go shopping in Denver and Castle Rock, than to go look at some sculptures in a park. But on this fourth visit, I was in Loveland for two months and I did most of my shopping online, so I had tons of time to kill in the weekends. I had time to finally go look at some sculptures in a park.

To get here (I’m assuming you’re coming from Denver), you basically take exit 257 on the I-25 and go left in the direction of Loveland and you will find yourself on W Eisenhower Blvd. Then you go straight for a few miles until you see a large lake to your right. That’s Lake Loveland. Once you drive past the lake, you take the right on N Taft Ave. Then you go all the way until W 29th St and take the right again. Then you immediately stick to the left and enter Aspen Drive. Then you park, because you have arrived.


Admission is free. In fact, there’s no admission at all. Benson Sculpture Garden is a public park that the anyone can drop by for a walk whenever you want. There’s three ponds in this garden, and the largest one in the middle has fish in it. And then there are trees and flowers and trails and benches and a couple of… a couple of… pondok (shit, what’s it called in English? Huts? Shacks? Those wooden structures with a roof and table, you know what I’m talking about.. [update: I mean Gazebo, thanks Mun!]) surrounding these ponds.

DSCN0019 (1024x768)

And then of course, there are the sculptures. When I came, I did not do any research so I did not know what each sculptures are. Some of them have names printed on the side, some doesn’t. I basically just took a stroll around the park and took some shots on the sculptures that stood out to my eyes.

Here’s the sculptures that I shot, in no particular order…

Benson Sculpture Garden
Prairie Flowers
Benson Sculpture Garden
Dance of the Eagle
Benson Sculpture Garden
Freedom of Youth
Benson Sculpture Garden
Maude and Lottie
Benson Sculpture Garden
River Rapture
Benson Sculpture Garden
Louis Papa
Benson Sculpture Garden
High Plains Warrior
Benson Sculpture Garden
Melody – I almost missed this one
Benson Sculpture Garden
A Friend Indeed
Benson Sculpture Garden
Keep The Ball Rolling
Benson Sculpture Garden
Career Moves

And then I arrived back at my car and my tour of this sculpture garden came to an end. The park itself is not very big, but because there are so many sculptures, and you kind of have to stop and pretend to closely scrutinize each and every single one of them to make yourself look like an art expert in front of the few other visitors in the area, you can easily spend more than an hour here…

Let me be honest. I went online to search for the right names for each sculptures here. When I was walking around the park, I did not know what their names were, and what significance these sculptures carry.

Actually, I still do not know their significance today…


  1. I do love sculptures! They are artistic with meaningful reflections for the public to gaze. Thanks for sharing about the retirement village in US which i thought should be in Lancaster where the Amish community lives. They have lots of old people in the town. I think someone told me that Taiping is also a sleepy town for retired oldies.

    • I suppose a lot of the small towns in the US are full of old people, young people tend to flock to the big cities, isn’t it?

      My dad, for one, would love to retire in Taiping, after all that is his kampung!

  2. Loveland sounds like Ipoh… a place for retirees in time to come.. but I don’t really mind smaller towns.. not so commercialised and standard of living is cheaper…

    • I think Ipoh is more exciting than Loveland to be honest. Loveland is really a quiet city. But yes, it would be cheaper to live here compared to Denver or New York. You can get a big house with a bigger yard here.

  3. Haha, I like your straight-forward-ness.. I think the only attraction here is the sculptures.. If ngai-sut people ok la, maybe they’ll like it.. But if me, errrr, can’t be bothered with the names also.. But frankly, tu kei interesting ha geh, very night-at-the-museum feeling..

  4. I love…the path with the trees all around. Can’t say I feel the same about those sculptures…except maybe the “keep the ball rolling” one.

    • I get what you mean. Those sculptures to me are, well… sculptures. If not for the internet, I won’t be able to tell you the names of them too. 😀

  5. Safety comes first when you are travelling alone.

    I once travel alone to Taiwan and I was scare out of my wits because I have never travel alone before, I was so scare that I will get lost, I admire those who can travel alone, they are really brave.

    • You get used to it. And the US is an English language country, it is easy for us to get by here. Even if you get lost, you will be able to find means to get back on track. Worst comes to worst, get a taxi! And if you drive, GPS. 😀

  6. How is the weather when you visited the garden? If it is bright sunny day, I would melt under the sun but if it is cooling then it would be nice to have a stroll.

    • It is Colorado, even on a sunny day it will be cooler than Malaysia/Singapore. And the humidity is low here, I doubt you will melt. In fact you won’t even sweat here. Perfect for taking a walk.

    • Yeah, it was the closest that I have ever got to actually migrating to white people country. It was great. 🙂

    • Yes! Gazebo it is!

      Wow, you’ve been to some place other than Brussels when in Belgium. Cool!

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