Arpeggio of Blue Steel

Lately I have been hearing people talk about the rather new China drama series, [武媚娘传奇 The Empress of China]. Apparently, Astro has just recently obtained to broadcasting rights to this series and started showing it on Prime Time TV and got very many Malaysians hooked. It has been the talk of the town for quite a while now. In fact, some of my friends found good streaming source to watch the entire series online, and has been urging me to start watching it.

I can’t. I mean, not yet. This is a bloody long series, f**king 96 episodes of it! The last time I chased a mainland China drama series that has more than 90 episodes (新三国 Three Kingdoms), I turned into a day time zombie for almost a month! No, I must resist this one!

By the way, 武媚娘 Wu Mei Niang is the name given by some for the historical 武则天 Wu Ze Tian, the one and only female emperor China has ever had. So you should know this series is all about how she started as a lowly palace girl and worked her way up the chain of power and finally usurped the throne.

Also, because I have been distracted with something else. I recently discovered a rather exciting Japanese anime series called Arpeggio of Blue Steel (蒼き鋼のアルペジオ Aoki Hagane no Arupejio). This one is only 12 episodes long, so I can afford to get distracted. After all, it will only be two or three days worth of light Youtube watching.

Still, I am distracted as it is, so as usual, let me tell you more about my latest distraction because I don’t know what else to write about today…

In the not so distant future, as a result of global warming and rising sea levels, Earth’s landmass has decreased significantly and resources has become scarce. As nations go to war with one another, one day a new enemy appeared. This new enemy consists of a bunch of unknown intelligence life-forms that took the form of World War 2 battleships and submarines (assuming even their names), but with weaponry far more advanced than the humans. This enemy collective is known as the Fleet of Fog, and they quickly destroyed humans’ naval power and formed blockades on the coasts worldwide to cut off communications between different continents.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel’s plot happen in the midst of all these. One of the Fog’s submarine, the I-401, mysteriously defected to the humans.


It has an advanced feature called the Mental Model, whereby the ship creates a human body to host the core intelligence (sort of the brain) to enable them to further understand human nature. I-401’s Mental Model is called Iona.

Iona selected a Japanese dude called Gunzo as his captain, and together, they collected a crew and became a strong resistance to the rest of the Fog.

Iona and Gunzo

As the anime proceeds, we discover more and more Fog ships evolved into ships with Mental Models. Since humans refer to ships as “she”/”her”, the Fog intelligence assumes all ships are female. So, all Mental Models are humanoids in the form of super hot chicks.

This gets a bit unsettling in the beginning. For this anime series, the focus is on the Fog fleet of Japan. So those hot chicks instead of being called lovely names like Natsumi or Haruko or something, they go by names like Takao, Kongou, Kirishima, Haruna, Maya, etc. These are real Japanese WW2 ships names by the way, you can Google them. But they’re super hot so after 10 seconds you get used to it.

Anyway, I guess you now know why I am so attracted and distracted with Aoki Hagane no Arupejio.

It is kind of cool, whoever thought of the concept for this manga/anime series must be a genius who totally understands what guys love.

Naval warfare and World War 2 battleships? Guys love those! Futuristic weapons with explosive capabilities? Guys love those! Super hot chicks? Of course guys super duper love those!! And Aoki Hagane has all three elements. This is what we call a super combi!

Anyway, although Iona is apparently the main female character of this series, she is not my favorite. In other words, I don’t think she is the hottest

My favorite would be this one…

Heavy cruiser, Takao 高雄

The ship itself is the coolest ship I have seen in the anime so far. And the chick….






In fact, I don’t think I am the only one obsessed with Takao. I read the comments on Youtube, on the episode where Takao decided that she also wanted Gunzo to be her captain (a.k.a fall in love)..


If I am a weird retard mesmerized by unreal anime hot chicks, then I’m glad that I’m not the only retard out there…

I’m only at episode 6 (halfway through), so there might be more ships and more chicks coming. Now, if you will excuse me…


  1. First I thought it is the same Manga I read many years ago/ watched the Anime however it is different. I have been so long “away” from these things that many new anime just look the same to me 😛

    • It might be the same. I checked Wikipedia, this anime is adapted from the manga and the storyline has been twisted beyond recognition. 😐

  2. The Empress of China is now showing in AOD…but I didnt watch.. my girl and I don’t know how to watch this type of series… too complicated for us.. hahaha.. but I heard it is very interesting! The Three Kingdoms too..

  3. I have heard about this series, The Empress of China. I have watched Three Kingdoms with my partner over many, many weekends. Being Chinese illiterate I had to rely on the crappy sub-titles and some running commentary from my partner. When we finished the series, I kind of felt withdrawal symptoms hah..hah…

    This anime you are watching is quite interesting. Quite unique that the story has alien life-form that can take the form of battleships and submarines and then it creates a human body to host it’s core intelligence. Very cool! And yes, those anime girls are always so gorgeous 🙂

    • But if you are Chinese literate, it is quite interesting to watch these China productions. At least they really try to be accurate to the times. You look at their costumes and weapons and accessories, and the way they speak, they really put effort to portray their TV series as accurately as those ancient literature stipulates. If you have watched Three Kingdoms and The Patriot Yue Fei (both different times), you can notice how the actors speak differently. Not like those HKTVB ones, the more you watch other people’s productions, the more you will feel HKTVB’s productions are crap. 😐

      You know, last night, I discovered another anime with potential. Maybe I will blog about it if I get hooked! 😀

  4. so ngum you mention this The Empress of China series. was in McD using the wifi. Got two ladies were talking about this. how every day they following this story. 90 over episode….pengsan kau kau lor.

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel only 12 eposide ok la. Even chinese drama 30 episode i already sien

    • Especially HK ones, I watched a few episodes of the newer series, I already lost patience. I think they are not as good as those older series 😐

      Better watch Japanese animes! 😀

  5. I thought you want to write about the Empress Of China, then when I scroll down, eh, all anime geh.. When I see the Empress of China, I thought of Fan Bing Bing already, is it that movie?

    • Yes, that one! But I haven’t watch it. I am trying very hard not to! Although I know she is gorgeous 😳

    • My anime is not on TV. It’s on the internet. Don’t think your girl will love this, it is targeted at boys. 😀

  6. Like you, I stay away from long, long drama series with many, many episodes. This anime you just discovered sounds too good to be true but it is true so you better go back to watching it tonight without sleep and go to work as a zombie tomorrow, hahahaha!

  7. haha, i have been following this 《武則天》too, it’s the HKTVB Cantonese version of《武媚娘傳奇》.. i actually love watching this type of drama series that talk about the rivalries and survivals of concubines in the ancient Chinese palace.. yeah 96 episodes, more than 3 months!!

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