Abalone Noodle

The other day, something new caught my eyes as I was grocery shopping. Well, to be honest, I don’t even know if it is really new, because it has been ages since I walked down the instant noodles aisle. For all I know, it might be something old, but it is new to me, so…

Anyway, I was attracted by four words on the packaging. Four Chinese words. Well if you don’t read Chinese then there’s two English words below it as translation.

DSC_0003 (1024x713)
内有鲍鱼 Contains Abalone

Now, I’m sure you know that abalone is considered a luxurious food item as far as Chinese people are concerned. You may or may not like this food item, but you cannot deny that it is bloody expensive!

I have seen countless abalone flavored instant noodles, but they are all artificial flavoring that is not worth mentioning. This packet of noodles, it costs RM 7.65 and it contains real abalone. I was quite taken aback with it. And when something that seems too good to be true presents itself, it is my duty to do my utmost to verify the authenticity of said claims.

So I grabbed one, and a few hours later, at home. I decided to put this packet of noodles to the test. Upon tearing open the packaging, there were three separate packaging inside: a pack of dried noodles, a sachet of soup powder, and a pack of vacuum sealed thing which I presume must be the abalone.

Huh… If it is fake abalone, they would have just dried it and packed it in a sachet, wouldn’t they? Interesting…

So let’s open up that vacuum sealed pack and see what’s going on inside…

DSC_0006 (790x1024)

There’s two slices of abalone. Of course I wasn’t expecting a full head of abalone like what the packaging showed, it would be a crazy great bargain were that to happen. But these abalone slices seem like the real deal. The texture is consistent with that of a real abalone. The smell is consistent with that of a real abalone. And both these slices were drenched in some liquid with I think is the marinade, because it smelled salty and wonderful.

Okay then… time to cook. Let’s see if there’s anything special with the cooking instruction, less I do something stupid and ruin my dining experience later.

DSC_0004 (1024x626)

Aha! So there IS a different approach here. With the usual instant noodles, we bring the water to a boil, then we add the noodles and powder. This one, it seems we need to add the abalone and powder first while waiting for the water to boil, and then add the noodles.

So I followed the instructions to the letter. Add the abalone first. I also added that marinade along with the soup powder.

DSC_0010 (1024x788)

And then I waited for the water to boil, and then I added the noodles like I would with other instant noodles. Of course, I also added some of my own ingredients to make this a more balanced and satisfying meal. Nothing some vegetables and prawns cannot solve.

DSC_0011 (1024x743)

As I was plating the noodles up, I could not locate my second slice of abalone. It must be hidden beneath the strands of noodles and the vegetables. After a few tries, I gave up, so the picture above shows only one slice of the abalone.

What do I say about this abalone instant noodles? Well, the abalone is real, for one. But then I suppose it is not such a great bargain, seeing how small those abalone slices are. The soup was quite interesting though. You know this brand also sells pre-packaged herbal soup mix? Well the soup tasted quite similar to those herbal soup. It was quite nice, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

I think RM 7.65 for a packet is quite expensive as far as instant noodles go, but I guess it is a reasonable price if we factor in the real abalone slices included. Consider this a luxurious instant noodles. I probably won’t rush to buy this on a regular basis, but I have a feeling this won’t be the only time I have this abalone noodles. 😉



  1. You don’t usually walk down the instant noodle aisle? I do it almost every time I go and buy my groceries once a week….

    How did the abalone taste? Was it chewy? I wouldn’t mind giving this one a shot, and looks like I’d be able to finish all the abalone in one mouthful.

    On a bit of a tangent, I was wondering if you can still get Maggi Prawn flavoured instant noodles in Malaysia? Last I was back I couldn’t find it anywhere 🙁

    • I don’t, because I avoid that aisle. I don’t want to get into the path of temptation! LOL!

      The abalone itself does not taste of anything, same goes to this one. You’d have to eat it together with a spoonful of soup. It is not as chewy as those braised ones, as we typically get in restaurants.

      I have never seen any prawn flavored Maggi to be honest. There’s always chicken, curry, tomyam and laksa flavored. 😐

      • Pity the abalone didn’t taste of anything. Maybe if you added your own abalone it would taste better…but that would hurt the wallet a lot…

        As a kid, I ate prawn flavoured Maggi mee once a week. For about ten years. I came in a yellow packet with pink colours on it. Devasted I can’t get it anywhere. Let me know if you do happen to see it 🙁

        • Hmm.. I’ll keep an eye out for that when I stray into the instant noodles aisle next time. 😐

  2. So you satisfied your curiosity and whoever reads this post would be duly informed of what’s the abalone content of this packet of abalone noodles. It’s expensive stuff and long ago I used to wonder why canned abalone is kept under lock and key till I took a peek at the price. Now I think one can of abalone cost more than RM100++

    • I seriously need to go check the latest price of canned abalone just for the sake of my curiosity. The last time I bought abalone, they were priced at RM 80 per can. 😐

  3. I feel RM7+ is still dirt cheap if there’s real abalone in it…although the colour seems a little bit whiter than usual! A can of abalone is quite costly nowadays…haven’t bought for a long time…more than RM100?

    • They looked much the same as those canned abalone that I usually see during CNY… RM 100?? I remember last year, I could still see the cheaper ones going at RM 70-80, with two heads in each can..

  4. Muahahahaha! You are funny and sounded like an excited child. The 2 pieces of abalone floating inside the pot made me laugh. I am surprised that they sealed 2 real pieces inside that kept its near-freshness! I was expecting some dry stuffs.

    • I was surprised too for the exact same reason! I thought it would be dried abalone or abalone seasoning powder..

  5. I thought would be fake abalone. Real one ah. RM7+ per packet rather pricey .

    Saw in Huai Bin’s blog some time ago that they went makan. Go offer real abalone for RM30 plus only.

    • Yeah, I would think so, last year the price of one head of abalone is probably RM 30-40 at retail price, the normal, cheap range ones I mean. You can probably get 14 or 16 slices (of what I got in the noodles) out of one head, that means the two slices is probably RM 4-5. Plus typical instant noodles pricing.. RM 7+ seems like, normal…

  6. The big piece of abalone in the packaging attracted me! Wah, and got real abalone piece inside! I think I’ve seen this in the supermarket before, but never tried before, coz I always buy yee-mein only, the kids like yee-mein..

    • Your kids are good. I don’t remember liking any noodles other than Maggi as a kid! 😀

    • Me too! Hoping to have steamboat dinner one of these days – just slice and throw it all in. Can no longer chew…ever since I lost all my molars, so I don’t eat it anymore.

    • Usually Chinese would braise them in oyster sauce and lots of other seasoning. But if you want it soft, you should probably boil it in soup. It would be a lavish soup! 😛

  7. My eyes are drawn to the prawns in your noodle instead of to the lone abalone slice. Did you buy fresh prawns and have to deal with the shells (deshell and devein the prawns)?

    I would guess not. So you bought frozen prawns? cooked (orange pink colour) or raw (black/grey colour)?

    • Nope, I bought de-shelled prawns, at the fresh seafood counter. They were right next to shelled prawns, and are called isi udang. 😛

  8. i have seen this before, hahaha, but i did not get one and tried before leh.. hmm, so there are really two slices of abalone inside, but over RM7 i probably won’t be getting one, because i am still not convinced with the abalone included inside woh..

    • Well, I am convinced it is real after cooking and eating it, I guess you would have to do the same to be convinced, or rather never get convinced at all! 😀

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