1P100W #20 – Fusion Stir Fry

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Let’s take a break from my Europe travelogue for one day because it is boring to read similar things for more than three consecutive days and even more boring to write them.

Now chicken stir fry I think you’ve seen plenty here in my blog. The above picture is another one. Ingredients: chicken breast, white and purple cabbage, garlic and egg, the usual stuff. The breast was rubbed with Moroccan seasoning and left overnight, and then everything was stir fried with a tablespoon of spicy fermented beans (辣椒豆豉).

It looks boring, but this Asian-African fusion kicks serious ass! True story!

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  1. I stared at the purple thing for so long and had no idea it was purple cabbage until I read your 100 worded post. I believe that it tasted good to my liking. I would only suggest that you cut them into thinner slices for better presentation.

  2. I love the pops of purple – makes it look more colorful and delicious!!

    I made a stir fry yesterday and it was basically all the same color. It tasted good but didn’t look inviting whatsoever [that is why there was probably leftovers.]

    • Home cooking should never focus on appearance, in my opinion. If it is cooked fresh and healthy and with lots of love, then there should be nothing to complain about! 😀

  3. I’m trying to imagine Moroccan seasoning and spicy fermented beans together. Can’t seem to reconcile 🙂 I’ve stir fried leftover purple cabbage before but I don’t really like it. Even for salads, I still prefer the white one.

    • The purple ones have a slightly sweeter taste compared to the white ones. I am fine with both colors of cabbage. 🙂

    • Why everyone thought it was brinjal?? Is it because of the fermented bean bits look like brinjal seeds?

  4. Purple cabbage is good for making salad. It tastes good even without cooking. Your previous stir-fry dishes look better than this :(.

    • Don’t like raw vegetables, I always like to at least cook it a little bit. Raw vegetables make my tummy uncomfortable 😐 .

    • Now that you’ve mentioned it, I really can’t think of anything that cannot be stir fried!

    • Haha, that’s how lazy man wins. When lack of skills, compensate with lots of ingredients, sure tasty! 😀

  5. It looks good too. What oil did you use? My dad is a huge fan of using virgin olive oil in practically all of his cooking.

    Okay, I will stop spamming your blog with my comments tonight. Restless on a midweek day, that is all.

    • I have two bottles of olive oil, one Extra Virgin and one Pure. Extra Virgin ones are for low heat cooking and salad dressing. The Pure one, according to the labels, is suitable for high heat cooking. I used the latter one for today’s dish.

      I don’t mind your comments, as long as it is not crap comments that does not give me any leeway in terms of ease of replying. 😀

      • Healthy kinds of oil, the more pricer ones which is one reason my mother doesn’t like buying it. She also doesn’t really like the taste of the oil, or how the oil blends with her cooking. She cooks with sunflower oil.

        • I believe most Chinese people would not like olive oil’s taste. I know my dad doesn’t. It’s not a taste that is easily acquired.

  6. Kicks serious ass means that it is very spicy? Or just very tasty?

    Well, anything with Chicken Breast Meat and Lots of Vegetables is super tasty to me (unless it is very, very spicy). Healthy meal!

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