1P100W #19 – Marseilles

Marseille (1024x525)
Picture source: Planet Rail UK

Marseilles, full of life and energy. Marseilles, the younger sister of Tyre and Carthage that has succeeded them in the empire of the Mediterranean. Marseilles, that with age increases in vigor and strength.” – The Count of Monte Cristo.

I was doing some research on which part of Europe I should visit on my trip next year. I have always felt intrigued with Marseilles after reading the classical French novel Le Comte de Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (translated version, of course). And it is located along the French Riviera, which also intrigues me.

I suppose you’ll see next year if I do indeed visit here…

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  1. Marseilles is so pretty by the sea. I could sit there for hours with good coffee and a pad to read blogs.
    You will visit there for sure. Just put thoughts to it.

    • It is about a man being thrown into the dungeon for 14 years for a crime he did not commit, then he escaped, became super rich and plotted his revenge against the people who wronged him. Very exciting. 😀

  2. Never heard of this place… Anyway from the photo it sure looks like a nice place for a vacation!

  3. I like the story of The Count of Monte Cristo. Read it when I was in primary school, the comics version and was intrigued by how he planned his revenge. Marseilles is definitely a nice place to visit but I guess like you say we will have to wait to see whether you make it there or not.

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