1P100W #18 – Menu


This was from the menu of a supposingly Filipino restaurant in Dubai. Yes, I have also been to Dubai before, in 2007.

I suppose Tippanyaki is the Filipino version of the Japanese Teppanyaki, or maybe they are entirely different kind of dish.

Also, as we all know, salted fish fried rice means fried rice added with salted fish. Well, nasi goreng is the Malay/Indonesian word for fried rice, these Filipinos are geniuses to come up with fried rice added with fried rice.

Not wrong technically though… Just like fried chicken with a side of fried chicken is not wrong technically too. Ayam Goreng Fried Chicken…

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    • Aiya, we were there on the month of Ramadhan, all the local food were fully occupied by the locals…

    • I doubt my tips would be useful, I was there in 2007. I guess… take a desert safari tour. 🙂

  1. You stopped over in Dubai on your way to/for UK-KL during your uni days?

    So which fried rice did you order? Fried rice fried rice?

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