1P100W #17 – Hot Dog


I have decided to stop chasing that poisonous China drama series (well done!) and spend my time planning my coming Europe trip instead. I am going through the photos that I have from my previous Europe Tour to remind myself on all the scenery and food that I can expect to get into next year.

To an American, a hotdog is a hotdog. To a Malaysian, a hotdog is a sausage. So, this is me having a hotdog at the Cologne Central Station.

This is probably an embarrassing photo that will set your imaginations in the wrong direction…

I purposely one

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    • To be honest, I don’t really remember how this sausage tasted. It was quite long ago..

  1. whatever it is being called…anyhow to me hot dog = sausage…I dun know the difference…or is there a difference?
    btw, u look like a pervert with that hot dog sucking pose!

    • Not in the picture. It was served separately from the sausage. It’s not a hot dog to you.. 😀

  2. why stop “chasing” that drama series?? you can still watch 3 episodes a day and have time to plan for your trip!! hahaha.. hmm, hotdog is a hotdog, hotdog is also a sausage, because hotdog is one of the many types of sausages.. 🙂

    • I am not only planning for my trip with my time lah. You know I’m still trying to write my book, right?

    • Actually I don’t remember the taste of that particular sausage. It must have tasted like just any other sausages I’ve had. 😐

    • Oh I forgot to congratulate you for making the wise decision to abandon the beautiful lady turned wicked lady drama series.

      • I feel infinitely lighter after making that decision. This is amazing, first time ever I can decide on my own accord to quit a drama series. I don’t know this is me being strong, or I really just didn’t connect with that series. I really not interested with palace bitches fight…

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