1P100W #15 – Teddy Bear

This was taken outside a chocolate shop at 16th Street Mall, Denver, Colorado. I first saw this poor teddy bear on my first visit to this place back in 2011. I don’t know why the store owner left the poor bear sitting on the floor like that.

When I visited again in 2012, I saw the same bear sitting at the exact same spot. And when I visited yet again in 2013, I saw the same bear sitting there yet again. I felt so sorry for the poor teddy I almost wanted to go into the shop to ask if I can buy the bear instead of chocolates.

But I didn’t…

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    • It is a fluffy one. Although I did not go and touch it…

      Yeah, it is definitely a form of advertising. It attracts people’s attention, at the very least..

  1. Maybe that teddy bear is part of the props? It’s amazing that it was still there in 2012 and 2013. In Malaysia, that bear would have been stolen 😀

    • It is definitely part of the props. I feel sad seeing it sitting like that, but I guess it is effective to attract attention to the shop. 😐

    • No, I have not watched Ted, but I know what it is. This one is called Truffles (see Mabel’s comments).

      • But not the same teddy. There’s probably hundreds of Truffles, the one adopted is in Chicago, not Denver. 🙁

    • Don’t think it is the same bear. I mean, yeah I guess his name is Truffles, but this one is in Denver, Colorado. The one in the article is in Chicago. I wonder if some university in Denver will adopt the one here. 🙁

      • Not only does the teddy look sad, it looks sick and I’m sure it’s diseased and not safe to touch in some way. I’m sure it has been spat on one too many a times and kicked by intoxicated people or people in general wandering by 🙁 Not to mention it’s a tripping hazard on the street. What a depressing thought for a Saturday night. At least the Truffles in Chicago is has a new home.

        • Yeah, I’m sure it is the same case as the one in Chicago, needs a thorough cleaning if someone were to adopt it from where it currently sits.

    • He probably is. Maybe the shop owner thinks sympathy sells, so best to leave the bear sitting there like a discarded orphan. 🙁

    • If I am really compassionate, I would’ve went in and asked for it rather than just thinking about it. 😛

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