Wednesday Blues

I had a rather unfulfilling lunch today. Maybe my mind was playing tricks on me, but I thought the portions I am getting at lunch today were smaller than usual. I’m going to pin the blame on GST because it is very convenient to do so. Bottom line is, lunch was NOT able to make me last the entire afternoon.

So when my tummy could no longer tolerate it, I went to get reinforcements. I actually shared this photo on Instagram and my personal FB just now, but I guess I’ll share it again here, since not all my readers follow me on Instagram. And I’ll share the story too.


So I grabbed this bread stick with custard filling in it. It used to be RM 2.80, now it is RM 3.00. F**k GST! Anyway, when I was paying for it at the cashier,

(You might have seen this on my FB/Instagram)

Cashier Lady: Buy 2 Free 1.
Me: I’m only going to eat 1. What do I do with 3?
Cashier Lady: You can belanja (treat) me the other 2.

(You have NOT seen this on my FB/Instagram)

Me: I only belanja my girlfriend, you interested?
Cashier Lady: If you have RM 1 million in the bank, sure!
Me: Never mind, I’ll stick to 1.


I was also encountering severe Wednesday blues, so I kept playing one song on repeat for the whole day to help me stave the blues off. This song: One Last Time by Ariana Grande.

By my own admission, I have not been listening to a lot of radio. I only listen to Hitz FM and Red FM alternately for an average of 30 minutes a day: 15 minutes on the drive to work and 15 minutes on the drive home. In this limited amount of time, I have not heard the radio stations play this song before, not even once. It has been always Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding and Selena Gomez lately. And also another song from Ariana herself, but not this one. So I’m guessing that I am today introducing another new song to you guys.

Have any of you heard this song on the radio yet? Pray tell.

I enjoy this song a lot, much more than the one currently on the radio stations’ playlist. I don’t know why, I just do. Maybe it is because of the lyrics. And I also enjoy the music video.

You know when I listen to Ariana, it always makes me think: Just because you used to be a teen idol, doesn’t mean that you need to turn into a slut to announce your coming of age. I won’t name names, but I suppose most of you would know who I am referring to LOL! I mean, yeah, her fans will quickly jump out and defend her by saying she is free to do whatever she wants and if I don’t like it then I should just eff off. I can respect that, so I am doing just that, effing off and keeping her out of sight.

Look at Ariana, she used to be a Nickelodeon star too, and she is doing pretty well now while still maintaining a healthy degree of healthy image. I hope she stays that way, but I worry too. After all, she said Mariah Carey is her inspiration. Oh dear…

Anyway, my late dinner is ready, so I am going to stop my random Wednesday blues rant today…


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    • I know about the member thing, and the only reason I do not want to join is because I make an average of 5 purchases of RM 3 per year at Bread History, and I do not want it to increase LOL! Sorry for being such a lousy customer! XD

  2. That cashier lady has got some humour 😀 I only buy those buy-2-free-1 offers for things that I really have use for like detergent etc. But if the offer is for pastry or buns, I better not because that leads to overeating.

    • That is the exact reason why I stick to 1 in the end. To me, if I take that buy 2 free 1 offer up, I would not be saving RM 3 for a piece of free bread, instead I would be wasting RM 3 to get something that I don’t need.

    • No such thing as guilty or not guilty la. In fact I have quite some friends who don’t even have FB account and refuse to have one.

  3. You should say, “are you saying that only to repels me or are you serious?

    How much is 1mill rm in dollar/rupiah? I reckon you have that amount? She only say if you have that amount in bank not whether you gonna spend it on her or not ahahahaha

    • I don’t know about rupiah, probably a few thousand now. RM 3.80 to US$ 1, you do the math yourself. And no, I DO NOT have that amount in the bank or anywhere else. Not yet anyway.

  4. I don’t know why they always do that….offer 1 free when you buy more…and then we end up being suckers! 😀

    That girl you’re referring to….is that the girl with the foam finger? And broke up someone’s marriage after that! ;D

    • Yes, that girl! But… she broke up someone’s marriage?? Gosh, I am really NOT good at following Hollywood gossips!

      • Actually, their marriage was on the rocks already…but that degrading foam finger performance was the last straw for Paula Patton (of Mission Impossible fame) to file for divorce.

        • Not her fault lah like that, that guy chose to do that performance with her. I thought it was like she seduce that guy to break up with wife or what. 😐

  5. Hou siew (very seldom) hear you rant of weekday blues ger wor. I’m having blues my entire week too, dunno how & where to begin timmm.. Haha, so you ended up buying 1 custard bread.. I’ll listen to the song when I reach office afterwards.. As always, your songs always ngam me one.. The last time I heard your ‘Sugar’ (Maroon 5), I was stuck with it for 2-3 weeks!

    • If I have RM 1 million in the bank then I’ll buy 3. I don’t, so no point to do that! 😀

    • She could be serious. Who knows there might really be a millionaire who prefers to work as an engineer? 😛

  6. No one in your office wants the same bread stick? If you can find 2 others, each of you will only need to pay RM2 each for one bread stick, saving RM1 each – something like a group buy.

    I have seen the music video of One Last Time but I don’t remember the song. Must be occupied with something else while watching it.

    Hope your blues go away after a nice dinner.

    • I’m not like the girls, go to the bread shop together-gether. I went there alone, and I won’t double back to check with other colleagues, so it is either buy or don’t buy LOL! 😀

        • Hahaha, too much hassle lah, and no guarantee that my colleagues would want. Never mind lah.. RM 1 difference, not like RM 100 or more.. 😀

  7. you are so “disciplined” lah.. when it says buy 2 free 1, i will surely not only take one, but i’ll take all 3!! hahaha.. RM3 for 1 but then RM6 for 3 woh, this is how i will calculate and tell myself.. of course i won’t belanja others but i’ll wallop all of them :p

    • They way I calculate is, I only need to spend RM 3, if I somehow spend RM 6 for 3 then I am just wasting RM 3 to buy something more that I do not need. I try to train myself to think this way.

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