I was going through my Pics folder in my hard disk when I found these..





I was going to share with you guys this funny comic series, but unfortunately, I only have these 4 JPGs out of probably 100. I cannot remember the link where I found this, and I cannot remember the comic title or the author’s name. All I can remember is that I read this comic in a forum, and the guy named himself Tetsu in this comic, and the girl is simply Intern Girl. It was supposed to be Tetsu’s adventures while interning in a company in Sarawak.

I tried searching for Testu comic, Tetsu intern, Tetsu Sarawak, and Tetsu Intern Girl. None of them gave me favourable results.

I don’t normally do this kind of thing on my blog, but I guess there is always exception cases, isn’t it? So, what I want to do is ask: Is there any of you who have read this series of comic before?

I am interested to locate the source of this comic series again, and if possible, find out what has become of the author. This comic was a few years old, so I assume the author must have graduated and is working somewhere in the world, possibly even as a comic artist.



    • Tsk, another one, comment tak serupa dengan content one….

      I think it will be months before I get that cheesecake though. They just opened in Penang maybe one or two weeks ago, the crowds is still crazy.

  1. I saw Tetsu and I though you were going to write about the Uncle Tetsu cheesecake 🙂 Hey, this comic strip is funny! Sort of reminds me of one of your post where you mentioned an intern girl.

    • Tsk, all also think of the cheesecake only!

      No, that’s not me. I also trying to find the author and his latest ventures.

  2. Haha I had fun reading those comics la! In real life, these kinda stuffs happen a lot one la, the girl already have bf, treat the other guy as water float or spare tyre only, etc.. I know some who already has bf, but still go out with others, eventually breakup with her bf to be with this guy..

    • You sound like some girls are so bad LOL! I’m sure some guys are equally terrible as well lah. It’s nice to read these stories though, isn’t it? Although I don’t think it is nice to be Tetsu here.

  3. I thought those were your own original doodles. Not into those but if the Japanese baked cotton cheese cake, count me in. I hear Uncle Tetsu has an outlet in Penang now…

  4. errrr.. Uncle has not seen these comics before leh, though i enjoy reading them in your post today, haha!! let me know if you are able to find the complete one :p

    • You are such a genius! But still bad news, I went to his link backs, it seems the author has removed the images. 🙁

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