Stone Creek Circle @ Loveland

Some say, the grass is always greener on the other side, and that the view always gets better the further away we go from home. The same applies to when we go on our travels. Usually, the hotel is where we shower and sleep, and then we would leave it and venture far away from the hotel in search of tourist attractions.

You know, when I arrived at Loveland for the very first time back in 2010, I was actually extremely mesmerized with my hotel and it’s vicinity. To me, the area around my hotel was one of the loveliest places in Loveland, worthy of being a tourist attraction by itself.

Every time I travel to Loveland, I would be staying in one of the three hotels in an area called the Stone Creek Circle. The hotels here are unlike those high rise towers that we get in Malaysia. Here, there’s only ground floor, first floor and second floor.

Hampton Inn

And don’t think that it is because the hotels are dodgy unknown hotels. The three hotels are Hampton Inn, Residence Inn and J.W. Marriott, all three properly world renowned hotel chains. I’ve personally stayed in Hampton Inn and Residence Inn before. I suppose outside of the big cities like New York or San Francisco, most of the hotels in America are like this: small and neat and full of character.

And then you get out of the hotel and find yourself greeted by lovely sights.

Nice road
Lovely trees
Colorful trees and flowers

We are always obsessed with taking photos that can prove that we have indeed been traveling to certain places before. Well, I don’t need any special landmarks, I’m sure the above three photos would be more than enough to convince you that I have been to America before.

And this one below will definitely be proof that I have indeed been to Loveland before!


By the way, some info about this lovely town. Loveland today is a town associated with love. For years, Loveland has been running something called The Valentine’s Re-mailing Program, where people can have their valentine mails sent to Loveland to get a custom hand stamp, and the rerouted to the final destination. But, originally, this town was not founded based on love. In fact, when the town was founded in 1877, it was named Loveland in honor of the then president of Colorado Central Railroad, William Austin Hamilton Loveland.

Yeah, Loveland was named after a man that has the surname Loveland, not because it is the land of love!

Anyway, back to Stone Creek Circle. Besides the quaintness and lovely trees and flowers, there is one other thing that makes this area really attractive as a place to visit.


Yeah, the Outlets at Loveland is located within walking distance, right next to the Stone Creek Circle. In fact, if you are staying in the Hampton Inn, the Outlets are directly behind your hotel, 30 seconds by foot and you’re in!

There are only three factory outlets in the whole of Colorado (Colorado is bigger than Malaysia combined in terms of landmass). The largest one is in Castle Rock, there’s another one in Silverthorne, and the third one is here in Loveland.


To be honest, the one in Loveland is kind of deserted. More than 50% of the shop lots here are actually vacant. Be that as it may, there are still over 40 different brands that you can find here. The usual suspects like Nike, Levi’s, Coach, Polo Ralph Lauren, Osh Kosh, etc… they can all be found here.


And, because of the lack of crowds here, it is perfect for me! And might I say, probably perfect for most of you who don’t do crowds at all!

So, let’s recap. There’s lovely hotels, lovely trees, lovely flowers, signature landmark, and factory outlets shopping to be had here. Won’t you agree that Stone Creek Circle the one of the best places to be in Loveland for a tourist?


  1. The entrance to the hotel itself already so beautiful what’s not with the surrounding area. Feeling so serene and calm. I miss this kind of scene when I was in Frankfurt with my other half. **holidaymood**

    • True, I think the land mass is one main reason why the hotels are built small and out. And I love this!

  2. That’s the sort of place I want to be! It looks very charming and it made me think of my trip to Boston. I wished I didn’t have to come back hah..hah…sigh……….

  3. Take photo to prove that have been to that place? Hmmm….used to be take photo to preserve the memory leh.

    Good place to pak tor lor :p No crowd a.k.a spotlights :p

    • No lo, current generation, mostly take photos as evidence. Maybe both la.. preserve memory and collecting evidence. 😀

  4. I think I would enjoy staying in any of the 3 hotels you mentioned for some peace and tranquility…coz the streets look absolutely quite…and deserted! 😀 And then the branded outlets are just 30 seconds away…I’m so in!

    Loveland should run a Valentine program for people to find love (not just a Valentine mail program)…then you should so camp there! Wakakakaka!!

    • Unfortunately, most of the residents in Loveland are old people. The younger ones prefer to move to Fort Collins or Denver or even other parts of the United States. I don’t think they can run a very successful finding love program 😀

  5. The place, the title already sound lovely, because of the Loveland.. Oh my, look at the nice peaceful road, the red trees, super love it.. If I can stay there how nice..

  6. Such a lovely place. I love how it is always so clean, so quiet…and everything’s so beautiful, the air is so fresh and so comfortably cool. Maybe our hot humid weather gets to us so we do not feel the same about things around us here.

    • Yes, the humidity is definitely a game changer here. Strangely, some Americans and Europeans love coming to Malaysia for exactly the same weather that we sometimes loathe. I guess it is a case of the grass is always greener on the other side huh.. You spend too much of your life stuck in one type of weather that you look forward to different types..

  7. Lovely.

    Just read your post “Five Places that I need to Revisit”, lovely post and I enjoyed reading it.

    Two countries I would love to visit if I have the chance would be US and Japan.

    • I’m sure you will get the chance to do it. It is easier for Singaporeans to do it, isn’t it? With the stronger currency and whatnot.. 🙂

  8. To determine whether it is the best place or not, shouldn’t we have some knowledge of other places in Loveland to compare against Stone Creek Circle?

    But on its own, Stone Creek Circle is a very nice to be in, looks very calm and serene.

    • Aiks, typo.. it should be “one of the best…”, thanks for pointing out. 😐

      Very soon you will be able to see a few more places and compare for yourself. 😉

  9. Ala… I thought it is supposed to be a romantic place or what. That dude with that kind of surname, must be very lucky in love 🙂

    • Well, now it is sort of a romantic place. But originally it was not to be.

      LOL! Whatever information I can find online about this Loveland guy are all his life achievements in terms of contribution to the railroads. No mention about his love life so I guess we will never know! 😛

  10. indeed beautiful scenery and lovely sights, at least these would make traveling to work nicer than having to see traffic jams, rude drivers, life-risking pedestrians, inconsiderate passengers etc like what we are seeing everyday over here..

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