See You Again

I realize I have been sharing Youtube videos over the weekend quite a bit lately. Today I’m going to do it again, I’m going to share songs with you because, well, it IS weekend and we are supposed to be having a relaxing time.

This song has been making it’s rounds in the radio very furiously lately (pun absolutely intended).

I suppose this song’s popularity is expected. You would understand if you’ve watched Furious 7, when they did the whole tribute thing to Paul Walker and left almost everyone in the cinema in tears. Oops, I just did a spoiler again, didn’t I?

As with all popular songs, in no time at all there are a million Youtube artists doing their covers of this song. I’ve watched and listen to quite a few of them. My personal favorite? This one..

Connie, do you guys remember Connie, Connie Talbot? You cannot possibly NOT remember her, can you? She broke so many of our hearts with her singing like 7 or 8 years ago.

If you are really so heartless to forget this sweet little girl, here’s a couple of videos to refresh your memory.

Sweet little girl has grown up into a talented young lady it seems. I think she still sings very well now, so the concerns that Simon Cowell raised back then seems misplaced. She has two channels on Youtube now, one channel for where she does covers of other people’s songs, and one VEVO channel for her more mainstream works and performances. Links below if you are interested:

Connie Talbot Official
Connie Talbot VEVO

I can’t wait to see when she releases her first mainstream album as an adult… It’s good to see you again, Connie!

And… have a good weekend, folks~


  1. I’ve never watched any of the Fast and Furious movies, but I’ll have to admit that some of the songs are really packed with power (like the one in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift?)

    My throat kept swelling up with emotions the first time I listened to See You Again; very, very heart wrenching. =(

    • That’s why it is a great song. You should try listening to Charlie Puth solo version (which is also the version Connie is covering), it even left me almost in tears…

    • It is not supposed to be an emotional movie, but that last tribute part, it really left many people in tears. 🙁

  2. I thought see who again timmm.. Oooo Youtube videos.. I like when you share Youtube videos, coz wana see we have same taste or not.. Wah Connie big girl already, yep of coz I know her..But call me jakun, not yet watch F7, no chance go.. No choice lor, wait for it to be aired in Astro..

    • If you wanna go, then for sure cannot bring kids. When I watched, there were a few couples bringing their kids along, I guess they must be F&F fans but could not find ways to ditch the kids for a few hours. 15 minutes into the movie, the kids got restless and started to cry and shout. It was terrible because now I missed some of what was said by the guys in the movie. 😐

    • Connie’s version has no rapping too. It was actually a cover of Charlie Puth’s version without Wiz Khalifa.

  3. OK about the spoiler. Many other reviews have mentioned that already. Those who are fans of the Fast&furious franscise would have watched the movie already,

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