Red Velvet Swiss Roll

I bought a cake from the in-house cake shop yesterday. A Swiss Roll to be exact.

Now, I normally ignore these swiss rolls although I notice them all the time.I am used to the idea that swiss rolls are those low level, cheap cakes that we usually get from the pasar (morning market) and they should cost something like RM 5 for a big roll. At least that was the price I remember from quite a few years ago.

The ones here, they are sold at RM 10.45 (RM 8.95 in-house price) per roll, and each roll has only 5 slices of cake so it was a relatively small roll. I don’t know about you, but I thought they were very expensive.

DSC_0003 (1024x539)

Then the other day, I went for a tea break with a colleague and she bought a roll of this guy. Now this colleague works in our Singapore office, so RM 8.95 to me was S$ 3.30 to her, and the abbreviation of [S$ 3.30 for a roll of cake] is called [dirt cheap].

Anyway, she insisted that I have a piece. So I did. And I was mind blown. It was the most delicious swiss roll that I have ever eaten in my life! The same goes to the Singaporean colleague. She was bloody pleased to discover this cake, and even more so that she helped me discover this cake too.

DSC_0005 (1024x587)

Anyway, so I was hooked and bought this cake myself. This cake is called the Red Velvet Swiss Roll (with Milk Pudding). According to the label that you can see from the first picture, this swiss roll is made with Japan flours. I have absolutely no idea what Japan flours are exactly, but it does sound cool, doesn’t it?

The staff told me the red color for the cake are from beetroot and not artificial coloring. The staff also warned me to finish the cake within 3 days because they don’t use artificial preservatives so the cake won’t last very long. And when I commented that the cake was so small yet so expensive, I was told to check how thick each slice is. Good call. My goodness, the cake is really sliced into very thick slices! Suddenly this cake doesn’t seem too expensive anymore..

DSC_0006 (1024x752)

Anyway, I’m not sure if you guys are able to purchase this cake or something similar in KL or not. Apparently this is a product of Bread History. I always thought Bread History is a nationwide bread/cake franchise that has outlets all over the country. But I was mistaken, that one is Bread Story. Bread History is in fact a Penang chain and only has outlets in Penang and Kedah.

But seriously… this cake is so freaking good! Mmmmmm~~~



  1. It’s been a while since I had a Swiss Roll. Honestly if I saw this red one, I wouldn’t buy it because of the color. But surprisingly, it was good, eh? So will you buy it? 😀

  2. This Swiss roll looks very good. Big, thick slices and very fluffy too. I am guessing it’s soft and not rough to the tongue’s touch. When I was growing up in Malaysia, my mum always bought chocolate and white cream swiss rolls from the bakery or from Jaya Jusco. Never really liked those…

    • Yeah, those Jusco swiss rolls are the ones I remember. They’re really cheap and not nice at all. This one’s nice, you are right that it is very soft and fluffy!

  3. Wah now macam-macam ada.. First, at one time, very hing red velvet cake.. Then red velvet cupcake.. Then I ate ree velvet cookies too.. And now, red velvet swiss roll too.. Cool.. To me, ir’s butter cake but in red colour, with cream cheese frosting/filling.. Tu kei nice geh, I can finish the whole roll, no joke..

    • This one not butter cake, and the filling is milk pudding. I guess this is a health conscious version gua..

  4. The looks delicious and by way you described it, it is! I have never seen a red velvet swiss roll in Taiwan but I would love to try it!

    I remember eating chocolate swiss rolls as a kid and I discovered some that looked the same in Taiwan. However, looks can be deceiving as it didn’t taste the way I expected it to.

    • LOL! Looked the same, but the chocolate used was probably different, hence the huge difference in taste! 😀

  5. Natural colour from beetroot!? Thumbs up! Healthy! You can eat all of the cake, your mother will approve. 😀

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