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I was going planning to get off work on time, make a delicious dinner for myself, complete writing and finally post an all words, “Why I…” series post today. I actually have that in draft for a week now, writing a bit a day and I expected to complete it today. At least that was the plan.

In reality, it is almost 9.00 PM as I am writing this now, and I just got back home from work. And I am absolutely bushed and cannot think straight anymore to complete writing that post. So what I am going to do today, is show you another Youtube video while waiting for my dinner to be ready from the oven.

I’m not going to blog about my dinner tonight because I have done something similar and blogged about it before. In fact I have done it many many times since. For all intents and purposes, if you want to know how I prepare my dinner tonight and how it looks like, you can click here instead. It would look something like that.

Anyway, let’s talk about the Youtube video. The video I am going to share today is nothing like what I have shared before. Today the video is going to be something related to my work. I believe most of you who have hung around here for long enough would have already deduced which company I am currently working for, and I have never had any controversial things to say about work, so I guess it is fine to actually reveal to you which company I work for.

Here we go…

If you want me to summarize what the video is about in layman terms, this video teaches you how to use a function generator (a signal generating electronic device) to perform water magic in front of a camera.

But why I really want to show you this video is because of the person in this video. You see, I am a test engineer. My job is to develop test systems to test products such as that function generator before they get shipped out to customers. The man in the video used to be the senior test engineer in our US facility. He was my mentor. No wait, actually he still is. He has since moved on to a marketing role of Youtube engineer, making educational videos such as this one.

Actually, he is not only a work mentor, he is also a good mentor for me outside of work. He taught me important life lessons, lessons such as: how to get a free monthly membership from Netflix, how to hunt for great bargains when shopping, how to conquer my fear of online shopping, how to forget about premium factory outlets and head straight to flagship stores to get the best deals for Coach and those things, etc. Things that I would NEVER EVER learn from a fellow Malaysian. It was great!

So I think I should promote his video in my blog and get him maybe 3 or 5 more views. Watch it, it is quite cool!

On a totally unrelated note, he used to be single when I first joined the company. I know for a fact that most single ladies from our Penang office thinks he is as good looking as Daniel Wu or Andy Lau.


  1. Very cool trick, water going backwards. Your mentor there has a really good presenter-entertainer personality too. No wonder he’s making YouTube videos now, and it sounds like fun work.

    To be honest, I have no idea which company you work for. Then again, haven’t been around here for too long.

    • Well, if you watched that video, there’s a bag right next to the piece of equipment with the company name. That’s the one. They have a sales office and metrology lab in Melbourne too!

    • This one is three modes, he is working on an eight modes one at the moment, so it will be more awesome! 😀

  2. I wasn’t going to watch your video until I read your last sentence. He’s even better looking than Daniel Wu and Andy Lau, in my opinion *blush blush* I didn’t hear a word he said, I was just concentrating on him *blush blush* again!
    I would like to hear how he taught you on how to forget about Coach premium factory outlets and head straight to flagship stores for the best deal….kekeke!! 😀

    • Tsk! You should focus on the demo, it is pretty cool and shows engineering can be fun! 😀

      Okay, the thing is, every time jakun Malaysians like us travel to the States, we always shop exclusively at those factory outlets because they give 50%, 70% discounts. But the thing is, they have separate product ranges for stores and outlets, the logo will be different. So getting a Coach bag from the outlets is almost like getting an expensive A grade ciplak Coach from the pasar malam. Not ciplak, but there is an identifier to indicate that they are different and cheaper and… you get the idea.

      Whereas if you go to their flagship stores, you will get the unaltered, really premium versions. Most people are intimidated with those stores because they think it is expensive in flagship stores, but you need to be adventurous and check them out, sometimes they too have sales promotion with 50% discounts or more, especially when those goods start to become off season.

      • Oh, I’m aware of the identifier…you get a chop that’s like a circular ring. I buy my Coach bags from online stores here but I’m not sure whey they sourced these bags, from outlets or stores, I just know that they get it really cheap. So far, from my experience, the bags I got are exactly the same as in stores except for just one (that’s how I know there’s a ring impression on the logo).

        • Most of what you get from online stores are sourced from people like me, people who travel to the States for whatever reasons and bring back loads of cheap goodies. Even at full price, Coach in the States is a lot cheaper than Coach bought in Malaysian stores. Of course, most online stores mix things up, selling premium items and outlet items as one. Not many people in Malaysia is aware of the difference anyway.

    • His job is to make Youtube videos (well, part of his job). My job is not, so no I did not make a similar video…

  3. Ooohh so cool, your own mentor in Youtube. Did you give him a like? I thought you are going to blog about your workplace, your workstation, then cafe, the people around you.

    • Of course I gave the video a Like! Actually he made many other videos, but I guess the rest are all very technical and boring for you guys! 😀

  4. Ok, since he is your mentor, I give his youtube a LIKE. He works in USA? Is he American or what? hahaha, my questions sound so rude.

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