Monday Blues Buffet

When in the blues, eat. That’s the most effective way to overcome the blues. I said most effective, I did not say healthiest. So what better way to curb the Monday blues than to go on a buffet eating rampage? And that’s exactly what I did today. I went on a buffet eating rampage in a hotel.

Actually I’m just kidding. Don’t. Don’t do that. Don’t go on an eating binge when you feel the blues. It doesn’t work that way. Stuffing yourself silly will only result in feeling even more sleepy and as a result, worsen your blues. Because that’s exactly how I felt as I walked out of the restaurant.

The reason I go there today is to celebrate a mini farewell for a friend who will be leaving the company shortly. Actually that doesn’t sound right. Should we celebrate someone else leaving?

Did I mention before that recently, it is getting impossible for me to take photos in buffet restaurants? Well, that happened again  today. I wasn’t even carrying my camera, I was using my smartphone, trying to get a picture of the desserts line. One of the floor supervisors quickly came forward and stopped me. I don’t know if I should feel happy or frustrated at what transpired next.

Supervisor: No taking photos, sir. Sorry.
Me: Why not? I just wanna get a few pictures and share on my Instagram. Free promo for you.
Supervisor: No, no no… You’re a blogger, right?
Me: Of course not! I’m an engineer. Can’t you see this company T-shirt I’m wearing?
Supervisor: No, I think I’ve seen your face before somewhere. You must be a blogger.
Me: Come on, I’m not even carrying a camera! What blogger uses a smartphone to take photos?
Supervisor: No, sorry sir, photos not allowed in here. You can take photos of your food at the table.

Pfft… Bugger it… Good job, Mr Supervisor. 1-0 to you…

Come on, surely not.. My blog has like, what, 250 page views per day. That’s hardly a great number. And I don’t post my face on every single one of my blog post. And I’m not even a specialized foodie guide blog. Surely I’m not THAT famous that someone who works in a buffet restaurant can recognize me?

Anyway, so… yeah. No photos allowed. Take photos of your food at your table…

IMG_20150420_120309 (1024x830)
Some chicken dish, braised lamb, chicken sausage, vegetables
DSC_0003 (1024x681)
Mix-and-match noodles soup

As you can see, I am being careful with my food selection even at a buffet. I did not touch the grilled lamb shanks! I did not touch the roasted duck! I did not touch the cold cut platters! I did not touch the sushi and sashimi and oysters! I did not touch the pasta! I did not touch the char kuay teow! And I most certainly did not touch the cendol and ice cream!

I don’t have pictures of those, I was too busy eating and totally forgot about taking pictures after round two. No pictures is proof that I did not touch them. Trust me!

DSC_0004 (1024x739)

No, no no no, I only took the fruits. The desserts, they were for the farewell girl. True story!

Since Mr Supervisor said no photos and no promo needed, I shall not name the hotel here. But I might have done a lousy job cropping out the hotel’s name from the plates so if you look carefully enough, you should be able to see it.

The food is not bad, better than most of the hotel buffets on this island and…. no, stop! No promoting!




  1. I love good buffets like heavens in any 5* Hotels but I do hate them for making me fat & obese!
    LOL. That supervisor was just doing his job but you could still snap them from far and post them.
    I ate at Shangrila KL and posted the photos. I was surprised to receive an email from their corporate office in HKG asking me to add a link so that people know the address!! How sweet!

    • After he busted me, he was keeping a close eye on me, so to avoid embarrassment, I just gave up and stick to stuffing myself silly..

      LOL! So you see, people from HK understands the power of social media when their Malaysian counterparts doesn’t! Did they give you a luxurious tour package as compensation for your “advertorial”?

  2. I don’t like buffets, I prefer the food made at the moment! And usually I don’t eat much so the money is kind of wasted on a “all you can eat” place.

    Why wouldn’t they allow pictures? That is stupid…

    • I usually don’t eat much too, but if I go to a buffet, usual is thrown out the window! 😀

      I don’t know, I think they are trying their best to avoid bad press. Maybe I look like a nasty blogger who will write terrible reviews about them. 😐

          • Haha no, def. not! I was just trying to say that it is possible to bash a restaurant online, with or without pictures, so I don’t understand their no photos policy.

            • You’re totally right! Now that you say it like this, it really does not make sense for them to have the no photos policy. 😐

  3. The food looks coloruful, fresh and appetising. I trust your promo 😀

    “Should we celebrate someone else leaving?” In Australia, this is a big thing. Whenever someone is leaving the workplace, there will be a pay-for-your-own farewell lunch or a morning/afternoon tea where colleagues bring goodies. Today, someone was leaving the Sydney branch of the company I work for. A good number of my colleagues in the Melbourne branch “celebrated” with the Sydney branch, food and all via conference call for an hour.

    • We kind of have the same, when someone leaves, his/her immediate teammates will throw a party for him/her. The party may or may not involve packets of flour, gold dust, and a swimming pool.

      It’s just that, it feels strange to me, because here, people usually leave for better opportunities (a.k.a it sucks to remain), so to celebrate people leaving is like celebrating the ineptitude of our company/workgroup. Well, at least that’s how I feel. 😐

  4. hah..hah…buffet eating rampage. I like that! I can’t understand why they don’t allow photos. Maybe they got bad publicity before. Yeah, right. The pastries were not yours, just like before 😀

  5. Oh I went there before during dinner… I didn’t really take picures of the food directly but with me standing beside there, got la.. anyway, I normally take picture of what I have taken.. didn’t want to be “outstanding” taking pictures of the food displayed.. self conscious gua….

    • LOL! If there are many people, I would not bother too. But that day I was early, no people dare, so I dare to be more “daring”. Turns out it was a bad move kot..

  6. Fuiyoh..femes blogger leh…seldom put face in the blog but still hotel supervisor noticed leh.

    Yea some place doesnt allow photography. Maybe scare of negative review kot.

    • I think he buta buta tikam one lah. I don’t think I can be so easily recognized…

      You are right, I think most places prevent photography to prevent negative reviews. 😐

  7. First of all, I’m a food blogger (mostly) and I use my smartphone for all my photos…hee..hee! Wah, this hotel very lansi, oh! I’ve never come across an eating establishment in my one year+ of blogging that don’t allow photos to be taken of their food (just look at the amount of photos of my last hotel buffet spread…kekeke!). But, then again, I’m such a small time blogger that no-one knows I’m one (+ I’m also anonymous) 😀 Although I do try to snap my photos discreetly by switching my phone to silent mode (so that I don’t annoy other diners with my clicking)! And take most of my photos from where I’m seated…no getting up or try getting the best shot from different angles, that’s probably why my photos aren’t that great. But if someone tells me I can’t snap pictures, I’d probably be pissed off…and won’t dine there again!

    • Well, I was not very discreet to be honest. But then, I was the first customer, there was no other people around so I wasn’t disrupting anyone at all. I really don’t understand why this never happened to anyone of you. I have never tried taking photos at a buffet restaurant without being told off. Maybe I’m already used to it so I did not get pissed off.

  8. When I go buffet, I will take everything a little bit. Then, I will run like mad horse the next day to burn all the calories. I love buffet, especially those desserts as in your last picture in this post.

  9. So little food on your buffet rampage? if me, I’d attack those roast beef & lamb.. If I’m feeling blue, I won’t have appetite to eat leh.. Let alone buffet.. Lucky it a farewell lunch, hehe.. Makes more sense 🙂

  10. Ha, ha… I saw the name on the plates. Generally my experiences in Malaysia have been fairly good with taking photos. It’s western countries that are totally unaccustomed to the pre-eat snap.

    • Maybe because yours is a well known blog, and you don’t look Malaysian, if they piss you off, the repercussions might be much bigger!

  11. Oh? E & O??? I guess they will invite bloggers to their promos and allow them to take photos then. No photos? What are they trying to hide? Not as nice as what they will lay out for those food events?

    They should just put up a sign stating that – so terrible going up to people and telling them no photos. Like at many music lounges with live bands, they have a sign saying – No guest singers! Period.

    • They might have that sign somewhere that I overlooked. But still, it was frustrating. I guess if it is a small restaurant of cafe, I can understand that they might be wary of a blogger writing nasty things about them. But this one is a reputable hotel buffet…

  12. well well well, i guess only BLOGGERS will take photos of the buffet spread lah, that Mr Supervisor must have seen many and thus he can be sure you are one, haha.. that explains why, i never taruh names of places or establishments or eateries when i blog, why free promo for them?? and you also understand why i tweak the names a little when i want everyone to know?? :p

    • I think when you tweak the names, people get more intrigued than usual, so that’s even better promo than using their normal names. Actually I still don’t understand why you do it, for me I think you either name them, or you totally don’t name them. But then, you must have your reasons. 🙂

  13. Yes, we should celebrate someone else leaving because they are leaving to pursue better opportunities.

    The supervisor really should not stop you from taking photos of the buffet spread if the hotel does not have a signage saying no photos allowed on the walls. I guess the supervisor is just making his own decision without the management knowing it.

    • I don’t know, I’ve been to quite a few hotels and restaurant, here and KL, I just don’t get any leeway. 🙁

      Which is why I am particularly impressed with some of the foodie bloggers out there, when they always say they are not paid to review restaurants, but their photos of the places hardly seem done in discreet..

  14. I don’t understand why no pictures allowed! It is free promo! What I hate about buffets is that all the food would look absolutely gorgeous on the counter, but then you pick some and put on your plate, and then it’s all ugly!

    • Well, it is something that I have written about. Food bloggers here (especially those who claim to be independent) has been particularly nasty to restaurants in an attempt to portray their “impartiality”. Most restaurants would reject bloggers’ attempt to cover them whenever possible.

      LOL! It’s your fault for not being able to plate up your food nicely! 😀

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