Inspiring Real Life Adventure Story

I don’t normally do this, but I am really tired today. On top of a stressful day at work, I am also coping with the side effects of a direct sales health supplement that mom forced upon me which includes going to the toilet for more times than acceptable and being severely dehydrated. But that’s another story for another day. Bottom lime is, I am too tired to even attempt a 1P100W post.

So today, instead of myself doing the writing, I would like to share with you someone else’s writing.

Excerpt from: The Hardest Thing For a Singaporean When We Move

I plucked this from one of the more recent blog post by A Singaporean in Australia.ย The blogger is obviously talking about Singaporeans, but I feel that it applies to Malaysians too.

Anyway, the blogger is called Nix. As his blog name implies, he is a Singaporean who has migrated to Australia. He has been in the Oz for more than 3 years now and is currently based in Perth.

No, I do not personally know him. In fact, I don’t even know how he looks like as I have never seen him show his picture in the blog. I discovered his blog by chance some time last year and I have read probably 90% of all his blog posts. This is the first of only two blogs that has ever made me read almost every single blog post, the other one being Boey‘s.

If you are into reading a real life adventure story, I would highly recommend you to read his blog. This blog is nothing like the countless hippie backpacking traveler blogs that you will find out there. Here you will read howย Nix left for Australia with his then pregnant wife and only S$ 10000 at his disposal. You will read how the list of things he did that he mentioned above. You will read his sarcastic take on things back in Singapore. And you will read interesting guest posts from his equally sarcastic comrades in arms.

And don’t expect to comment on his posts and getting a reply. Apart from replying to his inner circle of friends and setting some morons straight, I don’t think he replies to other comments. Just have fun reading all his funny posts.



  1. Is that supplement for detox? Do drink more to prevent dehydration. Anyway, this Singaporean’s story is interesting. It is not so easy to uproot yourself and family to another country. It calls for a lot of sacrifice and you need to be tough and resilient to survive. I know of some people who went and then decided to come back for good. But others like this guy made it and are happy with their decision.

  2. I think you’ve become a bigger fan of Boey than me now…kekeke! ๐Ÿ˜€ I don’t read his blog posts as diligently as you (or interact with him on his FB…I’ve noticed that you leave quite a few comments on his FB page). I’m glad you enjoy his writing and antics.

  3. hehe health supplement forced by your mum?? I am rather interested to know what is that which makes you go to the toilet more often.. err, BTW, big or small business??

  4. First few days of taking a new supplement, you will get lausai, coz your body is getting used to it kua.. Wah, wife pregnant somemore, and they left to Oz at that time.. This one I think I can’t do.. But they are still there and good, good for them..

    • I’ve taken detox supplements before, this one is nothing like those. I’m really not confident this one is what it claims to be.

      That’s why I say it is a real life adventure story. Not many can be so brave and adventurous to take this kind of (perceived) risk.

  5. I have a friend in Perth who comments regularly – he was from Singapore, older than me. Has a blog too….BIG fonts, BIG photos…great for old people, I guess. Hehehehehehe!!!! He did hint that here or there, there are pros and cons – one would just have to make the most of one’s life whatever decision one makes, wherever one may be, try one’s best to be happy and live it to the fullest.

    • Yup, in the end of the day, the only one you need to be accountable for is yourself. As long as you do what makes you happy, then it is great!

    • You see, that’s the wrong question to ask. If the reason you want to migrate is because the grass is greener on the other side, then it is best to stay put, because ultimately, everywhere you go there will be pros and cons. I think most people who migrate do so to search for a different lifestyle that might suit them more compared to their home country. After all, if people can be gay and lesbian openly, why is it wrong for people to want a different lifestyle, right?

    • It is. It is supposed to be a fruit based detox formula. Although the ingredient list are all fruit powders. I’m not even sure if I trust what they say they use.

  6. There is something about Singaporeans migrating to Australia because previously I was reading this blog:

    which is also about a Singaporean couple migrating to Australia. There seem to be many posts attempting to answer why they did it.

    I guess it is very different for Msian to migrate to Australia and Singaporean migrating to Australia because we all know why Msians would want to migrate to Australia but Singaporeans do not understand why other Singaporeans would want to migrate to Australia when they are having such a good life in Singapore.

    P/S I am more interested in the health supplement that made you dehydrated. Please be very careful when taking health supplements. I do not take any because I do not trust the manufacturers and people pushing them.

    • I read that too, but they don’t update frequently. The couple are featured regularly by Nix too, as A and Captain S. ๐Ÿ˜€

      I guess the similarity is how we adapt to starting anew Down Under. Like Singaporeans, us Malaysians have that “face” problem too, after all, we are all well trained to frown upon blue collar jobs and DIY this DIY that.

      I’ll blog about that supplement when I feel like it. It’s a sensitive issue…

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