I Kveld Med Ylvis

If the title doesn’t make sense to you, that’s fine, I intended it to be that way. I Kveld Med Ylvis means Tonight with Ylvis, in Norwegian.


Yeah, I’m sure most of you know Ylvis, right? Even if you don’t know Ylvis, you should know this famous song that went viral on the internet a couple years ago.

Well, there is more to Ylvis than The Fox. Ylvis is a Norwegian multi-talented comedian duo. They have a talk show in Norwegian TV called (no prize for guessing correctly) I Kveld Med Ylvis. It was a highly successful show as far as Norwegian TV goes and so far already has four seasons of shows and more is coming.

The Fox was actually a song that they made to promote the third season of their talk show, and according to them, the song’s international success was entirely unexpected.

Anyway, I don’t want to talk about that famous song. I want to talk about their other songs, songs that are less famous but I still enjoy them a lot. Like that famous song, these songs were all made for their talk show. By the way, these songs are all exactly in the same style, where they sing about totally useless and pointless things in a very serious manner. That’s what makes them funny to me.

Yeah, the last one… it is their little brother who is not part of the Ylvis duo. I wonder if he will be in season 5, seeing that they are making a song for him now.

Since it is weekend, I guess I should also share with you some other videos on the various pranks that they do to their poor Norwegian countrymen in their show. Unlike the songs which are sung in English, these videos are Norwegian with English subtitles.

If you end up watching all these videos, I hope you had a good laugh and that they helped lighten up your weekend. If you are not interested, never mind. Doesn’t stop me from loving this duo’s pranks.

If you are hooked, then here’s their season 1, episode 1. If you click Watch on Youtube, you will be able to go to the other episodes too.

Can I also say that, my goodness, Norwegian girls are hot too! Maybe I should move to Oslo instead!




Have a great weekend, people~


  1. I remember few months before their song “what does the fox say” that some Norwegian friends wanted to encourage me to check out their show. I watched perhaps a couple of episodes but never got into it so much, might be also because there were no subtitles :p

    • Well, the videos that I shared of them are all in English, or with English subtitles, so if you want you can watch them instead. 😉

  2. Actually, I don’t know that song. BUT I do know that ppl is always asking me What does the fox say? and I am always so blur like why are you asking me what does A FOX say? Why would I know?!

    Then one fine day I read realgunner’s blog and found out that it is actually a famous song >_<

    • So now if they ask you, you can reply: ding ding ding ding ding ngering ngering, ding ding ding ding~~ 😛

  3. Nope, I don’t know the song that went viral. I must be living under a stone or a coconut shell.

    When I visited Copenhagen, wow, the girls there are so pretty and tall and ride bicycles so effortlessly in their office clothes. You really should visit the Scandinavia countries.

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