GST “Reduces” People’s Burden

Or at least that’s what our beloved Prime Minister tells us…

I finally went on my first post-GST grocery run earlier today.

DSC_0002 (557x1024)

If you can’t see the receipt clearly, basically it says:

  • GST 0% Items: RM 69.49
  • GST 6% Items: RM 23.99, Tax: RM 1.45
  • Total Sales Inclusive GST: RM 89.95

According to AEON’s chart, unprocessed food items such as eggs, raw meat, vegetables and fruits are GST exempt. Processed food such as marinated meat and non food items are not exempt and we have to pay GST for them. Which is why most of the items I bought today are GST exempt.

By now you would think that I am jumping up and down in joy because since I am cooking so much, I should not feel the effects of GST. Look at the receipt, I am only spending RM 1.45 more compared to pre-GST times!

I would like to tell you, that is as far off the truth as the distance between the Earth and the Sun.

You see, I pretty much buy the same things every time. My purchases today are identical to my purchases exactly a month ago. Given that the vegetables and chicken breasts packs probably weigh slightly differently (hence should be priced slightly differently), but the difference should not be much, right?

Do you want to know how much I paid for said identical purchases last month? I did not keep the receipt, but I paid by credit card so I have the record.


That’s right, RM 69.75. You subtract that from RM 89.95 and that’s RM 20.20 difference! That’s about a 30% increase! Will you please excuse me because I now want to say…. FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! BLOODY FUCK!!!

So, you see, on paper, and that’s the ONLY thing the government sees, GST only makes my weekly grocery expense increase by a paltry RM 1.45. As for the rest, they are hidden costs (plus suppliers taking opportunity to make bigger bucks I’m sure) that comes with GST that will not be tracked under the government’s KPI and like it or not, the people will have to bear the brunt.

The government are telling us relentlessly that implementing GST is good for the people, and that not everything will increase in price, and that many items will in fact reduce in price.

Yeah, right… In the same spirit, I am also now telling you that while driving back from the grocery run, I saw a unicorn flying in the sky with a winged cat chasing after it. Trust me, it’s true. 😉


  1. thats how to rich get richer. on the cover you only get to see the 6% of the total value. that dont feel much. looks nothing. and majority out there dont bother to do their study and live with it (i am one of the lazy ones :D).

    thousands and millions of people are paying that extra which add up quite a huge amount and;
    the breakdown of the total value, each item have also increased in cost which people did not keep track.

    • Exactly. Most people won’t (and can’t) track the hidden increase in cost. I mean, you can keep track of it and get angry (like me), but in reality, besides boycotting the goods that have become more expensive, what else can we do? And how many things do we need to boycott? One day everything will not be buy-able anymore. 🙁

  2. Now you know why I was so pissed off after my trip to Aeon and had to immediately write a post on it. Bloody f***ing government…show me something that’s cheaper post-GST, then I’ll believe you! We not only have to pay 6% more but pay 6% on increased prices! Those eateries that have never charged 6% govt tax now charges 6% GST. Those eateries not registered/don’t know how to charge to GST just increase the prices as they like…practically all the hawker stalls I ate have increased their prices by at least 50 cents a bowl. So, where’s the savings, huh? The govt is very good at checking for GST compliance but fail miserably at checking that these places don’t increase prices indiscriminately.

    • I wonder why we are so mad this time around. I mean, it is not like the first time we get crazy price hikes. Actually before, every time petrol price increase by 20 cents per liter, everything goes up by 50 cents or RM 1. I remember being mad, but not as mad as now. Maybe it is because last time the gov told us to tighten our belt (they acknowledge the price increase) but this time, they said it is good for the rakyat and prices have gone down (serious denial mode)!

  3. Whenever I see GST propaganda, I feel like the powers that be are talking down to us. The rakyat is not stupid. Yesterday, I tapau lunch and what used to cost me RM5.50 is now RM7.00. Anyway, today at Aeon, there were lots of parking space….

    • I’m not sure about KL, but the AEON here, the shelves were quite empty, especially the fresh food section. I guess some of the suppliers could not make it on time to print new marked up price labels, so they rather not sell. Can’t help but feel: what a f**king bunch of assholes!

  4. Yesterday I also went to AEON to get some foodstuff.. coconut water plus oranges.. no GST on those… so didnt feel the pinch yet.. 🙂 Wait till I go marketing or shopping next time.. then I will tell you how I feel like Pinched!

  5. I have not done my weekly grocery shopping yet but yes, the basic price before GST did increase. So far I just went to one eatery which did this. Let’s see how many do this. But I know some items in Aeon supermarket did not increase price. For example, 1 bag of 8 green apples costs RM7.90 in 31 March still costs the same yesterday when my mother went grocery shopping so I guess we just need to know what are these items and buy them.

    • Bag of 8? Since when did that happen? Those small green apples, I thought they always come in pack of 10s? If I’m not mistaken, it used to be 10 for RM 8.90. Hahaha if I am right, then do the math and it is actually more expensive..

      • Aeon supermarkets sell a few types of green apples. Those bag of 10s are smaller and is gala green and they sell for 7.99 and those that my mother bought are bigger ones (blue whale and another brand) and they are sold at 8 apples a bag for a long time now. Before gst, sometimes they are sold at 9.9 and sometimes 8.9 and now after gst they are still sold at 8.9 so some items are still sold at the same price. You just need to know which ones and buy only those that have the same price or be more prudent and only buy items on offer with special cheaper price.

        • Huh? I think, the items sold in Penang is different compared to KL then. 😐

          There are only two types of apples I see here. The packed bags are always in 10s and was sold at RM 7.90 or RM 8.90, then there are loose ones: Washington or Granny Smith or something, and those big ass Fuji Apples, those used to be RM 2.19, RM 2.29, but yesterday I saw the Fuji Apple was going for RM 2.99! @.@

  6. The only way to save is not to spend… Business people are jacking up the prices. Bought a pair of sandals, said no GST – RM45.99, the guy said so he gave me RM4.00 change for my RM50 note. Never mind about the 5 sen. When I got home I saw the price on the box – RM39.99! Never mind! Even if they get rich from cheating people, they will get their just reward eventually. God is all seeing, all knowing!

    • Yeah, in the end, I will still have to just suck it up, but that doesn’t mean I should be happy about it! I’m actually tired of people telling me to “spend less, buy cheaper alternative”, we’ve been told this more than 10 times in the past few years! That’s not what I had in mind on how a high income nation is supposed to be. In fact that’s an indication of the nation slipping into poverty! 🙁

  7. Kam ngam, I also went for my grocery shopping at Aeon justnow.. Bought some house stuff, and among the list of stuffs I bought, only eggs and onions are tax exempted, but I think their price macam pun sudah increase.. Then we went to eat at Ichiba Ramen, total bill +10% and lagi +6%.. Hmmpphhh..

    • Not think, memang sudah increase. I am very disappointed with how much the prices increased. I would not believe that the traders did not take the chance to mark up for more profits. 🙁

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