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Well, since you guys are more interested in what caused my dehydration than you are with an inspiring blog

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I am not saying this is a bad product. This is probably a very good product. According to the mom, the whole family has been drinking this shit supplement for a month now and it has been great.

Maybe not only my tongue is broken. Maybe my tummy is broken too. What is supposed to be a detox drink, when it goes into my tummy, it becomes a nightmare. My mom made me a sachet on Saturday night, and it made me wake up at 4.00 AM to hit the toilet. For the rest of Sunday I went to the toilet for 7 times to release atomic bombs.

Then she made me another sachet of this on Sunday night. Again I woke up at 4.00 AM in the morning for the same shit, pun absolutely intended. When I was driving back to Penang on Monday, I had to hit the R&R 3 times for you-know-what.

My mom ordered me to drink one sachet every night. I thought it was impossible for me to deal with the same thing over working days, so I ignored that advice. I did not drink it on Monday night. I thought that would mean the end of my troubles. Turns out my troubles lasted until Wednesday evening. It is only today that I am beginning to be normal again.

Before you tell me that maybe I need to give my body time to adjust to this detox supplement, let me tell you that I have tried quite a few detox stuff in the past. The apple cider vinegar was one of them too. In the past, when my body was adjusting to the detox boosters by taking big dumps, after each dump my body will feel marginally healthier. With this guy, after each dump, my body feels battered and dehydrated and weak, exactly like how it felt when you take a big dump due to food poisoning.

I have been drinking lots of water over the past 2 days, but immediately after I gulp down water, the urge to hit the toilet returns with a vengeance, and soon the water that went into my body, went out again.

If it is up to me, I will not be touching this detox drink ever again. But… my mom gave me this to bring back to Penang…

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Yup, an entire box. 30 sachets of them. And her parting shot before I got into the car: 记得要喝啊! 你不要跟我敢敢拿回去就丢掉 很贵的! Remember to drink! Don’t you dare bring it back and then throw it away, it is very expensive! When mom says it is very expensive, then it must be really expensive

Well, if you are really really interested, here’s the list of ingredients.

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Of course it also depends on whether you trust that the ingredients listed are real. You can also visit their website to find out more, the URL is printed at the back of the sachet, in one of the pictures above. I don’t know how much a box of these costs, except that they are very expensive according to mom.

What I am saying are all my personal opinion. Since according to mom, apparently everyone is feeling great with this product, maybe it really is something great. Most probably it is my tummy that is broken. Who knows? …



  1. Oh dear…you better tell your mom that this is not working well for you.. it might worsen your long as you are healthy and just on a bit weighty side, it is fine.. Do exercises instead… sign up with an expensive gym plan.. then you will surely make no excuse not to go… hahaha.. Hope you are feeling better already!

  2. The body already can naturally detox on it’s own: it has the liver and kidneys and without them our body will be nothing. If they aren’t working, any chemicals in a sachet of bottle, I mean health supplements won’t save us and we really should be rushing to the emergency ward. That’s why I won’t ever touch any detox supplements and try any detox diet but just eat healthy 😀

    What’s happening to you doesn’t sound normal at all and you might be allergic to one of the ingredients. Maybe you might want to quietly discard it in the rubbish bin and forget about it…

    • Apparently it is the milk thistle. Anyway, it’s now tucked away in a remote corner in the house now until I can figure out what to do with it next.

  3. I worked with a couple years ago [maybe 6 or 7] who sold products like this, but not the same brand. They were always pitching the health benefits to me whenever they could and how good they would feel after one of their cleanses. However, I could never really take them seriously and felt like they were a bunch of hypocrites because as they were promoting good health, they also liked to smoke and use ‘stuff.’

    • We call these people direct sales agent, because they try to sell products to us directly without the need of a shop. Here, probably 80 or 90% of the direct sales agents are bloody hypocrites. They sell health products not because they are health conscious but because health products are lucrative.

  4. So it works! this thing is helping you expel all the shit you have in your body :DDD

    Seriously, throw that away and tell your mom you finished it and it didn’t work so she doesn’t need to waste any more money on it…

  5. Oh dear. You felt weak due to loss of electrolytes when you purged so many times. Taking oral rehydration salts will help. I have tried this type of detox supplements before. But I only sampled one sachet. Yup, it gave me a violent tummy ache followed by an equally big atomic bomb but only once. Did not make me lau sai.

    Perhaps you should take a break from the supplement to let your system rest and recover. It is best to do detox during weekends so that it won’t interfere with your work. There’s a long weekend coming up and I’m thinking of doing a detox. If I am in the right mood, I may write about it.

    • Haih, read Mun’s comments on all the side effects. I really don’t feel like taking more of this. What I need now is a diplomatic way to get rid of the box without making mom go ballistic. 😐

  6. You must have lost some weight since you went to the toilet so many times.. Well, maybe try drinking in the morning, then you can go to the toilet during office hours, at least not at 4am.. I think it’s a meal replacement, I see carbo in the ingredient..Drink a sachet for breakfast in the morning and see what happens..

    • I don’t know, I never weigh myself this few days. But I suppose, oh dou 7 choi gam, sure lose weight la… According to mom (based on what the person who sold this to her), we should drink at night, then the detox agent will work over the night and then we take the dump in the morning. Well, I’m not going to touch this thing for at least a few days anyway.

  7. Oh gee, I stay right away from packaged and processed “food” as much as possible. I’m a firm believer in whole foods, unprocessed. I think these types of things are just ridiculous marketing tools to get you to part with your money. That chemically processed crap cannot beat nature.

    • Absolutely, if it is up to me, I will never part with any amount of money to buy these supplements. I was actually quite frustrated when my mom passed the box to me…

  8. I guess that is what happens when one detoxifies. I’ve heard of worse – you will fall very ill, all the old illnesses will come out, they say…and when you recover, you will be as fit as a fiddle. I would avoid these things, thank you very much. Look for natural alternatives better.

    • I have never fell ill before when I tried other detox methods. I guess body is just not cut out for this particular product. I agree with you that it is better to go natural.

  9. Why do you have to detox anyway? Just eat a better diet, fruits, vegetables, not too much red meat or sweets or soft drinks or fried foods. A lot of those ingredients are acidic and I have heard some negative about milk thistle also. Detoxing will cause diarrhea and make you weak and dehydrated. That is dangerous. Detoxing is a fad and definitely not for everyone. I have three sons and I know at least one of them would not do well on this at all. See a doctor if you want to continue this.

    • I don’t. But my mom thinks that I have to, because I’m fat. That’s how moms are I suppose. That’s why she gave me this box of “goodies”.

      I absolutely agree with you that we should take the natural approach to control our diet rather than look to artificial supplements to do the job. Thanks for your advice though! 🙂

  10. Well, everyone’s body is different. You are having a side effect of milk thistle. Milk thistle sometimes causes a laxative effect. Other less common side effects are nausea, diarrhea, indigestion, intestinal gas, bloating, fullness or pain, and loss of appetite.

    The info about milk thistle is from also lists the possible side effects of milk thistle. So many:

    Milk thistle may cause allergic skin reactions, bloating, blood clots, collapse, constipation, decreased platelets, diarrhea, eczema, elevated liver enzymes, fever, gas, giddiness, headache, heart attack, heartburn, high bilirubin (a toxic substance) in the blood, hives, impotence, increased creatinine, increased lactate dehydrogenase level, infection, insomnia, irritability, itching, joint pain, liver damage, loss of appetite, nausea, non-specific muscle and joint effects, pounding heart, rash, severe allergic reactions, sexual dysfunction, stomach distress or pain, skin pigment lightening, skin reactions, sweating, taste changes, tremor, vomiting, and weakness.

    You must be a special one to experience the side effects of milk thistle to the max. Please don’t eat anymore in the hope that your body will adapt to it. Be safe.

    Just return the box to your mother and tell her it is killing you instead of helping you.

    I don’t eat anything that is not safe for pregnant mothers.

    • Wow!! You do all the research for me huh! Thanks!

      The side effects look really scary. I know it gave me diarrhea and dehydration, I don’t know about the other symptoms, have not feel it yet. Although things like impotence and liver damage you can’t really feel it upfront..

      I actually didn’t think too much about milk thistle, don’t even know what that is. What made me less than confident is all those powder this, powder that, extract this, extract that. When you see these words, it means they are not as nature based as they claim to be. And I was also suspicious of the trustworthiness of what they list as ingredients. If you go to their website, you would not feel confident that they are a proper health company at all. 😐

      I don’t think I will keep trying this thing. I also don’t think I can find a good way to return the box to mom. Maybe I will leave them alone and do nothing for a while and see if any good solution manifests itself…

  11. i saw the word SLIM!!! hahaha.. and don’t say that lah, your post also can be inspiring mah, it really depends on how the reader reads what you have written.. and this post of yours inspires us to be nice to our parents, we may think they are very “fan” but all they have in mind is just to make sure we are good.. 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliment, I guess…

      You are right, I sometimes feel frustrated with what she does/gives to me, but we all know that’s how moms are. They just want the best for us, even if it sometimes means they are going overboard.

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