April Fools’ and GST

Happy April Fools’ Day, my dear readers! And Happy GST Day One, Malaysians!

Okay, let’s cut to the chase. I’m short of time today. There is something that I have to complete and email out by today and I am working very hard to fulfill it at the moment. It may or may not beΒ related to the book that I am working on, and no the book is not completed yet. Don’t guess because I will not answer more than that.

But I don’t want to break my daily postingΒ trend just yet, so this will be another random and quick one. I will share with you two Youtube videos that I watched last night.

Video #1

A female professional Motorsports driver pretends to be a klutzy driving student and prank (more like scare the shit out of) her driving instructors. Her name is Leona Chin, and she is Malaysian. This video went up last week and as of now has already exceeded 20 million views. Surprisingly, after I watched this video last night, this morning she appeared on Hitz.fm.

Seriously, what could be better for April Fools’ than a prank video? πŸ˜‰

Video #2

This is for fellow Malaysians (or curious non-Malaysians). If you understand Cantonese and/or can read Chinese then you will understand what this parody song is all about. Seriously, don’t you agree that he is singing our hearts out?

Okay, if you must know, non-Malaysians, our government just implemented a 6% GST (Goods and Services Tax) starting today, on this inauspicious day. The thing is, there is a lot of confusion among the Malaysian public. The GST is charged across all layers of the supply chain,Β so we can expect a lot of hidden price markups on top of the official 6% on the final products. And then there’s a list of items that are exempted from this new tax, but the list keeps changing and there are many versions being shared on social media. It is a great opportunity for all businessmen to cheat us by charging us GST even on exempted items.

Okay, that’s it. Enjoy the dawn of a new era, Malaysians. Take care and good luck. See you tomorrow. πŸ˜‰



    • That GST video is perfect if you ask me. Funny yet not seditious at all, if you know what I mean LOL! πŸ˜€

  1. At a time when I’m fuming, it’s nice to see these 2 funny videos…thanks for posting them. I liked the reaction of the Chinese lady (hanging onto the safety belt for dear life) and the Chinese man (beating his heart). The other two were pissed off!

    The 2nd video, I don’t understand some parts but I still enjoyed the guy’s commitment to singing it well.

    And your last paragraph is what got me fuming…not what you wrote but what we have to live with from now on with GST!

    • It is actually not GST that made me fume. There are many countries in the world that are on GST. What I am mad at is because of the unfairness. In countries where GST is prevalent, GST is one of the main form of the governments’ income, so they get other stuff cheap, like no toll on highways and no insane taxes on cars. We are now getting short stick on both ends. While people elsewhere pay for either A or B, we are now going to pay for both A and B. That’s very depressing..

    • I suppose the GST is kind of common worldwide. But we’re not used to it, because we never had it before, the country derives income from other taxes (excise duty on cars, tolled roads, oil and gas revenue etc). Going from no GST to GST, you can imagine the unhappiness of the general public! 😐

  2. Okay, just showed hubby. We’re having breakfast at the Shangri-La Bangkok and he’s laughing hysterically. I think the entire restaurant is wondering why this crazy man is laughing so hard…

  3. Kam ngam, I also watched some Youtube videos yesterday. Some on kids play dough, some Mr.Bean, hehe, and oooo that Cantonese video too.. Gone viral in FB liao, guess most people watched it already..Some stuffs are exempted from gst, but their price already gone up.. I think with or without gst, prices already up jor geh, with gst, lagi mau up 6% lor.. That’s what I think..

    • The GST charged on every layers, even if the items exempted from GST, the raw materials used to make them, the lorry used to send them, bla bla bla, all taxed. I wonder why some people would think there might be prices that will drop.

  4. Watched the news just now, it says the public is still quite confused about the GST, what products will charge GST and what products do not charge GST

    • Haih, I think it is normal, this confusion, as with all new implementations. It will probably last for a few months or years. Especially the official list does not help either. I saw one of the taxable item is Kit Kat. What does that mean? Only Kit Kat get taxed? Cadbury exempted? @.@

  5. Did you get pranked on today? Will watch the two videos later if can find time away from crushing candies.

    • Surprisingly, recent years I have not been pranked for April Fools’, nor have I thought of pranking people. Maybe we’re already getting too old for those things.

  6. haha, yeah.. watched the first video a week ago.. and my!!! i hope i can drive like her!! hahaha..

    the second video, errr, i watched the first few seconds, slide to the middle, watched another few seconds and i stopped it.. i prefer this Lagu GST/GST Song a lot more..

    • Wei, that video cannot simply share, might land you into trouble one, for things like “misleading people about GST”..

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