AEON Mall Bukit Mertajam

You know I need to buy a new pair of replacement shoes, right? Just as well I could not find a pair of size 10 shoes from so many shops in Queensbay Mall, I decided to finally visit this (kind of) new AEON Mall Bukit Mertajam.

DSC_0002 (1024x576)

I wanted to make the visit a few months earlier, when it was still new. But rumors was that this place has been freaking crowded in the weekends. And it wasn’t the most convenient place for me to visit as far as logistics are concerned. After all, I am based on the island and this mall is in Alma, Bukit Mertajam, on the mainland, 40 kilometers from where I was staying according to Waze. And then there’s the minor issue of having to cross the bridge and back hence having to pay toll.

If I do make the effort to come, I would not want to arrive and be greeted with crowds. I don’t do crowds, like, at all. So I did the only sensible thing that a man can do. I left at 9.30 AM, and arrived at 10.00 AM when the supermarket was just opening it’s doors. Order of the day: buy grocery, buy shoes, have brunch, then get the f**k out of here just as the crowds arrive.

I remember a great many glowing comments that mainland based colleagues have for this brand new AEON Mall. I remember being told that “Eh, you should visit that new AEON Mall in Alma, it is very nice, totally different compared to other AEON Malls in Malaysia. You can bring your camera, snap some photos and blog about it!

It isn’t. It is a fairly neat and spacious mall, but that is the characteristics of a typical AEON Mall. It wasn’t any different compared to other AEON Malls. The layout was the same. And apart from Uniqlo, all the other shops are similar with what you can find in say, AEON Taiping or AEON Ipoh. I did not bring out the camera, there was nothing worth shooting for me. Okay, I admit, Uniqlo is a major plus point

And the pair of size 10 shoes that I could not find in Queensbay Mall, I could not find them here too. I don’t know, it appears that Penangites have a thing against larger sized clothes and shoes. My years staying here, it was bloody difficult to get XL clothes and size 10 shoes. Which baffles me to no end because from what I have seen, Penangites are no smaller sized compared to anywhere else in Malaysia. There ARE big sized people in Penang.

I also remember being told that “You can do your grocery shopping in AEON Alma, the supermarket here is bigger and has a wider selection of fresh ingredients compared to AEON Queensbay. Great for you since you like cooking so much.

It isn’t. The supermarket here is of the exact same size as the one in AEON Queensbay Mall. And the selection is pretty much the same. The vegetables, the fruits, the fish, I think they are sourced from the same suppliers, so they are pretty much the same. In fact, the chicken here looks more pathetic compared to the ones that I am used to. And their pork selection in the non-halal section is next to nonexistent. Apart from bacon strips and sausages, there was nothing else.

Anyway, let’s not bore you with so many words. I know you guys love pictures more than words. Here’s pictures of my brunch…

If you have read my blog long enough, you would know how much I enjoyed my panini when I was at Vivo in Times Square, KL. Good that they have an outlet in this mall. I think this is their one and only outlet in Penang state. Okay, that’s another plus point, I guess. I was disappointed that they charge both the 10% service charge and 6% GST on the final price. Not that I can complain, because they are not doing anything illegal. But, plus point no more.

So, grocery shopping – done, buying new shoes – failed, having brunch – done. And the crowds have been building up in the mall, so it is time to get out of the place.

As I was making my way out of the mall, I passed by the AEON owned bakery. Surprisingly, they have a shelf full of King’s Confectionery products. I saw someone grabbed one of each of my favorite pastries.

DSC_0009 (1024x576)

I swear, it was someone else. It wasn’t me! I did not pay RM 11.60 for these!



    • Oh, if you compare BM of today vs BM of 10 years ago, you will probably not recognize it anymore. This AEON Mall is located in Alma, which is sort of a newly developed residential area. A landed house here probably costs around RM 500k now..

  1. Sorry to hear you didn’t find your shoe size. The hunt continues! Or you can come to Australia, many big shoes here 😀

    Aeon Mall…Whenever I think of the word “Aeon” I immediately think Jaya Jusco. But wasn’t the name Jaya Jusco phased out a few years ago? I love how they stock the brand Orange Sorbet in the female/tween department, one of my favourite brans. Too bad they don’t sell it online 🙁

    You don’t like crowds? How are you going to go to a Lindsey Stirling concert? 😀

    • AEON is the reincarnation of Jaya Jusco locally. They rebranded after some legal shit and forming of new company like a couple years ago, so you’re right.

      Lindsey is different! For Lindsey I will swim and fly! 😀

  2. Malls esp new ones are the favourite hangouts for Malaysians it seems.

    At the moment, I’m avoiding IOI mall in Putrajaya. 😛

    • I have not set foot to that one yet! I think by the time I find time to do it, the novelty already wear off! 😉

    • Hahaha, great minds think alike, or in this case, great tummy! 😀 … Eh wait, no! Those not mine! XD

  3. I think those shops in Aeon malls are almost the same throughout the whole Msia…
    Anyway, Aeon Kamunting is the newest mall here in Taiping, still pack with crowd every weekend.

    • More than 2 year d isn’t it? But then, I think in Taiping, that AEON Mall is the nicest mall so everyone goes there for weekend lepak.

    • That one’s called Foot Long. But since they are not mine, it is fine!… Seriously, they really are not mine, I did not buy them, I did not buy them, I totally have no idea that they could be as delicious as I remember~ XD

  4. I also don’t like the crowds, if really want to go, I must be there around 10am, first is easy to find parking lot, second is don’t have to queue to pay…

  5. yeah, the first thing I thought was, you took all the trouble crossing the sea to that mall?? and for once i doubted my geography, haha!! anyway, now you have been there and you can tell those who kept asking you off~~ :p

    • Sometimes I feel like a foreigner in Penang too, even if it is still the same country. It is frustrating 😐 .

  6. Same here, gip me 5! I don’t like crowds too and if we are going to Midvalley, we’d leave the house at 9.40am so that we could reach there before 10.15am! You are size 10 ahh? Me size 7, big feet, hehe..

    • Size 7 still ok wa… I thought for girls, size 8 is only considered big. Dai Kiok 8 ma… 😛

    • I don’t think shopping is, I think window shopping is! Most of the time people just enjoy hanging out in the malls without really buying anything! 😀

  7. You’re size 10 too? Just like me! I only buy shoes from buy-and-throw-away, PVC (looks like leather, not leather) and well cushioned inside…otherwise they hurt so much I would not be able to walk.

    Sad that these days, their shoes do not last very long – not even half a year. In the 60’s and 70’s, their shoes would last forever, so bored with the same old shoes for years and years but could not buy new ones as they were still good.

    • Yup, same here. Any place that charges 10%, I will never ever go again. If the service is really so great, I sure would give generously but at those franchise places, isn’t it all SELF-service? So they should pay US that 10%! Tsk! Tsk!

      • And they say no need to pay tips in Malaysian restaurants. Just because it is not called tips doesn’t mean we are really not tipping. Some restaurants are like that, they underpay the waiters/waitresses and then transfer part of their salaries to us customers, while they make bigger profits with the food and drinks they sell. 😐

    • Buy-And-Throw-Away hahaha!! Yeah, in the end I came back to get this brand.

      Nowadays, products (including shoes) are not made to last anymore. In fact they are made NOT to last. That’s how the companies keep their revenue stream flowing..

  8. Ah, so that someone else let you take photo of the food and let you take a photo of them? ;p

    In the end where did you buy your shoes?

    • Ya, that someone else let me take photo! XD

      I ended up going back to BATA near where I’m living.. means probably I need to buy new one in a few mths time, or go home to retrieve my shoes before that..

  9. Wow..those are real calories food, RG!! Hope you din’t indulge much in them… OK, if you did, it is alright.. just do 10-20 laps of swimming and you can afford to eat like this again! 🙂

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