1P100W #9 – Porridge


To the Americans and Europeans, porridge is oatmeal and picture above is called congee. To most of us here, oatmeal is oatmeal and picture above is called porridge (although we also understand/use congee sometimes) and oatmeal is oatmeal. We are probably the wrong ones here, but who cares?

This was lunch. Mom made it, obviously. There’s rice, shredded carrot, dried scallops, bones of roasted pork and kelp. Kelp is another thing that I absolutely hate, so naturally I need to have a generous helping of it at home.

If I don’t stuff you with them now, you will never eat them!

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    • My mom loves feeding me with fish porridge too! It is an ordeal for me too, because she loves using those fish with lots of bones! 😐

    • Yeah, unlike most moms who would go “Oh my son is back! Let’s give him his favorite food that he misses so much!”, my mom would be like “Oh he’s back, I must make sure he eats all the stuff that he hates but good for his health because he won’t eat it otherwise!” 😐

  1. This image brings me back to my first flight form Vancouver to Taipei. They were serving breakfast on the plane and the flight attendant told me there were two options: bacon and eggs or porridge. I chose porridge and let’s say when I opened up the lid, it was NOT what I was expecting.

    • LOL! It is exactly the same when I had my first hotel breakfast in San Francisco. I went to the pot with porridge, scooped a bowl of it and realize, what the… this is NOT porridge, is it?? 😀

  2. Kelp is seaweed so do you eat other types of seaweed? I think you do eat those seaweed snacks, right? Very tasty congee. So in the end, did you finish eating all the kelp in your bowl?

    • I eat those seaweed snacks, but once they go into soup, they become one of my most hated things. I hate that mushy texture.

      Of course I had to finish everything, mom was watching! 😐

    • That’s because part of the porridge is water instead of solid food. If you cook your porridge thicker then it will be more filling.

  3. it’s not wrong we call that as porridge, as porridge can be oatmeal or any cereal or grain cooked to a thick consistency.. so this bubur we have, can also be called a (rice) porridge, i think..

    • I’m sure you are right technically, although there would be some not so technical people who would argue I think. Some Americans who came here were caught by surprise when we went for dimsum and they ordered porridge. 😀

  4. Ahhh, kelp.. I’ve seen it, but never used it to boil porridge before.. Kombu hai mai? The porridge must be very yap mei, especially if got roasted pork bones.. I can eat 5 bowls!

    • Err.. we don’t call it kombu, we call it hoi dai, but yeah, same same, that’s the one. Got that thing make me very difficult to even eat one bowl! >.<

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