1P100W #8 – Late Dinner


I was supposed to have dinner with the family. But I forgot that today is Friday and traffic is wonderful and I arrived home close to 9.00 PM instead.

So this is me having dinner alone, under the scrutiny of mom, making sure I finish everything. Of course, she had to save so much rice for me while keeping up with the fatty boy commentary.

Clockwise from top left: 番薯叶 sweet potato leaves (I don’t know if there is a proper English name for this) and steamed chicken consolidated into one bowl, herbal soup, a tonne of brown rice.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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  1. Your mom is so good to you. I love sweet potato leaves.

    On a side note, I sometimes have no idea what some vegetables are called in English. I just found out recently that one of my favorite vegetables that I have been eating in Taiwan for years is called ‘morning glory’ in English.

    • Morning Glory, we also call water spinach here. We love it stir fried with spicy shrimp paste, it is a Malay dish and super delicious! 😀
      Kangkung Belacan

    • She did not serve me lah, the vege and chicken was on the tray to fend off ants. The soup and rice is me placing there for photo purposes 😛

  2. Back for ching ming hor.. Oooo arrived at 9pm.. Sap sap sui la.. That day I reached home at 8.30pm leh, jam dou!! Nice home cooked meal, but that chicken not enough for me, hehe.. But I’ll be full after drinking that big bowl of good soup.. Wah put in tray somemore..

    • I 6.15pm cross the toll and enter KL area, 3.5 hours drive from Penang to KL, another almost 3 hours stuck in KL jam @.@

      Less meat more veges, that’s my mom’s motto 😉

    • That is exactly how my mom is. Constantly worry over me being too fat, but also worry that I have not enough to eat! 😐

  3. Sweet potato leaves IS the proper English name for it as there is a scientific name for sweet potato but not for its leaves. Is this a photo you found in your mobile or are you back in KL now?

  4. Brown rice is healthy… but that is a lot too! hahahaa.. moms are moms.. they like to make sure that their kids are filled to the fullest!

    • I don’t mind if she either nags me for being fat OR feeds me like crazy, but she does both. I can’t win >.< !

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