1P100W #13 – Chicken Stir Fry

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This is a plate of chicken stir fry that I made for dinner yesterday evening. There’s chicken breast slices, shitake mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, tomato, garlic, and something that looks like scrambled egg.

You might be wondering why I am blogging about my chicken stir fry. After all, I have already blogged about a similar recipe before. Well, that’s because those something that looks like scrambled egg is not egg, but a third of a tin of spicy tuna spread. I ran out of bread so I chucked these into my stir fry.

I might have accidentally discovered a recipe that works.. It was great!

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  1. Thought it was eggs. Tuna and chicken…hmmmm…..no lausai ah? ….wokay wokay…since you have tested already…maybe one of these days will try making this LOL

    • LOL! I had one third for a sandwich one day, then one third for another sandwich the next day, then I ran out of bread so the leftovers are chucked into this dish. 😀

    • I feel you. When I look at the picture, they really look like scrambled eggs! But I can assure you they are really tuna spread flakes! 😀

  2. Wah, what a healthy meal, so much vege and lean meat, no secret weapon in there at all or can say change secret weapon to canned spicy tuna. Still very delicious!

  3. Eh if you didn’t mention it’s tuna, I thought it’s really stir-fried egg.. Looks like egg anyways.. Never tried tuna in a stir-fry dish, always eat raw with bread mixed with mayo only, can try your method next time..

    • Hopefully your taste in food is similar to mine as well, just like our similar taste in songs! 😛

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