1P100W #11 – Slippers

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I have been wearing my slippers to work this week. To complicate matters, I was also wearing a new pair of jeans that is too tight for my usual comfort, so I was walking slowly and awkwardly. As a result, colleagues had been quick to ask: “What’s wrong with your legs?

Truth: I have only one pair of shoes in my possession. I left my shoes when I went home last weekend, and I have not found the time to grab a pair of replacement shoes in the shop. That’s the only reason why I was wearing slippers to work.

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  1. You can get away at work wearing open-toed slippers…I am jealous. No such thing in my corporate work place, even on casual Fridays. Shoes has to be closed-toed.

    I generally tend to be the most casual one in terms of dressing at work. On Fridays, I look like a rebel kid in the ratty hoodie that I wear then 😀

    • We’re not supposed to wear slippers to work, except when we have issues with our leg. I was walking awkwardly, so that was reason enough for people not to give me stick! 😀

    • I drove back to KL straight from work, so I had to bring the shoes with me. Then I took the shoes out when everyone cramp into my car for the trip to the cemetery. Then I forgot to take the shoes back into the car when I left for Penang. That’s how.

  2. Haha, kam yau ying ahh, wear slippers to work.. But I guess if you don’t meet any guests, and just stay in office, ok kua.. Or can pretend to wrap with plasters and say twisted ankle 😀

  3. I wear slippers….because after 8 years of retirement and not wearing shoes, it gets so unbearably painful, cannot walk when wearing shoes. 🙁

    • Maybe you just need to find the right type of shoes. Leather shoes are a no no, they are like woks, they need to be worn long to become comfortable.

  4. Will the jeans loosen up after a few washes? The jeans must be very tight for you to walk awkwardly. How come you bought such a tight fitting jeans?

    • Because it was not me who bought it. I tumpang someone who was in San Jose to buy a pair of Levi’s for me, but she bought the wrong type. Since cannot go back to the US for exchange, I just try to wear it a few times and see if it loosen up like what you suggested.

    • Slippers normally cannot, but because I was walking awkwardly, able to hoodwink the security guard to think that I have special reason 😀

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